X-Plane 11.52r1 is now available & release notes are here. Steam will update automatically if you’re in the proper beta channel; Laminar Research customers will need to run the installer to check for the new beta.

We cut this release primarily to fix our number 1 auto crash report issue, which is a crash in the networking code. We do not yet have a fix for the G2 controllers–that should be next.

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Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

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  1. I understand the need to fix crashes as fast as possible – but as a G2 user I am really disappointed that the fix isn´t in this. It has been almost two months since Ben wrote:

    “Thanks to the users who filed bugs (especially Bill), we now understand the issues with the HP Reverb G2, but the fix is not in 11.51r1”

    Two months were I could basically not use the G2 in X-Plane after specifically buying it for that purpose. A lot of users are impatiently waiting for compatibility with one of the most popular and best headsets available these days.

    1. Agreed. I emailed Jen who let me know there’s no test build, which Ben indicated 2 months ago that they identified the issue and to reach out if you are a G2 owner to potentially have a text build sent to you. Radio silence from the devs on this since.

      1. It says in this very post “We do not yet have a fix for the G2 controllers–that should be next.” That’s kind of the opposite of “radio silence”.

  2. Good morning
    Would it be possible to make a video about how the LIT works?
    All my corrections are done with AC3D.
    Thank you and Happy New Year 2021

  3. Note that I had to check the beta box to get it. Yet, it is “numbered” as a release, not the way you have labeled betas in the past.

  4. Thought you aught to know that I looked at the contrails (XPD 7871) from all angles during a flight recently. If you look at them from below – i.e. where most of us see the in real life – they actually look white!
    Perhaps this “bug” that has been around for yonks is not in fact a bug after all?

    1. Pretty sure this is a particle lighting bug. They are set dark in the particle system because if they are set to white they glow in the dark. There is a workaround using white particles in the day and dark after the sun sets, but ideally they should be lit properly at all times of the day.

      1. That’s a good explanation. When not reflecting, the colour of the particles shold probably not depend on the time of day, but on the view direction relative to the lights. That is (for contrails) use a white reflecting reference sphere to get the brightness for a specific view direction, then fake the colour of the particles to that.
        However I’m unsure whether that is possible efficiently.

  5. The last release was very stable. After running this build, I am getting a lot of crashes to desktop when I change aircraft or airports, fyi.

    1. File auto crash reports if the form comes up! Include your email address if you’d like us to be able to confirm we have yours specifically.

  6. Is there a way to go back to beta 1 or at least try beta 2? Since at least beta 3 the fps is terrible on the mac side. Really unusable as it stands right now.

    1. R1 is the only version of 11.52 we have released. It is a very small, tactical patch to fix the networking crash.

      1. Could be a reason vatsim keeps crashing in vulcan as my set up in 100% stable without running it, I don’t have a lot of plugins or anything that could affect xpilot it’s self

  7. Any progress with AMD on the following two bugs. The flashing of the screen has been an interesting flying experience. 🙂

    XPD-10709, XPD-10868 Plugin OpenGL drawing artifacts under Windows with Vulkan on AMD GPUs.

  8. A general question of curiosity:
    What are the conditions when the crash reporter does not pop up after X-Plane had crashed?
    Also: I have another application that pops up a problem reporter when the application has a slow response time. Most of the time it’s just due to heavy disk reading, and kind of false alert, but I wonder whether duch a tool could be useful for X-Plane as well.

  9. To those who have issues with XP betas, I recommend doing what I do, which is to make a backup of your system BEFORE you run the XP installer. If you encounter issues, note exactly what you did, restore from your backup, and try the same exact sequence again. Can you repeat the issue with the older version of XP? Reinstall the new XP beta and try again. Can you repeat the issue with the newer version of XP? Report results to Laminar Research.

  10. Don’t know whether this is appropriate at this point, but

    Where are we with the updating of mac OS to Big Sur with Plane 11.52. after we were told in November (!) to wait a few days?

  11. I would like to echo my disappointment that 2 months after the release of the Reverb G2 and more than 6 months after I reported the issue of the CTD when you press the WMR button on the Reverb hand controller neither issue has been addressed.

    One of the things that keeps x-plane ahead of MSFS is its excellent VR utilization. The G2 is the premium headset for now. When are we going to see these issues finally addressed?

    1. I’m thinking the CTD when the WMR button is pressed is a steam vr bug as it happens with other games as well. I wish we could use WMR alone in XP11 as there would be no more CTD when the WMR button is pressed. Or the other thing, when you leave vr enabled and take off the headset during a flight to visit the lav, steam vr “times out” I guess and closes and takes XP11 down with it. That’s my favorite.

  12. Still the same old problems, lots of stutters , clouds deffo make things worse.. be nice to see a change from stutter plane to xplane

    1. For me the stutter problem was caused by the newest windows 10 update(somewhere start of dec 2020) rolled back to the previous windows and the problem was solved.

      Not sure if xplane solved it already ….

  13. Is the new sr22 from mobile coming to x plane 11 on desktop? It just released on mobile. And I wondered is it is planned to come to desktop.

  14. For those who are still getting stutters and tears please try these tips. I was getting really bad stutters with the 2d and VR environment using a hp reverb g2. These 4 things have really helped in xplane.

    1. When using VR try and disable the virtual monitors in with a reg key. this made a huge difference in performance. example is seen here:

    2. Uninstall the geforce experience tool. I found this also slowed things down with the overlay/streaming options

    3. Disable or uninstall the xbox live features and overlays in windows. This made a difference as well

    4. play around with your nvidia drivers. in my case i had to roll back to earlier version that were more stable.

    5. try turning off superfetch and prefetch in the registry and turn off the sysmain service.

    Xplane has been running really well since then applying those changes.

  15. i am a oculus vr user.
    suddenly stutters were back again after a huge windows 10
    update, end of nov/start dec 2020.
    (even with all graphic settings to min.)
    rolled back windows 10 update to previous one and all back to normal.

    second I did was rolled back nvidea driver to 442.59.
    that gave me a 10% fps increase.

    both, thanks to a helpful forum member (after reading 99% of nonsens….)


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