X-Plane 11.50b13 is now available. Steam users, remember you can access this version immediately by opting into the “Unstable Pre-Release beta” version. We’ll make beta 13 the standard Steam public beta version once we have a sense that it’s not completely unusable.

Beta 12 was released on Friday, however we quickly learned it had a major issue: Windows OpenGL users couldn’t launch. Our build process had a hiccup that caused a shader mismatch, so we rolled beta 12 back in favor of beta 11 for the weekend.

Beta 13 fixes this shader issue, and includes all of the beta 12 fixes such as:

  • Even more crash fixes!
  • Video recording fixes
  • Fixed ocean “grid”
  • Fix for sim “freezing”

View the full release notes here for betas 12 and 13.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

124 comments on “X-Plane 11.50b13: Lucky Number 13?

  1. Hi there,
    I installed the new beta release b13 but for the first time (which I never experienced from b1 up to b11) all my ground ortho textures are blurry. Since I do not consider this as a bug, I just want to share. Sorry to bother you on this.

      1. My sincerest apologies. It turns out beta 13 is solid and brought a huge stability on my XP11. After multiple flight tests, my problem was cause by a nasty scenery which for some reason storms the CPU endlessly. After detecting and removing the scenery, XP11.50 b13 breaths like a brand new baby lungs that smooths everything. I noticed from the previous betas, I gained additional 5 up to 10 fps which leaves me above 30 fps, solid and over 60 airborne. I also enjoy the fact that my random VK_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST leading to freezing occurred in b11 is gone for real. What a relief for a long haul flight!! Thank you for this update.

    1. I also had this. It takes a while for everything to load in. I’m not sure if it’s just me but it seemed like my scenery (orbx) wasn’t as nice as usual.

  2. I see that VR is still not getting any love here. We STILL do not have any kind of VR “loading” screen and the current way it does it is just awful. Also still hangs 99.9% of the time when trying to exit X-Plane. First flight for me with my Rift S still has stutters.

    1. I was able to get rid of the stutters by locking my frame rate to 30 in the nVidia control panel and then setting the Oculus ASW to 30hz. When that is done..totally smooth. But why should I have/need to do that??? I would think between X-Plane and nVidia things would get negotiated when I do not lock the frame rate and have ASW set to auto.

      1. In my case, with Oculus Rift S, I run smooth almost all the time, at 40fps (with ASW on; ASW works very well in 11.50 with Vulkan).
        But GPU utilization is almost all the time at 20-25ms; changing settings seems to not affect that GPU utilization, neither changing SS (supersampling) a bit.
        My specs: i7 9700K RTX2020S 32 Gb RAM and SS set at 1.4 or 1.5.
        In some locations or some aircraft (737 Zibbo) fps decreases until 30-32 fps… even changing any renderting setting (not good).
        And yes, XP hangs 99.9% of the time when trying to exit.

    2. What’s your PC specs? I fly in VR all the time with my Valve Index and it’s been a smooth experience so far. i9-9900k, AORUS 2080ti, 32GB RAM

      1. i7-7800@4.3Ghz, 32GB Ram, EVGA 1080Ti, Rift S – tried previous and current versions of nVidia drivers with no noticeable difference.

        And the settings I stated above about 30FPS and 30hz seems to be hit or miss…sometime very smooth…other times stutters. But if I turn off the FPS limit in nVidia and set Oculus ASW to auto then always stutters. When the stutters are happening I pulled up the profiler and the frame rate was jumping up and down every other frame.

        I fly mainly out of KAFW which is a small airport. When I start to taxi the stutters are very noticeable when I look out the side window. Once I get up to altitude you can’t perceive them as much.

        I haven’t given up on finding the holy grail of settings yet…just don’t think it should be as difficult as it is to dial them in. To be honest I don’t think VR gets the attention from the developers like everything else does. If they had to kill X-plane every time they tried to exit then they would feel the frustration. 🙂

        1. Thank you thank you, so much.
          I have been waiting for someone to say these same things.
          You said ’em, I have been thinking them!

          But, all in all XP11.5 is really getting there!

  3. Seems to be generally shaping up well.

    One thing that still seems weak is hitting a fairly high altitude cruise (so greater than FL300), frames that are phenomenal at lower altitudes (high 70s and above) suddenly plummet when you get up there, rarely higher than 25 or 30fps, sometimes dropping all the way to 10.

    Ive tried all sorts to try and work out why, not plugin related, global or aircraft, it seems to be something hammering the cpu. Just about to try a large number of empty low resolution ortho tiles to see if it is maybe autogen related.

    What kind of performance should be expected at high altitude, and is there any plans to improve the current situation?

    1. File a bug and we’ll send you instructions on how to investigate this.

      1. I’ll probably wait until you have you and I both have our hands less full, I was really just wondering if performance at high altitude was something due for loving and optimisation this beta cycle (The “run stage” as Ben calls it).

        I’ve been through most of what I would assume can be done, some of it was also bugs in xlua and the lua for the 744 which I fixed myself.

        I’m reasonably sure the “drops to 10fps” I see are thermal throttling related coming from pinning the cpu at very high usages for a long amount of time that comes with getting to high altitude, pausing, letting it cool down for a bit stops the worse of the drops.

        But with plugins disabled, and sliders on minimum, and basically a default install I’m pretty much out of options? something inside XP seems to be consuming lots of CPU at high altitude.

    2. Strange! on my end as soon as I get off the ground my fps jumps up. In transition altitude I start getting 60 fps, solid. However on the ground, let’s say in one of the major hubs like LAX, I collapses down to around 30 but still way comfy in terms of smoothness. Vulkan saved me from upgrading my rig.

  4. The lagging in the sim while using Nvidia driver 451.48 is still a problem after X-plane 11.50b13 (I have filed a bug report).

      1. Nvidia’s latest drivers fixed all of the stutters I was getting. Using MrX KBOS I get 22 FPS on the ramp in the Zibo 737. It was 4-9 FPS with 451.48. and XP 11.41… I have a 12 core cpu with x-plane on 10 cores, and a gtx 970 with 8 Gb RAM. There’s hope…. this was with 11.41…with .50b13 and the latest Nvidia updates …30-40 FPS running Vulkan

        But Ben and team…. the real sky has clouds man!…. if there is even the hint of a puff everything keels over…. 🙂 but much

  5. Just a quick heads up: b11 caused a kernel panic on a Macbook Pro with GT750M running macOS 11.0 Big Sur.
    b13 solved this issue. Problem is: Metal fps is about 60% of OpenGL.

    Microsoft has a lab with 5000 PCs in different hardware permutations where they test their crap. Just out of curiosity: What’s you guys Mac hardware pool (I don’t care about PCs).

    1. Since you’re on the Big Sur seeds (and they are _really early_) be sure to report this to _Apple_. I’m not convinced we “fixed” anything here.

      No one in the company uses NV hardware on OS X anymore – Apple hasn’t released an NV Mac since the 700 series and they’re so old and slow – we won’t want that kind of unproductivity from the team (e.g low fps, waiting for loads, having to run on low settings). We try to get the driver teams to run X-plane in their test harnesses – that gets us heavy coverage because they do have big labs full of machines.

      1. Ok will report this to Apple. Since this only occured in b11, do you have a stable link to a b11 demo download, or any other idea how they shall get a working binary?

        1. Unfortunately I have installed b13 over b11 so I can’t provide Apple with an installation. I will report the problem to them and tell them to contact Jennifer.

          PS: “save my name email..” still doesn’t work, in fact it never has. Safari.

  6. Lucky… that we have Laminar Research continuing to provide the best flight simulation experience in VR. I wake up in the morning to catch the sunrise using real time weather around my hometown, flying around the mountains near Los Angeles. These days, using custom ortho scenery and 3rd party clouds, the sim runs wonderful in VR with my i76700K and GTX1080. Since Vulkan, Xplane now feels like I’m playing with a million dollar simulator. Thanks to Laminar and the Flight sim Community!

    1. Which VR HMD you are using? On my Valve Index i am always get microstutters from 11.41 until now. My system is similar to yours (i7 6700 4.5 GHz, GTX 1080Ti, 32 GB).
      All settings have no sustainable effect (all settings i can imagine).

      On the other hand my Rift S always runs as smooth as butter.

      1. CV1 since day1… waiting for the next VR headset to come out.
        I also use 3rd party AutoLOD plugin to dynamically reduce object detail based on FPS. (Rendering Options V2)
        Plus, I can’t use my ZL17 Ortho, as my 1080 graphics card can barely keep up. Instead, I use 3rd party Forkboy Scenery (about ZL15) and can enjoy 45+FPS.

        1. Thanks a lot for your information! I deal with similar AddOns. My guess is, that Oculus driver is by far better than valves one.
          I have my heart to the Dev-Team to solve this difficult circumstances!

      2. @ChrisOak,

        I have roughly the same specs as you. My Rift S has stutters. The only way I’ve found to alleviate them is to force 30FPS in nVidia control panel and 30hz for Oculus ASW. Even then it’s hit and miss. When it works X-Plane is a pleasure to fly.

        1. I’m running a i7 9700k 16gb and 1080ti

          stutters have only been a problem for me at large airports like eham or egll, or if I’m at FL370 and I’m the area.. I’m confident there is something with in the default scenery it’s self causing it..

          I look away from the buildings and it’s smooth as silk in all directions…look at the airport buildings and it’s a total stutter fest in any settings..

          don’t see a massive hit on the profiler so why a huge loss of FPS on a few square buildings is confusing.. Most of the time in any other area I get 45 solid with no stutters at any alt.

          1. Hi. I myself fly around KVNY in the LA area.
            When taxing (KNVY is a custom scenery),
            I get lots of stutters, especially if the # of objects has been
            turned up more than 1/2 way.
            If I lower this than I get even smoother results
            on the ground. And as some have said, once I am
            airborne, stutters are essentially unnoticeable.

            I9-9900KF @ 5.0 Water cooled; FTW 1070 8GB
            SS@ 2.0-No AA Graphics set High (one notch lower)
            My 2 cents

  7. Hi!!

    Will there be any “art” updates for Xplane 11 soon?
    I mean art for some “minor” update that will improve a little bit the colors of the game that is now available or add new objects.


    1. Why not changing the default bitmaps for airport runways and similar? I always change them to a better resolution one’s. So I agree, it’s time for some “refresh” in X-Plane 11 core, without the need of installing many plugins.

  8. In graphics options there is a note that at least Win8 is required for Vulkan. Is Win8 officially supported for Vulkan or is it unofficial? In the announcement of Beta 1 only Win10 was mentioned.

      1. But worth noting…the whole internal Team is on Win 10. The whole industry is focused on Win 10. Win 8 is not Win 7 – it’s not EOL, but it’s going to be. If you are thinking “I have to update to a new OS to run Vulkan”, I would _not_ recommend picking the _oldest_ supported operating system…you’re going to end up in the “unloved area” in terms of test coverage in the future.

        1. Well, Win8.1 is still getting regular updates until 2023. Important software still supports 8.1.

          Does it mean that future XP11 updates could even break OpenGL?

          1. As a software author, from what they are telling you, you will NOT be doing yourself any favors by investing in Win 8. Win 8 was a mistake from the get-go. Please don’t make
            the same mistake, bro. 🙂 I know change sucks but you’ll end
            up with larger headaches down the road. Jump ship
            before it’s too late 🙂

  9. Nice work. What happens after Vulkan becomes finalised with 11.5? End of run and time for XP12? Or, more features added to the 11 run?

      1. So short summary what I heard in this interview:

        – Austin works hard to keep XPlane interfaces open, easy usable for XPl developers and keep hard to not change them these in time. And he is doing this without having time to check with third party developers work.

        Trying to develop airliner systems for XPL myself, I can tell you, that as Laminar never themself developed anything close to PMDG or Zibo level, Austin has probably very limited sight in what is needed for such complex aircraft development. Most of XPL plane systems are all or nothing – you can either use them as they are in very limited GA style, or use overrides and model systems from scratch completely. You may ask what is wrong about that? One such example is impossibility to set dependency between turboprops N1/N2/Power produced (same as is possible for jet engines) and Austin is not willing to change this (I know as I spent long time explaining this to him without success), therefore if you like to try to get your turboprop engine modeled correctly, you need to write WHOLE engine simulation from scratch, which is definitely not simple task. Austin position is, that XPL turboprop model works fine for PT6 engine and if you don’t like it, you can write your own model. So he will not make current turboprop model tunable by parameters in the same way like jet engines are. And this is not only one such example, there are many existing XPL systems, which could be very simply made more usable and expandable, if there will be more will to listen to developers needs. So that is IMHO not really developer oriented thinking.

        Also XPL interfaces tends to change or break without warning not often following backwards compatibility. Any sofisticated plane developer needs to adjust his work almost for each, even minor release of XPlane. Just check X-Plane.org aircraft development forum section. This combined with needs to write many aircraft systems simulation from scratch (see previous paragraph) often using undocumented XPL features and hacks) tends to increase probability, that next XPL release will break your work. So this Austin statement is again far from what I observe. The worst is, that I don’t thing Austin is aware of this, he probably really believe in what he says… 😮

        – Austin is under impression, that XPL with Vulkan can run on mid range PC with more than 100fps. That being true, it is only with graphic setting which makes it look same like 20year old FSX. Again I do not know if this is pure hype, or if Austin has only such limited view (which would be understendable as he is renesance man having his stakes in so many businesses).

        – Comming back to the original point, IMHO we shouldn’t expect further improvements in long standing XPL bugs and issues, many of them present from XPL10 (like strange shadows, terrible 2D clouds hitting hard fps, limited 3layer only weather system, outdated aircraft systems, contrails, etc). Personally I would expect one more minor patch release after 11.50, ending XPL11 tree at version 11.51. That will be understandable, as development costs a lot of money and XPL12 is obvious solution – and I have absolutely no problem with that. I can only hope, that it will be the version where these issues will be finally addressed, soon.

        Sorry for typos, writing long text from phone is never ideal. 🙂

  10. Hi,
    I filed a bug report with beta 11 for stuttering and “choppy” performance. This bug is still persistent in beta 13 with both Vulkan and OpenGL, and regardless of how low or high I set the Graphics settings. X-Plane 11.41 runs perfectly on the exact same system, with the exact same drivers (Nvidia driver 451.48). The problem got worse when I updated the Nvidia driver to 451.48, but it was noticeably present with the previous driver as well. In fact, I installed the new driver in the hope that it would resolve the problem, but instead, it got worse. Please let me know whether I should file the bug again for beta 13, or if my beta 11 bug report will suffice.

    Thank you.

    1. Revert back to the previous driver, I had the same issue in other games, massive frame drops and stuttering on a 2080ti, if you look at the nvidia forums, almost everyone is having is having problems with it. It’s designed for use with Windows 10 2004 May release where you get the option to turn on HAGS. My main PC isn’t yet compatible with it, so I can’t upgrade yet to test, so that might be the cause.

    2. This seems to be tied to anti aliasing use and 451.58 drivers. Rolling back or shutting off Anti Aliasing (FXAA or lower) will remove the issue. Still there on b13, will submit another bug report.

  11. Was very happy to discover AMD released a proprietary driver for their RX570 video card running under Linux Ubuntu 20.04. That driver installation finally allowed me to activate vulkan at beta 11… Great improvements with fps and stutters… Though I’m noticing a few quirks with add-on payware aircraft with sidebar menus not displaying properly, to the point of not being able to use the menus. Also, skunkcrafts updater is no longer working.
    Great strides forward overall. Very happy with the potential thus far!

  12. It’s getting better. But with Nvidia card, the FPS drops significantly when changing views. Then takes 4-5 seconds to get back up to where it should be. Temporary stutters issue. Can you take a look? Thanks.


    1. I permanently observe exactly the same behavior. FPS is high and all runs smooth when looking to the same direction all the time. When panning around the view – especially when using TrackIR, FPS rate drops significantly for a few seconds and then comes up again when maintaining the viewing direction. The more complex a scenery is, the longer it takes for the FPS come up again.

      This also happened in Beta 11.

      Marc Westhofen

      X-Plane 11.50 beta 13, Windows 10 Pro 64bit (1909) // Intel Core i7 9800x (OC 8x 4.8GHz) // ASUS RTX 2080ti (using the latest driver _before_ 451.58) // 32GB quad channel, 3000MHz

  13. Beta 11 was quite stable, beta 13 with more crashes fixed sounds awesome.
    Good work, thank you!

  14. Serious question time— I have been testing until now with all my 3rdparty scenery, plugins, and aircraft removed. Default scenery and laminar default aircraft. Are we at a point when I should be adding things back in (slowly?) and testing in that configuration?

  15. Does this update address the stuttering issues observed with the latest Nvidia drivers, based on WDDM 2.7?

  16. Unfortunately b13 is not the lucky number for me. I have been testing al releases from b1 thru b11, but this one immediately crashed.I deliberatly did not update the NVidea driver to 451.48 (still one 446.14) to make a fair comparison to B11, which was running great. In non-VR mode this runs great and I just tried to find the limits in VR. Of course you go over the limits some times, but I know where they are and how to watch the VRAM usage. After the first crash in b13 I set a lower Antialiasing level and this initially looked better. However I see a clear rise in VRAM usage, with exactly the same configuration. The stability is much less, same very strange errors occur. Especially switching to VR mode is very different. Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes it hangs, sometimes it crashes without any warning not even generating a crash report.

    I’m trying hard to reproduce the crashes with a report so I can file a bug and be able to give a description of the conditions when it happened.

    1. Maybe I was too soon to report about the stability of b13. When trying to reproduce the error conditions I noticed a high starting level of VRAM usage, even of system memory. Then I realized I hadn’t rebooted after the last crash (may have occurred multiple times). After I did I saw the normal condition (before starting X11 or anything else) of less than 0.5 GB dedicated GPU memory and 0 GB Shared GPU memory (Windows task manager, performance tab, GPU). With a saved scenario (just before crashing) en new scenarios that failed before there were no problems anymore. I see that all allocated resources are nicely returned to the system as maybe expected.

      I will continue to test this release and be aware of the starting conditions under all circumstances. Maybe b13 is the lucky release after all?

      Thanks for all the good work!

  17. I seem to be having an issue with the Nvidia drivers (451.48). Suddenly every couple of seconds the sim feels its catching up. choppy if you like. Windows mode slightly remedies, but doesnt remove completely.

    Averaging 90fps (wow, by the way!), but can see every couple of seconds it drops to 50, then straight back up. File a bug?

    1. Disable AA and it should go away. This popped up in the latest nvidia drivers and was an issue in b11 as well. Seems to be linked to clouds + AA settings greater than FXAA.

      With AA off, I can fly in any conditions, no issues.

      I Would file a bug report as well for this.

  18. With the limited GPU’s available on the Mac side, the only reasonable chance for us boosting FPS on a 3 monitor setup is to add a second GPU to the mix. Is there any chance of Multi-GPU rendering (with one cpu) under XP12?

  19. Hi Guys,

    I just installed the new beta version, I purchased X-Plane 11 today, I was using the demo.

    With the demo mi FPS were 22-24 in very low settings.

    I couldn’t wait and I installed the new beta version, my FPS changed dramatically from 24 with ultra low settings to more than 35 with ultra high settings.

    I am Mac user with the following rig:
    MacBook Pro 2018 15” Touch Bar (i7, 16GB RAM) + eGPU Radeon RX 580 (8GB)

    Amazing improvement, what a wonderful achievement guys.


  20. Thanks for the update,

    I have noticed a little bug with some lighting… if I switch the panel lighting on with the Carenado Falcon 50 i go from 45 FPS solid to 17 with super stuttters, switch the panel light off and FPS back at 45 solid.. I have noticed in some airports in the Day the FPS are good but in some directions day or night its extreamly choppy in 2 Key areas.. EHAM and EGLL would this drop in FPS be linked to the stutters like somthign in locaing in the scenery to cause a conflict?

    1. I think this is a known issue with the Falcon 50 itself. I seem to recall having that problem in earlier versions, too.

      1. Thanks Stephen, wasn’t sure if the light fps issue was connected to anything internal with in XP11.. but good to hear this bug isn’t just with me 🙂

  21. I also am having horrible stuttering issues on Nvidia driver 451.48. I’m gonna try to revert to the previous version. I usually don’t have problems with Nvidia drivers, but it is apparently a huge problem this time around. Glad to hear it’s not just me!

  22. Hello, I have a similar experience to Jelle above: unfortunately I have moved to the latest NVIDIA .48 and perhaps this clouds the like-for-like.
    Bottome line is that I am now unable to use VR, X-plane dropped back to OpenGL, and in the few times that X-Plane makes it all the way through to opening, it crashes consistently every time I click on Settings in an attempt to go to VR / change graphics settings / switch to Vulkan.
    I prefer not to mess with NVIDIA drivers now and do too many IT experiments. If I can’t make b13 work today then I’ll revert to the non-beta latest.
    One question to all: all my crashes are resulting in an auto-crash-report to LR; does that mean that I do not need to submit any kind of bug report?

    1. Yes. The auto crash reports provide us all the info we need on crashes in the vast majority of cases. No additional bug report is needed.

  23. Hi! Just a question regarding the future of X-Plane 11.

    Are we getting more updates after 11.50? Is this beta the last update then 11.50 will be out of beta? Is this the final update?

  24. Still experiencing sim crashes during icon regeneration, with default b13 installation (no addons). Bug report submitted. I seem to be the only one having this issue, or not? The rest of the sim is spot on. Great work LR.

    1. We have seen this as well but it seems to be entirely random in my testing thus far.

  25. X-Plane 1150b13 launches lightning fast on my iMac i9/VEGA48, frame rates are really very good, no stutters, not a single crash during a number of flight. What a great release, congratulations to the team!

  26. Hello not sure this is a bug as i’m not sure it has happened to others but i downloaded the new nvidia driver which is 451.58 and now my x plane closes when i try to open it any fix will be appreciated or if anyone else has a similar problem thanks.

    1. did you try removing your output/preferences then restarting XP? this fixes any loading issues for me..

      1. It loads now thanks for the reply but crashes mid flight shortly after takeoff and my frames rapidly change ill be at 40 then down to 18 and back to 30 causing my camera to glitch all this only happened after i updated my driver.

  27. From the last Beta-11 to Beta-13 I am noticing that the frame rate drops upto quite a good amount while I am inside the cockpit. Whereas in previous Beta-Updates I saw good frame rates while in Cockpit whereas from B-11 the frame rate inside cockpit dropped not just for Default Aircrafts but for other addon Aircrafts also. I play X Plane 11 in my laptop with 16Gb Ram and with 2Gb Nvidia GeForce Mx110 also Intet core i5.
    Is this a bug? I am really confused as the frame rate increases notably while I just move out from cockpit view.

  28. Hmm, zillions of different configurations, and drivers to potentially cause issues and need to be taken into account, for sure must to be a nightmare for developers.

    I’m on a i7-4770k+16GB RAM+GTX1080+WIN10, and I’ve only noticed XP Vulkan running more smoothly and improving with every new beta I loaded.
    Now on b13 I’m enjoying 40-60FPS almost everywhere, even with the ZIBO. The scenery is sharp, there are no glitches anymore on the far horizon, and it runs so buttery smooth without any FPS hickups, it’s almost unreal for a flight sim.

    If it wasn’t for the redrawing of the clouds, I could at times almost forget, I’m in front of a PC 😀

  29. First, Thanks to the update. But still a problem with the latest driver from Nvidia.

    Best Regards

  30. Jenn

    I filed a bug for some issue I found. Is there anyway to go back to the bug and add additional info in your bug tracking system?

  31. Loving the Vulcan! However, I’m having no luck flying at night. I have lots of orbx and The TBM 900. As soon as the sun sets X-Plane crashes. Adjusting the time manually to go past sunset results in a crash. Cannot even start a flight after sundown. Same location in the daylight hours, regardless of acft selected, and X-Plane is awesome. On a clean install with no addon scenery or acft and the problem doesn’t exist. Also, in Nvidia settings I have frame rate capped at 40fps and I can max most sliders with a solid 38-40 fps and absolutely zero stutters.

    1. I had exactly the same issue with night flying. I tried the “verify the integrity of game files” option in steam and I could fly at night again.

      Hope that helps..

  32. Is there a current known issue affecting internal dynamic / directional lights? Several 3rd party models no longer have done / flood lights. Is there anything users can do to correct this?



  33. Hi can I ask when the ‘Known Addon Issues’ list will be updated. E.g. I’ve been flying the Toliss A321 through the 11.50 betas up to and including b13 and found no issues with it. Thanks.

    1. The Toliss A321 seems my most stable aircraft so far yes. The flight factor A350 seems to crash after about a hour or 22 now, might be all the background scripts it runs compared to the Toliss aircraft.

  34. Flew from the german island of Helgoland to Hamburg with real world weather conditions and Payware Cessna 172 from Alabeo. Frames were generally between 30 to 40fps, however upon nearingthe mainland, I experienced pauses of between 3 to 5 seconds. No CTD but obviously a bit annoying. Otherwise happy with 11.50b13.

  35. You guys are doing awesome. I excited to see what the post 11.50 graphics prettifying turns out to be. I won’t pester you for a preview post, even though I *really want to* 🙂

  36. I am experiencing unrealistic variable winds causing turbulence during approach in every of my flight. I fly majorly in African airspace and I’ve been experiencing this issue at different airports during approach. Anything from 1,500ft down to 300ft will always be some strong unrealistic winds coming out of nowhere and pushing and turning the aircraft away after been established. At first I thought it was some issues with my controls but even when I allowed the A/P to fly the approach, same thing happened. This started ever since B10 came out. I experienced this at GMMN, GLRB and DNMM. These are the regular airports I fly in to. This is a link matching the exact description of what I’m facing //forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/155595-variable-winds-turbulence-problems/&

      1. No I don’t. Found out this issue is caused by XPrealistic add on. Solved now. Thanks.

  37. Hello Laminar team, Not sure how to report this – maybe you can provide guidance?

    One thing that is happening with the last few Beta’s are when I have Vulkan/Metal clicked, when the sim loads, my frame rates are extremely low (less than 1fps). Not sure whats going on. I pause the sim and simply un-check Vulkan, restart XP and my FPS jumps right back to “my normal” (roughly 22-25fps). I’ve even let it sit for 20-30 minutes, and nothing.

    I have also attempted to drop all of the settings to minimum and still the same issue.

    I’ve read the different bugs, comments, etc., and haven’t come across anyone else experiencing this. From what I can recall, this has been happening since 11.50b8 or 9.

    Any assistance would be helpful.

    1. Please file a bug. We don’t have bandwidth to respond to every bug filed but we have a pretty efficient procedure to collect detailed data – that starts with a bug report.

  38. completed a test flight on B13. smooth with a few stutters here n there but mostly smooth on departure and cruse but a complete stutter fest on ILS 02 LFPO.

    All defult scenery, no mods only Lua for the OVR hack

    i7 9700K at 4.9
    16gb 3600
    rift S

  39. Cloud shadows do not flicker anymore for me :). Not sure which version fixed that though. Good job!

  40. My flight was coming to the end when X-Plane crashed for no apparent reason (probably because of number 13). Bug (crash) report filed.

    It looks like new versions crash more and more on the Mac. And crashes become more and more random. It never happened with early beta versions. In fact, only when using b11 I first saw what a crash looked like. I expected newer versions to become more stable but exactly the opposite is happening. Sad.

    Rolling back to b11. At least, its crashes are predictable and avoidable.

    1. I’m having the same issue. I can program a flight, takeoff, cruise, and about it crashes as im starting my approach/landing. I reverted back to opengl and I havent had that issue. Beta 9 seemed to be the most stable for me.

  41. Filed another bug report for the “rubber band” or massive stutter issue on the latest Nvidia drivers with AA above FXAA + Clouds.
    Very easy to reproduce. Enable AA to FXAA+ and Fly into cloudy weather. That’s it. Dropping AA to FXAA or off removes the issue. Flying with AA Above FXAA in Cirus conditions removes the issue. Firmly tied to Vulcan 1.2x in the latest drivers.

    1. Thanks, I have the same issue with the latest NVIDIA driver. Rolled back to version 445.87 for the time beeing. Lower frame rate at all but without the massive stutter effect which makes flying unpossible.

    1. We are never moving to an industry standard like glTF because X-Plane’s OBJ8 is an in-game format, and glTF is meant as an interchange format. What we do is extremely typical of 3-d engines: we _export_ to our final format which is saved in some manner targeting only our engine. We have ideas for a 3-d format beyond OBJ8, but it will be a proprietary _export_ format targeting X-Plane.

  42. FPS Display Inside VR.

    Is it possible to add an option to display FPS and other flying telemetries while flying in VR?

    Thank you for making Vulkan a reality…

    1. I recommend buying fpsVR in the meantime. It’s very useful for any VR application, not just XP.

  43. Hey,

    Sometimes the game does not recognize the Vulkan, but sometimes it does. I am not sure why this transition works time to time. Is there a way to fix this issue ?


  44. I had a CTD issue after updating to 11.50b13 when opening the settings UI. Didn’t realise this machine had an older nvidia driver (432.00). Updating to 446.14 fixed the issue.

  45. I’ve been looking at the Microprofiler and noticed that “App Update” is the only thing happening for about 80% of the frame. Is there any more detail to what App Update is?

  46. Any chance the next X-Plane will be published on the Epic Games Store instead of Steam? Their 12% revenue cut instead of Steam’s 30% would benefit both Laminar and third-party developers.

  47. Hi all.

    I don’t know if this is a bug or not. It seems that my head is locked in place when in VR. I can look around turning my head but I can’t lean my head to any direction. Like if I want to put my head out of the window I can’t. What should I do?

    1. Hello Carlos, I also had this issue for quite some time. What fixed it for me was to use a different usb port. I haven’t had the issue since (knock on wood). Hope this helps you and maybe others.

    2. I have that with WMR (Reverb)as well, but easiest solution is to recenter in seating position in the Windows VR center. ( you can do this with X-Plane still running).
      You will probably be too high when you switch back to Xplane, but then recenter in Xplane and good to go.

      I think it’s a spacial referencing point issue where it can’t measure/calculate from origin just side to side. Reset it and it should work.

    3. That is definitely odd. What VR headset are you using? I have no trouble moving my head around in a 3D space (not just turning my head, but leaning it as well as you described) so I think this may be related to your headset or the way it is implemented in X-Plane. I’m using an Oculus Rift S (was using the original Rift until it died recently) and in either case have not had this issue. Are you running a different headset that requires SteamVR to support it in XP?

      1. Hi Stephen.

        I’m using a Samsung Odyssey WMR (the first version) and it does uses SteamVR.

    4. I have no such problem in Steam VR. What you describe is a symptom of your headset having no outside tracking and just relying in its internal orientation data.

  48. On the latest nvidia driver there is stuttering where the camera jumps places, but its running at 70 fps

    1. I’ve noticed the same thing. In the last version of the beta, I didn’t have this issue. upon updating the camera is really jumpy when panning around the cockpit yet I’m stable at 60FPS

  49. Stuttering/ Fluctuating FPS issue persisted on my system since B11.
    Jeniffer asked to run test but there is no feedback whatsoever

    There are numerous reports of this behaviour but it does not seem to be an acknowledgement of this issue.

    best, Dan

    1. Hi Daniel,
      You should probably back to 11.41. I have deleted your post not because of the extremely grumpy message, but because of language. Here’s the thing: we have lot of people using the beta, most don’t crash, and a few do. But the crashes aren’t distributed randomly, and if your crash bug is the last to be fixed, you’ll just be stuck crashing for the entire beta.

      So if you are like “I don’t want to fly a sim that crashes because it’s miserable” – that’s _perfectly reasonable_ – but it means you should go back to 11.41. It is unrealistic to expect that your crash will be fixed in any particular time frame – we just can’t make that guarantee during a beta

  50. Just tried 11.50b14, no info about it here being released though. Unfortunately my system is now not coping with the rendering settings that i kept from b13. There is just the message telling me that my rendering settings are too high and then I get a CTD. Help!!!..:-)

      1. I think going forward I’ll probably at least wait for the blog post to drop 🙂 and even then maybe one more day

  51. Waaaaooo,
    I am amiced. I have 80fps in avarage. Even with the new Nvidia driver (and yes, Nvidia came out with a new driver today).
    It is silky smooth.
    Well done LR.

  52. Hat’s off to the dev team.
    After plenty of crashes during the early Beta’s [Vulkan_Device_Lost] error, the current [Beta 13] is my lucky charm and working great. Also [not sure whether coincidental or not], but since the server issue that was discovered a while back [not updating the correct scenery files if I’m correct], my frame-rate has gone through the roof.
    AMD RX5700XT 8GB on Vulkan [steroids] has gone from 15-20fps to 70fps++.
    I’ve even maxed out two more settings.

    Everything is certainly heading in the right direction. I’m currently on the runway at Princess Juliana on a 747-400 at 78fps. If I change to the Cesna, then the FPS goes to 120+ – quite amazing and the sort of result expected with the power of the rig.

    I see another update is out but I’m not updating anything as yet – this is working great!

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X [12 cores at 4300MHz]
    RAM: Teamgroup/Samsung 32Gb 3600 DDR4
    GPU: AMD RX5700XT – 8GB
    SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB
    MOBO: Asus ROG Strix X570F

    Best – Steve

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