After some unfortunate delays, the 2.49 converter is released! The instructions for installation, configuration, and use are quite long, so I won’t copy them here as usually do. To download the files, scroll down to the bottom of the page to “Assets”.

The GitHub page has an updated copy of our the 2.49 scripts. Download and install them.

The converter will only get better from real world examples, so please send me your feedback and screenshots so I can fully understand the world of 2.49.

And don’t worry, it was designed to work without Blender 2.49 if needed.

Download here! I can’t wait to see life breathed into these old projects!

3 comments on “XPlane2Blender 3.6.0-alpha.1, aka, The 2.49 Converter

    1. The 3Ds Max plugin is maintained by StepToSky, so, you’ll have to ask them why it hasn’t been updated for a while. AC3D sometimes gets touched by Ben. For me, I’m afraid I don’t have time – with the converter, 2.8, bugs, documentation, and eventually releasing 3.5.1-rc.1. I would like to see everyone get to use the tool they like the best.

      Fortunately, I do have time for OBJ spec questions as those usually make the spec better, so if anyone does want to take up the open source projects and keep working on them I’ll say you’ll have my support in at least that.

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