X-Plane 11.50b3 is now available if you update via the Laminar Research installer. (Steam users: it’s on the servers and we’ll hit go in a few hours if we don’t hear reports of massive crashing and pain like we did last night.)

We waited on releasing beta 2 on Steam after we started hearing reports of new, unintended crashes, and we spent the last 24 hours coding and testing the fixes. The only new fixes in beta 3 are for crashing with Linux + Vulkan, and null pipeline crashes with third party aircraft.

Hopefully this update will be more stable and we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming of working on a wider range of fixes for beta 4 next week.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

121 comments on “X-Plane 11.50b3: Quick Fixes

    1. To paraphase Monty Python: the purpose of this year’s expedition is to find out what happened to…last year’s expedition.

        1. One is a very quirky but sometimes ground-breaking undertaking, the brain-child of a small group of quite possibly crazy eccentric weirdos, and the other is Monty Python. 😉

  1. So far so good with 11.50b3. I did remove Scenery add-ons and have only Default. The Only Plugins are for my Brunner Controls and Real Sim Gear Avionics and one SASL file for the Quest Kodiak. Test Aircraft is the Free Falcon7x from the Org.

    This is a DUAL PC Networked system: Master – 8700K, 32GB Ram, GTX1080 8GB with all Sliders on 0 and only Vulcan Checked. Slave – 9900K @5.2Ghz, 32GB Ram, RTX2080Ti 11GB Graphic Settings – ALL sliders set MAX with Shadows and Parked Aircraft boxes checked. CPU Load – 27 to 36 %, GPU – 72 to 75% Dedicated Mem in use 6.5 of 11GB. Route of Flight KIND to 6TA4. FPS on the ground at KIND 27 FPS and at FL440 41FPS with Real World Weather. Great Job to all the LR team.

    1. Sorry but what is changing having 2 networked pc? Sorry for my so open question, but do you have any link where I could study this way to organize X-Plane stuff? Thank you so very much to help me to learn

      1. Roberto,

        Given I am running 3 4K Screens in 70 FOV (for 210 FOV), which is equivalent to 12 1080p displays, these three screens pretty much max out my 9900/RTX2080Ti system. I also have three Avionics displays that require HDMI Graphics signal from which I drag the popout from X-Plane to these displays. I need a minimum of 6 graphics ports. A standard GPU will only out put a maximum of 4 displays so, I needed either a second GPU or another PC. If you want to know more on how I configure a networked X-Plane system come to my Discord and we can talk.


    2. For monitor I agree that it is a good work but for VR I was expecting at least 45 fps locked with quite high settings. I think that they still need to improve VR quite a lot.

      1. I totally disagree. VR has improved beyond all recognition. I use the HP reverb. Generally I am getting 45fps. However even at low 30s the performance is totally smooth.

        The factor that seems to mess things up is weather. This is still an issue in x-plane especially if I use HDR settings.

        For the first time I am able to fly the Zibo with complete VR immersion without stutters.

      1. Now the simulator is saying that my insufficient CPU when I have nothing open.

  2. This has been great, I enjoyed X-plane before but now it’s like a whole new sim. Thanks for your work!!!

  3. In 11.50b3, still seeing a small lag between when mouse events occur and when they are handled in the sim on Linux with Vulkan and Vsync enabled. Lag does not occur when OpenGL is enabled with the same settings. Lag also does not occur in 11.41. I filed a bug report earlier but it did not make the “known issues” or “fixed issues” list.

    So, I’m mentioning it again here (and NOT filing another bug report, as instructed).

    1. There appears to be a link between the event handling lag and the “Allow Flipping” setting in the NVIDIA settings panel. With “Allow Flipping” off, mouse events and joystick events are processed in a timely manner and with no visible lag.

      Unfortunately, with “Allow Flipping” off, irritating screen tearing appears on my Predator widescreen monitor (operating at 100Hz).

      So right now there seems to be a choice between event handling lag or screen tearing. You have to have one of them.

      Mind you I am getting ~ 90 fps regardless, so this isn’t an issue where my system is too slow. It just seems that when “Allow Flipping” is enabled, user events are not being handled quickly enough, so much so that there’s a visible and irritating lag.

      I suppose I will file an addendum to my previous bug report.

      P.S. – Credit “Capt Zimm” on the “11.50 on Linux” forum on x-plane.org for discovering the lag link to “Allow Flipping”.

  4. More findings….At 4x time acceleration cloud flickering reared its ugly head. FPS has degraded to 22FPS all while cruising at FL440 on same flight. System resource utilization update…CPU Load – 44 to 80 %, GPU – 49 to 55% Dedicated Mem in use 6.4 of 11GB. Why all this fluctuation and FPS degradation?

  5. Are there any plans to introduce some kind of control input filtering for the VR touch controllers?
    The controllers for the Rift S jitter extremely badly, particularly when not using “ergonomic” mode, even though I am maintaining a pretty much constant 40 fps in VR (with 10 flight models per frame).
    The difference between virtual controllers and joystick (even my janky old CH Fighterstick with its sticky centering spring) is night-and-day. The joystick shows very little jitter, while the VR manipulator is constantly bouncing at high frequency in both pitch and roll.

  6. Sadly Beta 3 is crashing in the same way that Beta 2 was for me. I’m not sure what else I can do aside from sending in the crash reports.

    1. John,
      If you read my post, with System specs and test flight info, you will have also noticed I removed all non essential addons and plugins. If you have not done the same, it may help Ben and the team narrow the problem down to an actual cause. For me, Flickering starts when I accelerate the sim with Alt/T (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x) and returning to real time. At that point Flickering is there to stay until a complete restart.

      1. Yeah, I installed a second copy of X-Plane to test the beta and it’s absolutely clean. No addons. No plugins. The crash happens almost as soon as I click the icon to start X-Plane if I have Vulkan enabled. OpenGL works fine. Latest NVidia drivers are installed. Beta 1 didn’t have this issue for me.

        1. I have the same problem. Beta1 worked but b2 and b3 crash instantly.

          Win10 and Vega 64 GPU.

          Opengl works fine

          1. I’ve joined that Discord channel, but in the meantime until we cross paths:
            -I9-9900KS on ASUS TUF Z390 Gaming motherboard
            -32GB RAM
            -NVIDIA GTX1080 with driver version 445.75 (Release 03/23/2020)
            The last 4 lines from the log.txt file are:
            0:00:00.000 I/GFX/VK: Discovered Vulkan device: GeForce GTX 1080 (bfc000000), Vulkan: 1.1.126, driver: 445.75.0. Score: 16794104
            0:00:00.000 E/GFX/VK: Using queue 0 as generic queue
            0:00:00.000 E/GFX/VK: Using queue 1 as transfer queue
            0:00:00.000 E/GFX/VK: Using queue 0 as presentation queue
            –=={This application has crashed!}==–

          2. Hi, I have exactly the same crash problem. Do we have a solution? OpenGL works fine, Vulcan crashes after click on the icon to start xplane 🙁

    2. It’s not you, it’s me.

      It turns out that a scorched-earth policy can mend a broken X-Plane relationship. I reformatted my Windows system drive and reinstalled Win10 and now Beta 3 is working for me.

  7. beta 3 is like beta 2 was for me….crashes on first startup and reverts to beta 1 so still a no go for me

  8. In 11.50 b1 I said : “I have WIN 10-64 bit, I7-7700K @ 4,2 GHz, 32 GB RAM and a 1080ti and I use Oculus Rift S + Orthos and freeware addons. Unfortunatelly I cannot see any fps increases ” (I still was around 17-22 fps.)

    In 11.50 b3 now I hav a slight fps improvement (now I have around 22-25 fps @ cpu 0,030 and gpu 0,006).

  9. This is awesome, I have just updated my X-Plane via Steam and loaded b3 for the first time. Everything looks good so far. Thank you LR, great job!

  10. Thank you for this hard job to go to beta 3 in such a short time.
    In my case it solves issues with null pipeline on third party A/C

  11. A question about the microprofiler if I may.
    If you select from the Dump menu where is the resulting output found?
    Are the timings equally accurate in VR as they are in normal mode?

    I am struggling to work out why I get 80+ fps in normal mode but struggle to get 15 in VR. According to the profiler the render time is the same but a vast amount of time is spent in App Update between frames. Also the GPU time drops by a factor of 10 which seems improbable, is it possible that VR is not event using the GPU?

    cheers and keep up the excellent work.

  12. Still getting “Vulkan (general, error): /home/vitaminx/.steam/debian-installation/ubuntu12_32/libVkLayer_steam_fossilize.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32” on Steam Linux. Why is it trying to access the 32bit libraries?

    1. I fixed that with “rm ~/.local/share/vulkan/implicit_layer.d/steam*.json” before starting X-Plane.

  13. Even though this is totally offtopic – its a real piece of pain: why am not allowed to choose within X-plane the output sound device (what if i would like to change output during flight from speakers to a headset for example..)

    1. In a related matter, why does BK say I can order “my” burger but then if I order a steak between 2 schnitzels I can’t? 😉

      1. Nope, this is not working. Only if you reload the aircraft. But reloading rhe ACFT while flying…

    2. Because you should control this in your OS. Not a program. What I would like to see is the ability to chose a different output device for your radios. For example, if I ident a VOR, I want to hear it on my headset, not mixed in with the engine on my speakers. I hope Ben is listening.

    3. I agree completely. This is something that has been a nagging issue for me from day 1 of using this sim. There are often times I’ll forget that the last thing I did sound-wise was listen to a YouTube video on my wireless headphones, then I’ll start up X-Plane and realize too late that I forgot to set the sound back to my Rift audio. Reloading the aircraft does NOT change this and I have to competely shut down XP, change the settings and then restart.

      I also agree that being able to select a sound device for each audio source (volume slider) in the settings window would be quite helpful as well for the reasons stated by Andrew Miller. So it should NOT rely on setting it up in Windows before starting the program NOR should it rely on a 3rd party software to change the sound device. It should be done IN the sim and flexible enough to select a destination per channel.

      1. I agree that choosing radios to one device, externals to another would be useful

  14. I’m using an older mobile GPU, a GTX 770M. The last driver for this card is 425.31 so Vulkan doesn’t work for me. I’m realize that you guys can’t support everything and I am probably out of luck with Vulkan. I was curious if there are features in the newer driver that are essential to run Vulkan or if X-Plane may work with these older cards. In any case, thanks for all the hard work on X-Plane. I can’t imagine how complicated it would be to support the myriad combinations of OS/GPU/settings/addons that you do.

  15. Beta3 performing well on my system in VR, except I’m still experiencing the micro-stutters. I submitted a bug report for this, but figured I would put my findings up here, too. System is win10, i7700, 1080ti, Oculus Rift. Settings are one notch left of maxed except AA which is set to 2x only. All in all things look really good. But the micro-stutters occur when the head is turned to look at something in the cockpit – it’s almost like flying a 172 in constant light chop at full throttle – you get the vibrations from the engine and atmosphere that makes it hard to initially focus on a gauge for the first .5 seconds you look at it. Then it sort of clears up and comes into focus.

    Same with taxiing or flying – when the aircraft is turned or the head is turned to look at scenery, the motion sort of micro-stutters instead of being completely smooth. Not a huge deal, but it still seems like something isn’t quite right with the VR motion. This happens in sparsely populated airports/areas as well as in places like Washington DC / LA.
    Hopefully this is something that is being looked at. I don’t want to have to use one of those FPS – lock – in plugins like the OVR settings. I used to use this, but it was a pain to have to reset the FPS depending on the aircraft or area being flown (30 fps lock-in for mid-sized aircraft in medium dense areas, 45 fps lock-in for c172 flying VFR in sparsely populated area, 22 FPS lock-in for airliners in cities….)
    Thanks for the continuous improvements! Hopefully VR smoothness with no stuttering is something that is yet to be addressed on the roadmap for 11.50.

    1. Hi,

      Same here with the stutters. Is it the Windows kernel problem?
      1080TI, 8700K, 16GB, Samsung Odyssey. VR flying only.

      Btw Beta 3 was really 25-35% improvement vs 11.4.
      Excellent stuff.


    2. This,

      Same for me. Still happens with or without OVR Settings on. Actually, I never had zero-stutter VR even in simple scenery, alone in my C172. 8700k/1080ti/Oculus Rift same settings has you regardless of the version since 11.20. I just figured I had to live with it.

  16. I still have an error and I don’t know what to do! When I fly the original 737 800 x plane, when I save my situation (save flight) and return (load flight) the flight plan totally disappears from the FMC and the radar! oh lose all my progress I don’t know what else to do! does anyone else have the same problem? please help me!

    1. This doesn’t sound like an 11.50 beta issue. I’m pretty certain it has been this way all along. The flight plan is not part of the saved flight if I’m not mistaken.

      However, the FMC does provide for saving and retrieving flight plans. So you should save your plan before shutting down and then after you load the save flight, go into your FMC and load the saved plan from there.

      If you need further assistance, it would probably be best to discuss this on the forums elsewhere.

      1. this started at 11.50 to 11.41 when saving the flight and returning afterwards it carried normally with the entire route set at the fmc now with 11.50 when I load the flight only the aircraft appears flying nowhere, I never had this problem before.

      2. this started in version 11.50 on 11.41 when saving the flight and returning afterwards it would normally load with the entire route set up on the fmc now with 11.50 when loading the flight only the aircraft flying nowhere appears, I never had this problem before.

  17. How long is compiling the shaders supposed to take on first run?

    Sitting here since 1:30 hours with my 4th cup of coffee staring at a black screen with the GPU at 100%. This is on Linux with Radeon Vega 64.

    Are you sure X-Plane is not mining Bitcoins??? ;D

    1. For me load times weren’t too bad with amdvlk and amdgpu pro. 15 minutes at most for the first launch. You can try radv with aco, it doesn’t work for most people currently but for those that it does, load times are reduced significantly.

    2. If you use any of the “special” kernels with low latency patchsets (like zen, ck, liquorix) then try to revert to plain/vanilla kernel. Helped in my case (game started after under a minute on gentoo-sources 5.6.3).

    3. “strace” in another window might be your friend; maybe “top” also is… at least you should see what your system is doing. Maybe also try a “tail -f …your_x-plane_directory/Log.txt”.

  18. A friend of a friend told me that with this update Xplane is way better than the other guys which are in alpha stage. Also, that friend told me that he will stay with Xplane as it looks and feels more professional and not “gamie”.

    Good job guys!

  19. Hello Ben.
    One idea, already taking advantage that you are altering the part of the game’s graphics: is it possible to separate the quality settings of the interior of the aircraft (cockpit) and the environment? Especially for VR. See, when we play in VR it doesn’t make much difference the enviroment in relationship with the interior. As it is today, when we decrease the graphic’s quality, the interior also loses quality. I don’t care if I see a brick as a car or an airplane all white (without texture, like a cargo airplane), but I really need to see the instruments and labels in the cockpit of the plane I’m controlling.

    1. This is already very much possible. Just lower your “World detail” – it does not affect the aircraft at all. It has a tremendous effect on framerate by changing the outside world, though – lowering number of buildings, car density, number of objects on airports, etc.

      The next big thing is reflections – having them on the lowest slider still gives you in-cockpit reflections just fine.

      Other settings include “scenery shadows”, “display static aircraft”, etc…

      As a last resort (if you are running a Pentium 386 or something alike…) you can change the weather manually – no clouds or low visibility will save additional framerate.

      Happy VRing!


  20. Have you added multithreading to the X-Plane side of XPLMRegisterFlightLoopCallback?

      1. It was almost certainly me that crashed someones 9 hour test flight then 🙁

        Just to double check a related item though, as an example is it [still] true that if a plugin flightloop takes 5ms to finish, frametime will be time without plugin flight loop + 5ms

        1. Yes, assuming the GPU isn’t running _even slower_ than that. If the total GPU frame time is greater than the total CPU frame time (WITH plugins) the CPU will have to wait to start the NEXT frame until the GPU is ready.

          But…yeah..5 ms of plugin time per frame is a LOT and basically guarantees not high fps. Like, to hit 60 fps with a 5-ms-per-frame plugin, we have to run at almost 90 fps on our own.

          1. 5ms was just an extreme example (but not unheard of I guess), the new plugin admin just helped me get down from ~1000uS to 500uS, just by being able to quickly see exactly how much impact different things were having reliably and quickly. So huge kudos for that one.

            My thoughts are still with (X)Lua, its fast but still easy to blow the budget just calculating updated datarefs, – is this serial behaviour something that is planned to change during the performance improvements phase, or is it still worth making an Xlua build (XTLua?) that can (only) get/set datarefs and call commands off the main flightloop – no point in starting something that will already be obsolete in the next few months, but at the same time it makes me itchy for new shiney when something like the free F35A is using up 2ms of flight loop time and I want to get on with help YA747 with its systems.

          2. We don’t have a replacement for XLua’s architecture any time soon, but there’s no question it could be better – since Lua is in a VM, one could make a Lua plugin that block-grabs a bunch of datarefs, runs the VM async, then ‘checks in’ the datarefs when done.

  21. Have you guys addressed the stuttering problem related to the windows 10 kernel on this Beta 3 or beta 2 version?

  22. Hi

    for FPS tests is there a command line to enforce Vulkan mode when starting x-plane?

  23. hello for the second time on the XP 11.50 b3 version of plane maker bug following “Pipeline must not be nullptr pipeline” Jonathan

  24. First thing, congratulations for the vulkan beta. I’m using beta1. My hardware 7700k oc 4,9ghz (HT OFF) and 2080ti.
    My aim is to fly at 60fps in a 3440×1440 monitor. This beta is giving me this, really smooth. Anyway I think that you can improve and I tell you why:
    – visual effects maximum
    – antiliasing 2ssaa+fxaa (my gpu 50-60%) if I use more it goes up very quickly. Like this is fine.
    – Shadows (it doesn’t matter because they don’t work)¿?
    – Number of objects: High (cpu 53-71% used). IF I SET IT IN MAXIMUM, MY FPS GO DOWN TO 49-50FPS ALTHOUGH MY CPU IS 67-79%. There is something wrong here because there is no bottle neck and my fps go down.
    -Reflexions: low MORE THAN “LOW”, FPS GO DOWN EVEN IF THE CPU IS NOT ENTIRELY USED (where is the bottleneck?)

    Then if vulkan allows much more drawcalls why with number of objects maximum we don’t get 60fps? My cpu is not maxed.
    Where are the shadows?
    Is it better HT on or off?
    How many cpu cores are the best for fps?
    My vram is used 6gb out of 11gb. Why isn’t xplane using all?
    Congrats again. My next try will be with VR pimax 5k+

  25. Earlier with Xplane 11.41 with orbx GB south with Tolis I was getting 20 Fps. Now with Xplane 11.50b3 i am getting constant 35 FPS with butter smooth. My PC specs are I5 7600K OC to 4.4 Ghz and GTX 1060 6GB with 32GB ram. Amazing work Laminar.

  26. Hi guys,

    Just a simple question, is X-plane 11.50 ever gonna run again on 2GB VRAM cards? I have a Nvidia GTX 1050 with unfortunately only 2GB of dedicated VRAM and 8 GB of shared GPU memory. I can’t run X-plane even on the lowest settings anymore as I’m getting the “Running out of VRAM, X-plane will now quit, use lower rendering settings” message. On OpenGL I can run X-plane quite decently on medium to high settings without any problems (except the occasional stutter) and descent frame-rates.

    If the answer to the question is no, does the OpenGL option remain for people like me with less powerfull hardware or is X-plane changing to Vulkan and Metal completely in the future?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. 1. Yes, X-Plane will run on cards with 2 GB of VRAM and
      2. You should file a bug – it’s possible the 2/8 configuration is confusing X-Plane – I’d like to see what the logs of memory look like.

  27. Hello, when I activate the Vulkan I do not hear the simulator, both the plane and the stage

  28. Specs of my machine:
    MBpro retina(late 2013), CPU Intel Core i7 2,6MHZ, 16GB 1600MHZ DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048MB, Intel Iris Pro 1536MB, SSD 500GB.
    Clean XP 11.40 upgraded to 11.50 (up to b3), Sitting at LIPZ (defalt LR scenery), cargo stand 103, graphics settings: Visual Effects High(HDR), Texture quality minimal, Antialiasing None, Nr of world objects Low, Reflection Detail Minimal, Full scree sim, resolution 1280×800, allow windshield effects, FOV 65.
    On XP11.50b3 with Open GL and B738 laminar I have 39fps, textures loaded at startup 271 MB; B737 Zibo mod 25/26fps, Textures loaded 1624MB.
    On XP11.50 b3 with Metal, B738 Laminar 22fps, textures at startup 258MB; B738 Zibo mod fps 13-14 textures at startup 1615 MB, (on XP11.50b2 with Zibo mode it gave message re insufficient memory and crashed). What it looks strange is that on the frame counter of the output data it shows CPU 0.0185/0.0210 and a strange consistently GPU 0.000. Maybe this accounts for the low fps? Of course we have to wait for the final version, this is just to signal.

  29. I filed a bug report. After my flight yesterday I opened up the logbook then exited xplane. Today I started it up selected the zibo 737 and KDEN then started flight. After the loading screen ended the main menu screen poped up with the empty logbook window on top and everything stopped. Windows said xplane stopped responding and I closed xplane.

  30. Thanks developers for the great effort. I am a developer myself and i know how stressful things can become. I have the steam version and can’t wait to try the new vulkan rendering option, i’ve seen some benchmarks where it really improves performance on RX5700.

  31. On my Samsung Ultra-Wide-Screen the FPS seem to have improved with X-Plane 11.5 Beta 3 (Vulkan), but using my VR headset (a PIMAX 5k+) FPS seem to have worsened actually and it is much more prone to crashes. I have sent a bug report but wanted to report this here as well in case other people have similar problems. What strikes me is that in the FPS Data Output box above the cockpit, the GPU speed is very low, like 0,0002 seconds (or whatever the unit is) while the CPU speed is 0,3. Using 11.41 this is not the case, GPU and CPU speed are usually close to each other.

    I use Windows 10, Alienware Aurora R8, i7 9700K, 16 GB Dual Channel DDR4 2.666 Mhz, RTX 2080 with 8 GB, slightly overclocked, and the Pimax 5k+. I have installed a new version for the 11.50 Beta with no custom sceneries, plugins or addons except the plugin for the Saitek Flight Control Panels. The graphics rendering options are HDR, Textures medium or high, AA the lowest option, no shadows, Real World Objects Maximum or High, Reflections zero and usually no parked aircraft. No AI airplanes.

    1. Another user with Pimax 5k+ dissapointed with VR performance. With my monitor 3440×1440 all nearly max out I get 60fps locked. In VR I have to lower objects in the world several marks to have constant 35fps. I have much more room in my 7700k oc 5ghz and my 2080ti. Not bottlenecks. Why so low performance? I get much better in DCS and Flyinside simulator.

    2. I have just installed the Beta 4 and FPS performance continues disappointing with my Pimax 5k+ VR headset. The precision of the VR mouse cursor has improved though, is as good as in 11.41 again and the system seems less prone to crashes when using BR. I get FPS of 16 with rendering options on medium level “on average” and no clouds.

  32. hey guys, not sure if this has been reported yet but there seems to be a bit of a square stutter or flicker on the prop when its running at idle on the 172 or 182t. As you increase the throttle it goes away. has anyone else noticed that?

  33. Using 3-D mouse in VR is getting harder, almost impractical to use. Mouse cursor depth changes (cursor go back and forth) when you rotate your head up or down, makes it hard and time consuming to keep the mouse cursor on a menu or actuators for click. Is it only me or others are also experiencing the same. May be this is by design and I am missing something here? (I am using WMR – HP Reverb).

    1. Im also having issues. Nvidia GTX 1080Ti and only a black screen during startup – still. Left it on for 8 hours and did not make any progress. Driver 445.75

  34. X-Plane 11.50 Beta 3 fixed my Valve Index VR issue! Thanks so much! Suprisingly smooth running on my GTX 1080 and i7-8700k non-overclocked! Haven’t found any other bugs so far.

  35. Hello, tried X-Plane 11.50b3 but after 5 mins flight, the simulator crashed. I watched the log file and found ERROR: the autogen file Resources/default scenery/1000 autogen/global_objects/objects. Do not understand where is the problem? Thank you

  36. Cloud still a nightmare, I start the flight with 60FPS on ground in the most heavy airports with iMac 40G Ram, 8G VRam, i7 Processor. but when I am near to cloud it’s 6-10FPS, I reinstalled my macOS and did a fresh install to X-Plane 11.50 B3 without any plugins installed and still them same, please tell me if this is something you are planing to fix or I should quit this simulator for ever, I have been asking this questions since day one of X-Plane 11 release, I replaced 3 iMacs and I still didn’t see any improvement even after Vulrakn/Metal

    1. It’s a beta! Pretty much same iMac as your specs and I get 30-40FPS everywhere with clouds and so do pretty much 90% of the people in the x-plane.org forum. The developer forum is not a general complaints area, but if you log a bug report you are contributing to improving X Plane. Suggesting you’ll “quit this simulator” unless they fix your vague issue is not helpful.

  37. So far so good . The Beta2 didn’t work well and there was several crashes when tried to start the engines.
    Now with Beta3 everything work well, including VR with Rift S and Carenado Bonanza. 80 to 90s FPS and 30s to 40s in VR.

  38. I have a Nvidia GTX 750 with 1 GB vRAM and X-Plane 11 on steam. When I try to load the beta with Vulkan, it says that X-Plane need a 1 GB vRAM graphic card and it doesn’t open.

  39. Hello, 11.50 beta 3 loads my aircraft up fine (toliss 319, zibo 737ng fleet, jar320), however, after a few camera movements, all textures go down the drain. Runway, taxiway, and terrain textures become blurry and the listed planes above loose good quality textures. Hopefully this is fixed in the next beta but for now, I will be using 11.41.

  40. Multiple Monitors with Vulkan is picking the lowest resolution of them and setting them all to that. My setup is one ultrawide 2560×1080 and one 1920×1080. I use the ultrawide as primary and was displaying instructor panel on the 1920×1080. If I turn that one on, it clips the ultrawide to 1920 width. Turning off the second monitor to be used in the game, allows it to go full screen again on the primary.

    Returning to opengl and its all working fine like before the beta.

  41. sim/graphics/view/pilots_head_phi Dataref stopped working. Please advise, thanks.

  42. Xplane beta 3 has increased my cpu frame time a lot. It went from 0.02 to 0.035 or 0.04. On beta 2 my framerates were around 60 and now they have dropped to low 30s.

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