XPlane2Blender v4.0.0-beta.1

Download it from GitHub!

As always, make backups!
Well folks, we are finally feature complete, very stable, and as bug free as we can be at the moment! This update was for some small bugs and to wait and see if there would be feedback on alpha.6.


  • When attempting to export a project with no exportable collections or objects you’ll get an error asking if you forgot to check any Exportable Collection|Object checkboxs, Hopefully this helps beginners find those checkboxes and get started.

Bugs Fixed

  • #504 Where, when the collection algorithm starts in the middle of the tree, walks up, and re-enters the exportable collection it started in, it now respects the visibility and ensures the XPlaneBone is re-used. For an example of this weird case see parent_out_of_collection_snake_out.test.blend
  • #514, #536, #538 which all related to making the Hidden or Visible feature work as intended – not including what shouldn’t be included. Hidden Lights with the Default, Strobe, Traffic, or Flashing lights no longer include the VLIGHT table entry. ATTR_manip_ is not included across split animation OBJ boundaries, Objects hidden by other means than their or their parent’s visiblility are still counted as hidden (“True WYSIWYG”)

Sorry for keeping XPlane2Blender in Alpha for so long. I develop everything with the knowledge that the artist community will jump on the latest and greatest as soon as it is out there and strive for the greatest possible quality at all times. In the future I think we’ll not use the label as much. It caused a lot of concern about whether or not it should be used, even when it was quite ready.

XPlane2Blender is developed using Blender 2.80 because some Linux Distros are slow to update Blender, and some people are slow to update Blender versions. If you are using Blender 2.82 it should work, but, tell me how it goes. I haven’t heard anything bad yet.

As always, please report any bugs you find and thank you for using XPlane2Blender!

4 comments on “XPlane2Blender v4.0.0-beta.1

  1. The api-docs.txt needs to be updated… “This addon is used to export Objects from Blender 2.5x.” Installation notes in this doc would be useful as well.

    1. Hi Steve,

      I agree, the document is out of date. Honestly, I just deleted it because I’d rather rewrite it elsewhere. I didn’t think anyone ever read it. If you’re reading it and wanting to know more about how it works, I could update it sooner. Would you like to help solve bugs or are you just curious about it?

  2. Greetings,

    We need updated documentation for the plugin with some tutorials to explain every bit of the plugin.

  3. I wonder why this is called “XPlane2Blender” ? It’s misleading, it suggests, you can use the “X-Plane” TO “Blender” direction – but it really should be called “Blender2XPlane” …

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