Beta 9 is now available for LR customers, and we expect Steam to be available within 24 hours or so.

This update includes a few more fixes for crashes and issues with third party add ons. The rate of bugs and crashes reported has slow down dramatically in the last week or two, and we don’t have open third party compatibility bugs, so we are getting ready to wrap up the beta.

Developers: expect r1 soon, and make sure you test your add ons.

Release notes here.

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Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

21 comments on “X-Plane 11.40b9 & Wrapping Up the Beta

  1. Hello, I’ve found that if I start a saved flight in Xplane, and I want the engine straten, then the propellers will hang. The machine (Beech Baron 58) can not be started.
    If I finish Xplane then and restart and reload the flight then you go.

    1. Unfortunately more people waiting doesn’t speed up the development process. If it did, Vulcan would be done already. 😉

    2. Actually there are a lot of people who have been waiting for and are more excited about the flight model improvements than for Vulkan.

      1. will you be updating to the latest rift SDK with Vulkan btw? the new ver of ASW with access to z data in other VR aps is like black magic when you cant get over 45fps see: Elite i couldnt tell it wasnt running at 90 till i looked

  2. Allow me to go completely off topic here for a moment, but this is important. This past weekend history was made, in the virtual flight simulation community. For the 1st time 60 aircraft from 18 teams from around the world gathered for a 2 day event known as “Virtual Aviation Nation.”. I’m posting this here because to illustrate my point that although this was an event focusing primarily on another simulator . It is by no means exclusive. This is the reason I push so hard to have you guys at Xplane solidify and streamline your networking and multiplayer code. This community desperately needs an additional platform perform the shows on other than the one we currently use. The event was broadcast live on twitch and included corporate sponsors and real-world aviation announcers and air traffic controllers and pilots. I realize this is a moderated forum , but this is too important not to be reprinted. Thank you for your time and patience and your open ears. I will repost the link to the stream here. As the flight leader for the Virtual Black Diamond Jet Team and as a incredibly long time Xplane supporter . Thank you. Enjoy the stream //

  3. Can you consider the possibility of getting and old style (Xp10) FMS version in the next version?
    I know that the last FMC and GPS are great but it doesn’t fit basic operation of FMS.

    Thanks a lot

  4. How about a map with waypoints and larger viewing area like in version 10..This one now is useless for me, how am I supposed to create a flight plan with that…I like to be able to fly between mountains and not over them…You know a scenery type view for my customers….

      1. Tried that..Prefer to have the map feature within the flight sim itself without having to load up and use a third party software…

  5. Nimbus uh-1, some switchs are disable and unable to start the engine.
    the rest seems to work perfectly!

  6. Hi good morning,

    hi Ben i have at B9 good performance with my rig I7-8700K at 5.1 GHZ and Hyperthread disabled in the BIOS. Get at CPU-Z singlecore 610.Pts. For the upcoming versions i want to ask if this still remain or the next versions are more for multicore operations ? Did i gain the most out of X-Plane in the future versions if i focus all on single core performance ?

    B9 rocking rock stable 🙂

    If you could integrate a gust/turbulence control for realistic feeling, it’s too smooth for me. In real it’s very hard work to stabilize the final approach with many and fast inputs to the yoke and rudder due to gusts/turbulence.
    Dangerous wing lift gusts (up/down).
    FPS are rising from beta to beta so maybe some space for cool stuff ? 🙂


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