X-Plane 11.50b11 is now available. Steam users, remember you can access this version by opting into the “Unstable Pre-Release beta” version. We’ll make beta 11 the standard Steam public beta version once we have a newer beta.

Release note highlights include:

  • New UI option: anisotropic filtering
  • New Plane Maker option: always use Experimental Flight Model
  • Fixed hang on load
  • Shadow & crash fixes

View the full release notes here.

Enabling the Experimental Flight Model in Plane Maker

The experimental flight model has proven to be quite stable since it was released in X-Plane 11.40, so authors can now set up their aircraft to use it by default.

The new check box is found in the Author screen in Plane Maker. When it is checked, the aircraft will always get the 11.40 experimental flight model, no matter what the user pref for flight model is in the X-Plane UI. You should use this option if you like how your aircraft performs with it enabled.

When the new check box is off (which it will be by default), the user pref decides what happens, just like 11.40. Aircraft creators should pick this if they target the older flight model. Note there’s no way to force the experimental flight model off.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

153 comments on “X-Plane 11.50b11 Now Available

    1. Yes. Definitely awesome! alot of planes are developed on EFM but i cant leave the option on because im worried i’ll forget (using a plane that doesnt use it) and find out while in the air. Its was a shame Austin was putting all that work in and it wasnt getting full usage.

      1. Wait, I am a bit confused – so now with beta 11 – do I turn EFM check box on?

        1. With the new build its possible for devs to decide, you don’t need to change the setting. Most commercial available aircrafts use the normal flight modell. There are some aircrafts like Thranda Porter PC6 that need the new EFM. In future the aircrafts builder can switch ist without forcing users to change xp setting.


        2. The plane authors can make X-plane use it “pr default”, regardless of whether You have it turned on or off.
          -And I guess that You will be able to turn the “default” EFM off, if You open the plane in planemaker, if You want to….

  1. Ground shadows still do not appear inside the aircraft when they do appear outside the aircraft when both are observed at the same location while flying. I don’t know if this “shadow bug fix” was meant to address this or not. I have filed a bug report on this issue before. Apparently the interior view shadow range limit is really tiny compared to the exterior view shadow range limit. The interior shadow range limits can be adjusted higher with a Lua script, but that’s a hack.

    1. I can’t reproduce this any longer in beta 11 in the default C172 at KBOS, so if you still see this please reopen your email thread with specific details. Note that the radius of shadows drawn has been reduced in 11.50 and this could be affecting your impression of it.

      1. Jennifer, the issue can be verified in beta 11 easily using dataref editor. The art controls dataref “shadow/csm/far_limit_exterior” is set to 500 meters, whereas the dataref “shadow/csm/far_limit_interior” is set only to 250 meters. What this means is if I go to the exterior view, I get shadows to 500 meters, but if I go back in the aircraft for the interior view, I get shadows to only 250 meters. I use a FlyWithLua script to set “sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit_interior” to 500, which makes ground shadows in-cockpit the same as ground shadows outside the cockpit. I can file another bug report if you want, but that’s the gist.

        1. Jennifer, I have replied to your email with a detailed description similar to my above post, with perhaps a little more precise language. Thanks!

  2. Hello there,

    I really appreciate your effort on vulcan!
    To get so much support for a product already payed off
    can not be taken for granted.

    I just want to share a little idea, off-topic:

    When clicking on the customize-button of a specific aircraft
    (“Flight Configuration”) there is this checkbox for “start with engines running”.
    This applies however for all other aircrafts too and is in fact a global setting!
    So it does not make much sense to have this checkbox inside the aircraft customization.
    Instead the checkbox should be placed next to “show extra aircraft for old versions”
    (or apply only for the specific aircraft).

    On the other hand: What should be moved to the aircraft customization screen
    imho is the option “EFM on/off”.

    1. I wish the option to “start with engines running” STAYED in the settings for individual aircraft, but that you could set it differently for different planes, rather than it affecting all aircraft. In other words, most general aviation aircraft I enjoy going through the manual start up routine, but airliners or planes that I am not familiar with the start-up sequence I prefer to have them already running when I begin.

      Your solution makes sense as long as the setting really is a global setting, as it currently is.

      1. Actually I think all aircraft should start with engines off (if on the ground).
        Thre should be two options (if possible):
        1) Just trun on engines and all the stuff that would be on up to now)
        2) Exceute the startup procedure (like AI pilot tries to do)

        The first option is for the impatient, while the second is for those who want to learn to handle an aircraft (before actually trying themselves step-by-step)

        When entering a scenario in-flight, all systems should be on, of course.

  3. I see that the VR loading cube has still not been fixed as well as the issue of X-Plane hanging when trying to exit after using VR. Maybe someday……… 🙁

  4. I’m still able to crash it by panning around in Shift-4 view. Beta11, steam, auto crash report submitted.

    1. I have this exact same problem in build 10 and 11. Although It won’t open the auto crash reporter after hanging so I can’t submit it.

  5. Good job!..

    very smooth flight on take off / landing, hitting solid 45FPS in VR with OVR tweek high alt was ok until I was at FL340 over EHAM. lost about 15 fps but came back once out of the way, so that was the only stop I had a large loss of FPS

    what killed it was the clouds, its downloading weather using the defult weather engine that’s with XP, sadly when there are a lot of clouds about it becomes a stutter fest.. the closer I get to them the more intense the stutters get, it feels like very small micro pauses … no tweeks other than OVR and all stock scenery/textures.

    i7 9700k
    32G 3600MHZ
    1080ti sc2

    1. I absolutely vote for more rendering controls regarding clouds (until clouds really render fast).

  6. I had a little fly with the new b11, thanks to devs. I can turn with vulkan now since the update !!! Many thanks, it’s so smooth!!!

  7. Getting terrible performance in beta 10 and 11. Panning around in free camera the fps is very unstable. Noticeably worse when in a high detailed area. Beta 9 I had great performance. I’m getting better performance in 11.41 than I do in Vulkan. I thought Vulkan was supposed to gives us better performance? Why was Beta 9 so good with performance and beta 10 and 11 aren’t?

      1. I am getting an identical performance starting B10 and B11.
        In the areas where there is a lot to render- when the view is changed quickly-FPS drops to sub 20 fps; and then recovers within 1 to 10 seconds back to 50/60 FPS.
        Also, in OpenGL 11.50, I get half the performance of 11.41.

        Will file a bug.
        Thank you, Dan

    1. Chris, I had the complete opposite. I had a lot of judder with b9 and b10 was smooth as silk. B11 seems great so far.

      Not sure why we see different results.
      That said I have EGNM by Orbx which has areas of the airport which cause the frame rate to tank. I suspect there’s some bug or excessive geometry being used by Orbx in that airport.

      Everywhere else things are great.

    2. The same problem. Beta 9 was great for me. Stable, fast, without stuttering and worked with 3rd-party addons (planes or sceneries). I am on macOS Catalina with eGPU RX5700XT.

      Unfortunately, beta 10 is very unstable, it always crashes when I use a third-party aircraft or a third-party scenery. I can only run beta 10 with the default Cessna and default scenery, however XPRealistic and X-Camera plugins work perfectly even in beta 10. I have FPS playable in beta 10 (27-80 FPS), but the stuttering and crashing scares me.

      I hope it will be fixed because I paid thousands of dollars for more planes and sceneries.

      Version 11.41 is not usable for me, because with RX5700XT the FPS in OpenGL mode are unplayable (6-8 FPS).

    3. Same here, beta 9 was more fps friendly, in beta 10/11 stuttering is back in the sim…..

    4. Chris, I totally agree with you, Beta 9 was much much better with performance for me that Beta 10 & 11…..Im having so many stutters when panning and no where near the smoothness. Beta 9 was awesome for me. I should have left it at Beta 9, or at least backed it up 🙁 Im going back to 11.41 Open GL

  8. Thanks much for getting this out, I had given up on beta 10, beta 11 so far so good, just can’t set objects to max, runs great on my Mac SE 🙂

  9. I really can’t believe that all these people are seeing improvements. I am waiting for an improvement for more than 3 years and I still can’t even fly this game. I started to hate this X-Plane and the the way your team ignoring my comments, mails and tickets. I am spent more than 3 years supporting you to improve this thing and you really don’t care about Mac users. My iMac is the latest i7 8GB VRam, 40G Ram and I am playing this game with moooooost minimal settings. I still get 9FPS near the cloud. Yes I have 70FPS on ground but I am not playing car racing game, it’s a flight simulator which most of time I will be near cloud, and yes I did fresh install, I also replaced my iMac with new one, and yes I have no single plugin installed. Everyday I get excited and open your blog to see if there is any update then I get disappointed because I still have the same problem and you don’t care. Pleeease respect my comments and my effort to report you bugs and tell me if you are caring about this problem or I should uninstall and forget X-Plane.

    1. Hi Ahmad,

      I checked with support – you appear to have filed one bug against beta four and have never contacted our support team, at least since we started using HelpScout.

      Your problem is pretty simple – you have too much fill stuff turned on for your iMac’s medium-power GPU, and the GPU is bogging down. This is not going to be made better by 11.50 – it’s not something Metal/Vulkan can address, nor is it part of this particular situation. Adjust your settings to get by with what your hardware can do.

      We do realize that the clouds are pigs – we’re working now on something different, but it’s not going to be part of 11.50.

      If you need help with X-Plane, please contact support. You filed a bug, and we don’t reply to all bug reports – heck we don’t respond to most bug reports; if we did, we’d never have time to fix the bugs. Please don’t use the blog comment section to rant.

      1. Hi Ben,

        You mention that you are working on something new relating to clouds, so I am hopeful of improvements to X-Plane’s weather system.

        The greatest issue I have with the weather system is the need to redraw the weather for an entire scene when the data is updated. It’s like somebody switches the clouds off and back on again. It’s not only immersion breaking but can also cause significant problems while in flight (where weather conditions can drastically change, twice, in just a few seconds.)

        Will this be improved so that changes are gradually phased in/out rather than this redraw? It would make a world of difference to the sim if it were.


        1. The solution would be some kind of “interpolation” I guess. Or, while in-flight, don’t change the local weather, but only the weather further away, so you gardually fly into the new weather (so to say).

          1. Great news Ben!

            Weather is a big one for me, so with what you’ve said I’m really excited for the future.

    2. Ahmed.

      It sounds like you are confusing Laminar with x-plane.org. Easy mistake to make

      Laminar are great, decent people.

      Xplane.org is pretty much the exact opposite, and almost going out of their way to give Laminar a bad name.

      They are completely separate entities and share nothing in common afaik.

      1. Agreed, Laminar should do something about it as X-Plane.org is really affecting their reputation, and it should not.

        X-Plane.CRG GREAT
        X-Plane.ORG … well, I prefer not to say.

        1. Yes, i see this confusion many times and ppl saying the x-plane store
          because they think the org is the official store.

        1. Mods telling people to go use FSX, banning developers for complaining the store is selling assets they made, selling them anyway, no demos and no refunds for shoddy products, and half the time someone reports a bug in the beta forum they get told to stop beta testing.

          Then Laminar wonder why they haven’t heard about well known bugs that have existed for years and why users like Ahmed are complaining they have spent years being ignored and abused when all Laminar have seen is one bug report.

          And thats just the appetiser.

          All of the above is the exact opposite of anything I have ever seen from Laminar/X-Plane proper.

          1. That sounds atrocious. I wonder why Laminar Research is not hosting a forum and providing a marketplace for payware and freeware content.

    3. You have a weak mac computer. Please upgrade to a high end pc. Cloud performance will be improved in a later version of X-plane. This forum is not about your feelings, but I hope you will feel better soon.

    4. Ahmad
      Just checking to see if you run your laptop on AC power or on Battery? My Dell crawls when on battery. But when im on AC power X-Plane runs extremely well. I apologize if this is potentially insulting as i don’t know your level of knowledge. Oh and temperature control is very important as well. I use a laptop cooler.

    5. Errrrh, I’m on a 2017 iMac i7, 8GB GPU and 64GB RAM and on Beta11 I get a solid 90FPS at ORBX Sumburgh with ORBX North England, and that’s with most settings on Medium-High?

      Some of the LR guys develop on Macs, so I think it’s somewhat disingenuous to state they don’t care about Mac users, because I think its actually the opposite my good man 🙂

  10. I found a weird issue (but it might just be me) although it starts from a weirdness that has always been there.

    I am used to every version of x-plane 11 doing this: when I right click to pan and hold the button , then move my mouse (the arrow) off the x-plane window. If i release the right click while i am still outside of x-plane, when i return the mouse arrow to x-plane, x-plane will still be in pan mode . This has made for some hair raising times when looking around while turning to final .. mostly when i first bought x-plane but im kind of used to it now (not saying I am fond of the behavior, but it is what it is) and its avoidable.

    With b11, I am having this behavior without going outside of the window. Meaning when I right click to pan around , and move the mouse , its as if x-plane cant see the mouse for a second and goes into click free pan mode. I have to right click and release to get out of that mode.. seems like the mouse arrow is skipping when this happens (my mouse is not doing that in any other of my applications and didnt in b10 either) ..

    This is only my first flight in b11 but since it started happening right away from c&d ( but with the same plane etc that was not exhibiting this behavior in b10) I thought i wouldd mention it.

    I am almost at top of climb and everything looks good

    1. I think you can “lock” the right-click mouse view by clicking twice fast. This will incur what you are describing.

      1. Yeah.. It happens my mouse just happened to start dying between versions. The right button is registering erroneous double clicks. Ignore my message. b11 is fine.

  11. Another good upgrade from the previous beta. Definitely more stable it seems. The jumping from preset camera position to camera position is WAY smoother and instantaneous and the FPS drop is way more stable. It seems youve really gotten the paging and VRAM in much more control.

    Dare I say it, Im trying for a crash so you guys can feed on the info! Will test Aniso next time from x4 to x8 and see the FPS impact. The “shimmering” artifact is very very noticeable at x4

    Solid improvement

  12. Now that the Vulkan is relatively stable.
    Can you tell me (only yes or no) if in the near future you will try to improve the visual aspect of Xplane 11?

    I’m talking about a new cloud engine or some improvement in rendering…


    1. You have to disguise your question for “weather” and “seasons” a bit better to lure Ben into your trap 🙂

    2. Yes. After 11.50 my next tasks are all improving how things look (as opposed to 11.50 which improves how the code draws them, hopefully faster without stutters). I am already doing some work on that now.

      1. Ben, I don’t know if you are aware, but B11 has some stutters back, but it has been very stable besides that. If you fine tune it to remove the stutters, maybe B12 can be the last Beta.

        Thank you


      2. That’s great. I hope it’s for xplane 11. This simulator can give you so much more.

  13. The known addon issues section of the release notes should be updated.
    XPRealistic is fully 11.50 compatible and so it BetterPushback.

    StopZoomingDammit does not work with 11.50 so it should be added or even better implemented in the core sim

  14. Delighted to report that my load time is back down at 1:52 (second and subsequent loads) FANTASTIC!! in B10 it had gone out to over 7 minutes and didn’t really change that much on second and subsequent loads.

    Great job LR.

    FYI My Rig is an all pcie4 setup. MSI X570 pro motherboard, 16Gb ram, Radion 5700 XT GPU, Ryzen 3600X CPU

  15. update from last post,

    Loading is fixed and the sim hasn’t crashed once…FPS are very high, smooth as silk in VR AND stutter free in the Zibo 737 YESSS!! … only place I get stutters now are flying directly into clouds or close to them however the better clouds lua fixed that.. would it be possible for you to mirror the fix that’s currently out? I understand the clouds do not form part of the vulkan update but with this lau I am able to see the full potential of Valkan.. without it the update is hinderd.

    shadows are still a little twitchy in the clouds and ground but far better than B9 and 10, this has go to be the first Vulkan update that actually shows what x-plane can do.

  16. Please release xplane 11 on Geforce now.
    We could play then on low quality pcs or on laptops in the hotels if theres good wifi.
    Please :)))

  17. Many many thanks for the AF Slider. This is game changer for me. B11 runs very good on my system. The visuals, especially at night, are fantastic.

    But, are there any plans to work on Anti Aliasing settings, to get rid of the shimmering on taxi lines and buildings and so on? SSAA + FXAA don´t elimate this enough.


    1. At some point we will look at additional AA tech – I think the main complaint here is that:
      – HW MSAA isn’t available in HDR mode and
      – 4x/8x SSAA is really expensive GPU-wise relative to the improvement.
      I have some ideas for improvement, but there are major changes to the graphics pipeline in the works, and we have to evaluate AA once things have settled down.

      1. I think MSAA has a significant impact on CPU times in VR. I always have headroom to apply Steam SS, however, MSAA will reliably reduce my framerate signifcantly, no matter how much headroom I have in VR.

  18. Great job on b11! Distant mountains now look great. FPS is good, and no sim crashes yet, except for the regeneration of icons, where my sim still crashes. Even with default installation and default 172. No addons. I did file a bug report.

  19. Ben could you tell me when do you plan to implement sounds attached to the scenery objects? The X-Plane World Simulator with only airplane sounds it’s not enough

    1. I cannot…because we don’t pre-announce times for new features. I can say that this is something that is in the works, and I have some working code for it.

      Note that the feature has more steps than it sounds…sounds attached to _which_ OBJs? Our first target is plugin instanced objects, so plugins can put particles, objects and sound into the sim together in one simple API. _Scenery_ objects with DSFs are the most difficult case because they aren’t live actors in the sim.

      1. This sounds great Ben. BetterPushback sounds get lost in my system, insofar as the volume of the Tug is so very loud in comparison to other soundscape elements. There are no controls available to balance this element.

  20. So I’m looking to add a 3rd monitor to my Mac setup. If I add an egpu to drive the new monitor, will XP (beta 11) be able to use the metal processing power of both GPUs? Or will it only use the main GPU?

  21. Just a heads up that in the b11 version OpenSceneryX is causing a “Pipeline must not be nullptr” error, I have submitted the crash reports already and tracked it down as far as the above scenery library causing the issue.

    1. Outside of that the few flights ive tried have worked well, missing a lot of my scenery though as all of the australia scenery packs I use require opensceneryx lol

  22. Is there a limit to the number of objects in custom scenery?

    X-Plane crashes with certain scenery if world objects is set higher than medium…

        1. Wonder if this is why the Sim crashed in a flight from KBOS to KSTL on two separate occasions recently? (Both after about 1hr 45 min.) Have been an XPlaner since XPlane 8, but haven’t had this problem before. Have temporarily reverted to 11.41 so that I can continue while beta 11 is unpredictable.
          Have a 27″ Mac (2017) with 24 GB and 8 GB graphics.

  23. How far are we in the crawl/walk/run cycle? Or better said, how far is a release candidate?
    Seems like most of the known bugs have been fixed

    1. I think we’re close to run, ish? At this point we’re happy with VRAM allocation – or at least, it’s good enough…we could spend years tuning and tuning it, but most of the really brain damaged stuff seems to be fixed. Sidney has two sources of stutters fixed for b12, and we’ll see where we’re at.

  24. Thanks for the Anisotropic filter slider!

    Now if we can convince you guys to give us an “advanced” menu that gives separate sliders 1-5’ish scale for all the separate goodies accessed by hacking the settings.txt file, we’ll be in business! 😉

  25. Hi Ben.

    Are there plans for improving the loading sequence of the game when in VR? Something like Elite Dangerous, for example.

  26. I am concerned. Since b10 vulcan has become unplayable for me in VR, same in b11, huge performance drop in comparision to b9 and earlier versions :-/ I turned off the plugins, deleted the contents of schader cache and prefs, without any improvement. looks like performance has been sacrificed for stability. Great disappointment. Is this a known problem and will it be corrected?
    Until now, I could play almost all airplanes in almost any conditions. Now only the least demanding with basic scenery, clean sky, outside the cities :-/
    My hardware: gtx1080ti, i58600k, 32GB RAM, VR – Samsung Odyssey.

    1. It’s the opposite for me. I’m using orthos, xEurope, UltraWeatherXP, Active Sky, XPRealistic and some Lua scripts on an Ryzen 3700x, 1080ti, 32GB Ram system and hat the best VR Flights without any stuttering and great immersion even on high object counts. The only problem i have sometimes is, that x-plane is crashing on start and i have to reenable Vulkan.

  27. In graphics options there is a note that at least Win8 is required for Vulkan. Is Win8 officially supported for Vulkan or is it unofficial? In the announcement of Beta 1 only Win10 was mentioned.

  28. Ben,
    Why does the VR resolution affect the CPU response time?
    I have a HP reverb which runs at 2160×2160 on default settings.
    I have to lower the resolution to reduce the cpu response time in order to reduce the stutters, which completely defeats the point of having a high resolution headset.
    I don’t understand why the Cpu is involved in this process?
    I may be wrong but It appears to me that Xplane is still very cpu intensive and is bottlenecking the performance of the GPU somehow.
    I upgraded my cpu and GPU to the maximum spec available purely to increase the performance of xp and I’m really disappointed that I still appear to be hitting a performance wall in xp. I understand that vr places huge demands on the system but I’m convinced the cpu is not giving enough work over to the GPU.
    If I’m wrong I’m happy to be corrected but I would appreciate your comment on this.

      1. I’m using VR FPS to analyse performance. It displays real-time information in the headset including CPU and GPU usage and response time in ms.
        I’ve observed that a change in headset resolution has a negative impact on the cpu response time, I don’t understand why, it makes no sense?
        Response time is shown in the form of a graph along with numerical real time and average display.
        In a low resolution setting the CPU graph is green with a cpu response time around 11ms and GPU around 2ms.
        At a high resolution the GPU remains at 2ms whereas the CPU increases to around 18ms and the graph changes between amber and red and results in stutters.

        1. I have no idea why that would happen. But without a more technical explanation of _what it is measuring_ there’s not really anything I can learn from it.

          1. FPS VR provides real time information in the headset of cpu, GPU and memory usage, response times and temperatures etc…..
            I’ve been unable to run xp without stutters so I’ve been using FPS VR to understand where the bottleneck is.
            I run xp with Orbx scenery so I need the scenery settings on on their maximum setting Otherwise the scenery looks like the result of a nuclear holocaust with missing buildings etc. I was at the end of my tether after enduring hours and hours of experimentation and testing trying to produce a smooth , usable and realistic experience and as a last resort I tried reducing the resolution of the vr headset. This produced a vast improvement in the frame rate and removed the bulk of the stutters, however, it looked absolutely awful! I repeated the exercise and paid attention to the graphs and there was no change to the cpu or GPU usage. However there was a significant change to the CPU response time when I increased the resolution, that’s all I can tell you. Running xp on maximum scenery settings at a high VR headset resolution seems for reasons that I don’t understand or can explain have a detrimental effect on the cpu response time. There appears to be a correlation between scenery complexity and headset resolution that overwhelms the performance of the cpu. Hope I’ve managed to make sense? It’s just something that I’ve discovered and therefore felt obliged to pass on my findings to the expert as I haven’t got a scobby do about programming! 🙂

    1. I have to agree with this guy….

      Seems when using the HP Reverb and world objects Max settings you do in fact hit a wall on the cpu.

      My last setup
      i7 7700k @ 5Ghz water cooled on 4 cores
      1080 ti @ 1920Mhz

      I would get 13 fps… As per fpsvr GPU 42ms CPU 80ms but cores run most times 38%

      My New System

      i7 10700k @ 5.5Ghz water cooled on 8 cores
      Radeon 7 16GB @ 2300Mhz water cooled

      Now running the same Orbx true earth Florida as my old system I get the same 13 fps with my new system.

      As per fpsvr GPU 43ms CPU 78ms Now once you drop world objects one notch to the left and FPS increase to 44 fps

      As per fpsvr GPU 42ms CPU 44ms = 44 fps

      No matter what cpu you are running world objects high will cripple any cpu you use.
      The cpu is always the bottle neck…

      Also running the HP Reverb in Vulcan or OpenGL with high settings makes no difference. You really see NO improvement running Vulcan.

      X Plane seems to only shine in Vulcan when you are running reduced graphics settings. Just find it hard to believe I can go from a 5 year old system to the new system I have now that I see NO performance increase at all??

      Just for giggles N grins running Half-Life Alyx on ultra

      Old 7700k system 48fps
      New 107700k system 94fps

      As you can see a very big jump in fps but in X Plane not so much

      Thank You

      1. I’m in the same boat. XP11 has always been CPU bottlenecked in VR since its introduction. Vulkan should theoretically be able to multithread the draw calls which I suspect is a large factor in the existing CPU bottleneck when playing in VR, however I don’t think they are doing this in 11.50 betas, as the performance is basically the same OGL Vulkan, except texture stuttering is reduced.

  29. Jennifer, will there be another global airport update before the public release of 11.50?

    I’m looking to update some airports if there’s a chance it makes 11.50 and would be interested to hear what’s the deadline to upload them to gateway.

    1. No, as far as I know we are not planning another Gateway export for 11.50.

  30. after update to b11 I have “pre-built shader missing” crash! this happens in vulkan mode.. not with OpenGL. any help?

  31. Hi, frecuently my x plane crashes and in Windows Events Viewer it says the origin of the event is Application Hang, is this relationated with the beta version (11) or maybe could it be a error of my computer?

  32. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you!

    While b1-b9 immediately crashed upon loading on Linux with Vulkan (crash reports submitted), now Vulkan runs beautifully and smoothly right out of the box. The FPS have gone up from OpenGL to Vulkan by incredible 42% at my favorite graphics settings. And load times have decreased from 4min45s down to 42s.

    Did I say thank you already?

  33. Have had a couple of flights in b11. Another huge leap forward now that the shaders are fixed. However I had a CTD last night mid-flight. I hadn’t changed a thing!

    Still getting some weird flashing when I look in certain directions in VR. However, overall, I think you guys have done an incredible job with Vulkan. For the first time in 20 years I can now fly stutter free in VR with great detail! Thank you so much!!!!

  34. Still Crash when panning outside after 15 to 20 min into the flight.
    With B10 was about 10 min then crash.
    Mac, i9 9900K, 4.9 mhz,64 gb, radeon 5700XT.
    already change the settings and doesn’t look to get influence from that. Also try a complete new installation and no add ons, same behaviour.
    FPS looks very good getting over 50 with high settings. no stuttering visible during the flight.
    bug report filled

  35. Keep getting crashes since the early Beta releases. 11.5B11 – still reports Vulkan Device Lost Error.
    Have reported this on numerous occasions but it’s still very apparent. App crashed six times tonight in about 20 minutes – gave up in frustration ☹

  36. Hello Ben et al @LR

    Are strobing artifacts in the graphics (namely the haze way off at the far horizon at around 30,000 feet basically strobing on and off, theres no better way for me to describe it) an expected or previously reported issue in the beta phases?

    Im getting them.


  37. Hi, I’m having a issue where it just loads up 1 core on the cpu and the rest are largely unused.

  38. Are there any planes to work on Ryzen cpu pefromance optimization as you know Ryzen 3 will be coming out near end of the year so it will be level playing field.Ms Flight 2020 is going to be taking advantage of more cores and will be optimizing for ryzen , its a just though thats all

    1. My Rig

      FYI My Rig is an all pcie4 setup. MSI X570 pro motherboard, 16Gb ram, Radion 5700 XT GPU, Ryzen 3600X CPU

      I am seeing activity across all my 12 cores (cpu’s) and super fast load times. with World Objects set to Max, Reflections at setting 3

      Tried to paste a screenshot oif my core activity but couldn’t. I think because of the work done by AMD with their Infinity Fabric, X-Plane by default is already optimised …. buy what do I know

  39. Hi I frecuently have crashes on my x plane, in the Windows Event Viewer it says is an error called application hang, could it be a x plane error or a computer error?

  40. Thank you @Team X-Plane,
    I have been using X-Plane for about five years now. I have stopped using 11.41 a long time ago. Having said this, I have been downloading beta after beta with increasing performance and graphics. I have what has been describe here by others as a medium level computer.
    My point is that I am starting to see the what others with high end PC’s (mainly Twitch and YouTube streamers) have been experiencing. My system is running smoother and smother with each update.
    When you announced the Vulkan project you all describe its potential and you have been right on target. There is passion on this team and it shows.
    I can only imagine what you could do if you had the resources of a Multi-billion dollar corporation. Keep up the great work.

  41. I’ve been having issues with VR. I use a Rift S. 9 out of 10 times during the “Preparing World” the status led on the headset goes from white to orange and the log file shows:

    0:02:03.204 E/OVR: Session display lost, becmoing a zombie.

    0:02:03.263 E/VR_BRIDGE: Shutting down hardware because the VR HAL is now in a zombie state.

    0:02:03.466 I/OVR: Shutting Down VR Subsystem.

    So here’s what I have to do to make it work:

    1. Start X-Plane with VR disabled
    2. Start the new flight and let it load
    3. If I see that the LED has changed to orange I just use Oculus Tray Tool to restart the oculus service and the LED then goes back to while
    4. Enable VR and fly like normal

    So for some reason something is happening with the oculus service requiring it to be restarted to work properly. And yes…bug report has been filed. The inital response I got back was:

    “Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, the recent Oculus update has caused some issues with X-Plane. However, we have released a fix in the article below.
    X-Plane 11.41 and Oculus v17”

    And then I explained this is not with 11.41 which is what the “fix” addressed. Hopefully this can be sorted out. While I have a workaround it’s not the most efficient way to start up a flight.

    1. Turn off USB suspend in tray tools.. I had this problem and found out that during loading it would suspend the USB, might be because there is no loading screen yet for the VR

    2. Hi, I’m also using the Rift S, and everything is working fine.

      The Orange led means that the Oculus Software can’t find your headset. This is not caused by X-Plane.
      You could try repairing the Oculus Software (Download and run Oculus Rift software from //www.oculus.com/setup, and then select Repair)

      1. The Oculus software has been repaired, and when that did not help I did a complete uninstall (and even removed folders, etc left behind) and did a fresh install. As I recall I do not believe I had this issue with beta 10..but if I did I know for a fact I did not have ANY issues with beta 9 and nothing had changed with my Oculus setup. And you say this is not caused by X-Plane…not sure why you assume that. X-Plane even logs some errors when this happens. So, I’m not say this is X-Plane but I’m not going to blindly assume it is not. I have a workaround so the world is not ending but we know VR is not totally clean with X-Plane…no loading screen, hangs when you try to exit X-Plane, etc.

  42. With this new beta 11, X-Plane has started crashing for me, saying that there’s a problem with Vulkan drivers (Vulkan driver loss) . It never happened with older beta versions.

    1. Exactly the same here as reported earlier in this thread [Vulkan driver loss]. Could the devs give us an insight into this voodoo because when X-Plane [did] work under Vulkan drivers – it was most impressive with great frame-rate. Unlike OpenGL which gave me 6-15fps max – hence using the current stable_release isn’t really very exhilarating. In addition, I’m seeing quite a few AMD RX 5700XT GPU users suffering bad experiences.

      1. Uh…no insight here. Like, we don’t know why the device is lost. If we did, it’d be a huge win for the next beta; we’re investigating now, but we think we have a memory timing bug. But we’ve seen device loss consistently through the whole beta. We are actively investigating it now.

        1. I can’t even depart anymore in VR. when I move 5 meters, xplane crashes with device lost error.

  43. Hey all,

    I was a long time FSX user and like a month ago I decided to try Xplane11. I can honestly say that it changed the simulation experience for me. But after playing a month I realized that with these settings I was getting around 20-25 FPS and my laptop was over-heating;

    Visual Effects: Medium
    Texture Quality: Medium
    World Objects: Low

    Then I installed some plugins to increase the FPS such as Vivid Sky, X-Visibility, and HDR v4.0. But my FPS was still the same. When I was outside the cockpit it was around 30-35 but inside the cockpit 18-25.

    It was really painful for me to play the game with these settings, so I decided to try Xplane 11.50b11. I downloaded public_beta (which gives b11 in Steam Version) and I realized that I did not much gain FPS. With the same settings above I was getting around 23-27 FPS.

    Then I decided to activate Vulkan but my Nvidia driver was not supporting it (Xplane gave an error). So I found the official website of the GeForce. Then I updated it to handle the Vulkan (which I was not aware that it was possible). And it worked :). Now with the

    Visual Effects: HDR
    Texture Quality: Medium
    World Objects: Medium

    settings I am getting around 35-40 FPS inside the cockpit and its so smooth. It was really hard for me to play Xplane before this transition.

    Here all the plugins that I was download before the beta11.

    HDR v4.0
    Vivid Sky
    Airport Environment HD 2.13
    Zibo 738

    But before I made the transition to Xp11.5b11 I deleted BetterPushback and Lua scripts for X-Visibility and Vivid Sky.

    Here are my computer specs:
    i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz

    My suggestion is if you are suffering from low FPS try to update your Nvidia driver by using GeForce and then try Vulkan. However, if you have downloaded a lot of Lua-scripts etc maybe you should delete the whole game and download it again.

    I did not have a chance to make a full-flight but it seems that it’s working great for me.

    Thanks a lot!

  44. I’m not near my sim, so I can’t grab the log.txt, but has anyone else noticed how dim all airports all at night? So dim, it is impossible to see the runway? This is in beta 11.

    1. I expect we will support ARM natively when it comes out. ARM will be our fourth (or possibly fifth) ABI change on the Mac – in this case, the tools that made the x86 and 64-bit changes fairly routine (multiple ABI targets per app) should work here too – we’ll just produce an app that’s x86_64 and ARM 64 at the same time. I don’t know what specific issues we’ll hit, but we ship ARM64 code for the iPhone now and it just works. And Apple’s modern ARM chips (e.g. in the iphone 11) are screaming fast. We’re always a little surprised how quick they are.

  45. Are there any planes to work on Ryzen cpu pefromance optimization and getting more fps on the platform Ryzen 3 will be coming out near end of the year so it will be level playing field against Intel Ms Flight 2020 is going to be taking advantage of more cores and will be optimizing for ryzen , its a just though thats all

  46. Hello, I installed the beta 11, I have a drop in fps when I rotate the view of the plane both outside and inside e.g. step from 80fps even up to 25 fps. Second problem as soon as I took off from Orio al Serio Italy, the simulator crashed, I deactivated Vulkan and reactivated open-gl Non Crasha. So there is a bug. I await new clouds and a new global scenario.

  47. I beg you / Austin not to switch to a subscription model for X-Plane 12. It would be the only one reson for me to stop my flight simulation career. It would be very sad for me and my kids. I can’t wait to see X-Plane 12 in place and will also in future give my (also financial) support to this ecosystem of X-Plane products. But a subscription model is against an open minded, community oriented approach and filosophy I soo much like and respect in X-Plane. Please, please do not go this way.
    kind regards

    1. I am afraid colleague that things are happening through “the cloud”. I already warned that all of my colleagues and I would be abandoning Laminar Research while doing so … And now they’ve gone from not just using the GPU to overlooking it. Vulkan has too much microstuttering

    2. i7 4790K 4.4 GHz/RAM: 24 MB, 1.600, CL7/GTX 1070 OC 8GB GDR5/Seasonic 1000W Titanium/ X Plane 11.50 beta 11 in ssd Samsung 860 Pro 1TB. Full very well refrigerated.
      You’ve fixed the cloud shadows a lot, okay. But the sun reflected in the water and the water itself are sad … I insist with the constant micro stutter with Vulkan

  48. Ideally, if the Experimental Flight model is not selected by the aircraft author in Plane Maker, in the GUI of XP, it could be made in a way a user enables it per aircraft and not globally.

    Some aircraft are more adapted to the Experimental Flight model while others aren’t and if the authors do not make it by default, users could enable it for the aircraft that are adapted to it and it will remain enabled if the specific aircraft if selected later.

    For now, users could forget to enable or disable it if they change the aircraft.

  49. Getting some trouble with the latest nvidia driver (451.48) which supports Vulkan 1.2.
    I’ve had some crashes with b11 and driver 546.11 but now CTD on nvidea driver 451.48 is really more common 🙁

    1. Same problem here, I do not know what to do, I can not even open a scenery and it crashes.

    2. Since I installed Nvidia driver 451.48, X-Plane still has a high FPS rate, but all animations seem to “oscillate”: Vehicles on ground accelerate and descelerate instead of moving at constant speed. This effect also applies to flying through clouds, turning the view in the cockpit with the mouse or TrackIR, panning around outside the a/c…

      I am not certain if this is a bug because that all was not a problem with the former driver version. All was smooth before.

      Marc Westhofen

      If it helps – these are my specs:
      CPU: Intel Core i7 9800X (OC 8x 4.8GHz) // CPU Cooling: NZXT KRAKEN X72 // Main Board: ASUS TUF X299 MARK 1 // Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ROG STRIX O11G // RAM: 32GB (G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series, DDR4-3000, CL 15, quad channel) // Hard Drive: Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD 1TB, PCIe 3.0 (M.2) // Optical Drive: LG BH16NS55 // Power Supply: Corsair HX850 High Performance // Head Tracker: Track IR 5 // Mouse: Logitech G203 // Joystick: Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas Stick X // Keyboard: Logitech G815 (tactile) // Monitor: LG 27UL850-W (3840×2160) + LG FLATRON IPS235 (1920×1080) // OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit // SIM: X-Plane 11

  50. Is there any known issue with Default Global Scenery under Metal?
    I installed clean and launched default plane and scenery for VHHH (Hong Kong), XP crashes to the desktop. There’s no extra add-ons, plugins, scenery.

  51. Unfortunately beta 11 is a step backwards for me. I had noted major performance improvements in previous betas but since b11 I get weird input lag when looking around the cockpit. Frame rates also appear to have decreased by about 40-50%.

    Intel 9700k, RTX 2080ti 11GB GDDR6, 32Gb RAM, 1TB 970 Evo Pro SSD

  52. Hi,
    performance as “External Visual” under Ubuntu 20.04 is very good. But only if not moving… Although the fps itself is hight (30 to 40) there is a ~4Hz stutter when vsync is active. Without vsync there is still noticable stutter and lag between the master (>120fps) and the External Visuals (~40fps). BTW: what is the best setting for “Transmissions per Second” on the master? Is it possible to disable the position extrapolation for External Visuals, as I think most of the lag is introduced by that.

    Cheers HellG

  53. Are there any plane to work on Ryzen cpu peformance optimization for ryzen c and getting more and smoother fps on the platform Ryzen 3 will be coming out near end of the year so it will be level playing field against Intel Ms Flight 2020 is going to be taking advantage of more cores and will be optimizing for ryzen , its a just though thats all

  54. b12 has just broken my install, issues with shaders

    0(28) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off’
    0(29) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off’
    0(30) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off’
    0(31) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off2’
    0(32) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off6’
    0(33) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off2’
    0(34) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off00’

    0(18) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off4’

    0(28) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off’
    0(29) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off’
    0(30) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off’
    0(31) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off2’
    0(32) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off6’
    0(33) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off2’
    0(34) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off00’

    0(18) : error C7600: no value specified for layout qualifier ‘off4’

    0:00:00.000 E/SYS: +——————————————————————————-
    0:00:00.000 E/SYS: | There was a problem processing a GLSL pixel shader.
    0:00:00.000 E/SYS: | You may need to rerun the installer or update your graphics drivers.
    0:00:00.000 E/SYS: | legacy_flat_34.glsl
    0:00:00.000 E/SYS: | legacy_flat_35.glsl
    0:00:00.000 E/SYS: | (gfx_ogl_shader_module.cpp:414)
    0:00:00.000 E/SYS: +——————————————————————————-
    –=={This application has crashed!}==–

    This worked fine before the update this evening, I have a 1080 GTX and the latest version of the nvidia drivers

      1. B12 landed via steam on my setup. I have to say in my case it runs silky smooth. Literally max settings (with exception of reflections), 50fps whilst flying over central London with Orbx scenery. Not a single judder. Clearly some issues for to iron out overall, but you guys are working miracles with the progress being made here -thank you Ben et al.

        1. Yeah – then it unlanded…it was doing good except that GL didn’t work _at all_…this was a weird one, our build system cut the wrong shaders. First time we’ve had a build die cuz the robots built the wrong thing, ever.

          Anyway, in the 10 seconds it was up we also discovered a missing pipeline when textures are missing so we’ll fix both of those and recut it for Monday.

  55. What about the MD82 default sounds being updated to FMOD? Laminar did show this and i never got the update. Is it even planned to update the MD82 sounds to FMOD?

      1. Hi Ben, does b12 address the stuttering issue introduced with NVIDIA driver v451.48? I didn’t see anything in the patch notes regarding this issue.

        1. Prrrrrobably not? B12 was cut before we heard about 451.48 stuttering, which we haven’t even analyzed yet.

          But b12 addressed too much AGP paging of OBJs, which was a source of stuttering in b11. So it’s possible that the two stutters interact.

  56. All I can say Ben to all the team, thank you for all your hard work, I think you are making a lot of people happy. B11 works fine on my machine.

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