Release Candidate 1 is now available for LR customers, and we expect Steam to be available within 24 hours or so.

We are moving towards the end of the beta period, so we’re minimizing the number of code and flight model changes at this point. If you haven’t tried your add on aircraft in 11.40 yet…the time is now!

This update contains mostly tweaks to AI & ATC interaction to improve landings, replay sound improvements, and includes a few new datarefs requested by devs.

Release notes here.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

26 comments on “X-Plane 11.40 RC 1

    1. They’re in the release candidate. We weren’t sure if we’d do a beta 10 or release candidate, and he couldn’t wait to make the video.

  1. Default 737 handling muuuuuch improved!

    Is there supposed Alpha Flight Control default profile?

  2. When are you guys going to improve performance? It’s ridiculous that I have an i7-7700k and a GFX2070 super and I can’t even reach 20 frames. That’s with number of world objects set to low!! Still my CPU is the bottleneck. My GPU is fine.
    When I run Call of Duty Modern Warfare my FPS is steady at about 140. With xplane I’m happy when I get 20!
    Come on!!

    1. That is ridiculous – you’ve done something with the settings that has screwed this up. I can run with max autogen on my 4600. Did you turn up the reflections slider and/or turn on scenery shadows?

      1. No on both questions.
        Even turning xEnviro off doesn’t help at all.
        I did a reinstall of xplane yesterday (only saved my ortho, my plugins and my aircraft) and it didn’t help a bit…

      2. On the flip side, dunno if you did it on purpose, but with

        iMac i9, Vega 48
        Graphics set to as high as it goes without SSAO
        Second highest object count
        Reflections one tick up from the bottom

        X-plane is screaming. 30-40 FPS near airports and cities, 50-70 over just terrain.

        Did you ship metal by mistake?!

        (Granted an i9 is stupid fast and I am very lucky and a Vega 48 is nothing to sneeze at, I feel like something got… unstuck.. somewhere)

    2. @Marco

      As usual… try backing up the Preference folder and delete it… also the Shadercache… And try again. If the problem was sold then something in the “Preferences” is broken… then you have 2 option make all the configuration from zero, or return to the back up and try to fix.

      This is the what I always do when the fps suffers with no reason and almost always it solves it.

    3. I run a 4790k and 1070 win7, and get 40 to 50, so how can it be there problem, goes into the 30s at big airports im fine with that

    4. Makes me wonder what did you do to your X-Plane. I have i7-4790K and GTX1060 6GB, and I’m getting stable 30-40+.

    5. @Marco On my Asus Board the fault was, that i had set the power settings via the AI Suite 3 to “power saving” (Strom sparen). Once i had set to “Power” (Leistung), my X-Plane fps rises to between 20 – 50 fps.

  3. Just for info; I have a i7 6700 (OC’d to 4.5GHz, 8Mb ddr4 ram, gtx970 with 8Mb ram and have X-Plane 11.40rc1 on it’s own hdd and can achieve 50fps when flying over most of Orbx True Earth Great Britain (north, central and south) with all settings moderate to high (no reflections or shadows.) I have my monitor refresh rate locked at 50Hz so that when the fps drops to 30-35 flying over central London I don’t get flicker when panning around with the head tracker. I find it hard to see how anyone using the the latest super-dooper PC’s achieve frame rates of less than 25 unless they have inadvertently adjusted their settings in X-Plane or the one of the NVidia profilers. It does take some tweaking but good frame rates and an enjoyable flight experience can be obtained even with a modest setup like mine. Keep up the good work everyone at LR!

  4. I guess”yime” in the release notes is intended to read”time”, right?
    On the performance issues: Since the simplified graphics settings I’m unable to get a frame right high enough to make me happy. Maybe some developer needs a low-end machine to see. Hearing that sn AMD graphics card is a poor choice doesn’t help me much. Also I don’t want my PC to consume as much power as a washing machine, heating up the earth climate, just to get an acceptable frame rate.

    1. It has being known for a “Very” long time that AMD open GL drives are terrible, and they have never bothered to fix them, that is not a Laminar issue, you just have to wait till we get that”new feature” that gets rid of the opengl issue. doesnt seem to far away.

  5. Probably too late for this, but is there any way to improve the engine inertia handling?
    I’m trying to run a reciprocating engine and two small electrics. They drive a central transmission and single prop. The inertia of the small motors is treated as if it was the same as the big recip. The result is a hugely massive motor that takes forever to Spool up and down. Ideally a manual input would solve this quickly until a more realistic estimate is available. Manual input for the prop inertia would also be appreciated instead of “percent compared to aluminum”
    On another note, any chance of getting a check box at the top of each column in the “Data output” panel ? This would enable or disable the output for the many selected items in each column. This would save checking 15 things each time you want to see or dump the data. Output or not – is then just one click.

  6. Been testing 1.40 since first version, 1.40rc it`s working great, in a muletto pc (specs AMD 955 + 8gb ddr2 and a 750ti) // like 20 fps stable, while recording.

    the wake turbulence is great but will or could be implemented while using IVAO/VATSIM online? can the OBJ8 generate the wake turbulence?


  7. RC1 is also crashing on exit to me, when i play the replay at EDDM and i go back, the plane was in fire!

  8. Can someone on this team finally address the elephant in the room? Are there planned updates for the weather depiction in the sim

  9. Alpha flight yoke lights buttons are correctly assigned on the default profile when you first plugin.

  10. Hi ,

    weather download takes over 10 Minutes and get not completed/failed. High Cumulus still present instead of Cirrus. 5 betas in a row. German version. Several prop overspeads in turboprop with governor enabled. Gear and flaps retract automatically in final approach some times. Joystick noise level to sensetive maybe. Lightning does not match in Germany approaximily 1hour offset to dark. With right time settings. Sunrise and Sunset to short. Hard stalls in flare. Landing lights to dark and did not match real lightning distance.
    FPS so far good.
    Stability no crash since yet.

    Bug report out.


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