The latest update for World Editor is out of beta testing and considered the official version. It can now be used to upload scenery to the Gateway, and is an incremental update that features the ability to preview facades in 3D, faster loading, and up to 100 “undo” operations.

See README.WorldEditor for the full list of changes, or Michael’s extended release notes here. Download this version for Linux, Mac, or Windows here.

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Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

13 comments on “World Editor 2.2 is Final

  1. can you explain what the “Metadata key GUI Label does not exist” warning is this new to me and i cant seem find what its referring to when you hit zoom to issue. and how to correct it?

    1. The new version of WED requires a GUI Label for your airport to be saved and shared. To create metadata: Select your airport in WED. In the Airport menu (on the menu bar on top of the WED app) choose Add Metadata under the Airport pulldown. That will reveal another menu that has GUI Label as a selection. That creates a GUI Label category in your Selection inspector (bottom right portion of WED). You’ll probably fill this with 3D, meaning this is a 3D airport. If it’s 2D airport, insert 2D. You’re save should now work.

  2. Hi Jennifer. I sent an answer to your question about a bug with AMD and dashed lines. But I did not receive any feedback, so I decided just in case to write it here. Maybe my answer didn’t get to you. I hope you read this post.

  3. Drinking heavily, re-evaluating life choices? Sorry for the lazy noob question…. is there a guide/howto anywhere you can point me to.? Fly to a few remote places i’d like to add to the world of x-plame

  4. I’m purely basing my comment on the animated GIF, so if I’ve misunderstood something, please forgive me 😉

    I do like the fact that I am able to see the various “height layers” of objects & facades from a tilted 2.5D top-down perspective I can’t exactly put my finger on “what it is actually called” (for what it is worth, my first thought was “cool! isometric … but viewed from above” – which it definitely does not seem to be:) … and I think this might sway any newcomer scenery artist to *not* spend too much of their time with Overlay Editor.

    Also, I think that since WED now knows what the objects look like “from somewhere else than when viewed from directly above”, You’re bringing the editor in the right direction and … I do believe this is continuing the trend WED started with the object/facade preview pane; seeing “what” you’re placing in the world makes tons of difference – there is no longer a need to make changes and reload the scenery in X-Plane to get a somewhat realistic idea of what you’ve just done.

    Having said that; in the GIF, I do see a minor thing that bothers me. On the 2.5D views, the lamp-posts seem to change their place. It’s not a biggie (and … I am assuming those lamp-posts are supposed to be placed on the ground instead of being nailed to the walls) but … it looks a bit strange.

    Next up … downloading WED 2.2 and trying it out myself 🙂 … i.e. “I might soon need to come back and retract any negative comment I just posted here” 😀

    1. I called it a “Birds Eye View” in the release notes, inspired by Bing …

      For the more technical and concise minded – its a orthographic view switchable to incline 27 degress from nadir in all cardinal directions 🙂

      An yes – the footpoints of the lamp posts at KSEA move – as they’re in reality also mounted 30 feet high on those walls. Granted – that update for the default KSEA in the sim hasn’t been released, yet.

  5. Same with vegetation and strings of objects would be nice, not mentioning a real 3D world editor…

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