Beta 6 is now available for LR customers, and we expect Steam to be available within 24 hours.

This is another small update, with the main bug fix being for plugins trying to override engines. We also added a new feature: aircraft authors can now specify a preferred climb speed for when their aircraft are used as AI.

Release notes here.

Update: B6 is also live on Steam.

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Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

17 comments on “X-Plane 11.40b6

  1. Hi x-plane Team,

    Thanks for the great work.

    Is it possible to add the following feature:

    In Germany it is Standard to get

    – active runway
    – qnh
    – Wind

    on non towered airfields (no ctr) via Atc (actually it’s not a controller).

    All relevant information are already included in xplane (frequency, wind, qnh). Active runway would be a simple if statement regarding the wind direction.



    1. Though I agree the ATC needs a shake-up, this would mean that in every country in the world the different procedures for VFR flying would have to be coded in, and that’s a massive amount of work that I would think is non-achievable. That said, I’d like to see the specifics for different authoritative regions. What you suggested could be attached to the whole of EASA-land, where everything is different from the FAA, and although X-Plane covers the whole world it really feels like the FAA is everywhere).

      1. I agree the atc needs to improve. Probably one of the atc’s i saw out there that worked well was the way flight sim x did its atc. I’m not a fan of flight sim x but it probably was the only thing in it that was good. It would let you pick near by airports or tune to it. you could pick what type of operation you wanted. Gave you an option for ifr or vfr, let you practice circuits or depart or transition through a zone. gave you option to practice ctaf calls at a non towered aerodrome. Or you could file flight plans on the fly or before take off. Something that could do that in xplane would really help.

    2. Active runway is not a simple if statement regarding wind direction… First and foremost, active runway must be compatible with approach minima, and secondly, there are preferred runways depending on noise abatement or other local procedures. For example, in Lisbon (LPPT) preferred runway is 03 until there’s a tailwind greater than circa 3 knots…

      Unless if you want something not very realistic, in which case the if statement is fine…

      1. Agree. But an if-statement is better as nothing. Let’s make it not to complicated. Wind and qnh would be also fine.

        1. Alternatively, you could join us on IVAO. Some of us are nice and helpful people 😀


    3. Isn’t that included in ATIS? Your didn’t say _where_ your expect to get the information from.

      1. I mean: US airports seem to use “A3011”, while German airports seems to use “Q1032”. The point is if your plane allows you to adjust your altimeter in mm Hg, you won’t be happy with Millibars unless you have a calculator ready.

      1. Are you opted into the betas in X-Plane’s Properties? This is still in beta testing and you won’t get any update if you aren’t.

  2. ->XPD-10326 Fixed engine override dataref.
    Does this mean we can now override the helo throttle governor without having to bind the throttle to something like wing sweep. ->If so, how.
    Or is this something else?

  3. Is the stall tripped too much? Our flight model for Diamond DA40 before 11.40 was not tripped so much near stalling status. It is more similar with the real plane. Now the 11.40 is too easy for tripping when it flare.

    1. File a bug with more details and include a copy of the full aircraft so we can investigate.

  4. Please add an option to remove the Xplane iPad from the cockpit. It’s a nuisance in VR. Also, please make GPS’s mouse-clickable within VR cockpits.

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