Beta 5 of X-Plane 12 Early Access is available on Steam & through the Laminar Research installer. You should be prompted to auto update the next time you launch the sim, if you haven’t already. Here is a link to Early Access release notes.

This build contains a fix for the crash at start many of you reported in beta 4. So again, if you are still seeing it, let us know by filing or re-filing a bug. Windows users should include their email in the crash report so we can find your specific crash. Mac users should send the Apple crash log with their report. We are actively working on restoring auto crash reporting on Linux.

We’ve heard a lot of reports that Steam users on Linux have been unable to launch the sim since beta 4, and beta 5 is no different unfortunately. We are investigating with Steam now.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

10 comments on “X-Plane 12.00b5 Released

  1. How does an airport developer get access to WED 2.5? I’d like to upgrade my Beaver Creek airport, among others, to XP12. Or should we be using WED 2.4r2 for now?

    1. Probably best to ask on the X-Plane scenery forum, but from what I’ve read there, my understanding is that WED 2.5 is intentionally not available yet because the library resources for X-Plane 12 haven’t been finalized yet. For example, there are some assets in the library that are currently publicly available but will be locked down or changed at a later date. The recommendation IIUC is to stay with WED 2.4r2 and not use X-Plane 12 assets or features for now. (Tried to find the post where I read this but unfortunately couldn’t locate it.)

  2. You’re doing a great job, but I still have pink rendering errors in beta5, but sometimes it doesn’t happen, and that may not happen occasionally, but changing the perspective and cutting a background will still find a pink rendering bug, and I hope the official can solve this problem quickly, because I really want to play this great work, and my graphics card is GTX960 4G I hope the official can give a solution thank you

  3. Hi,
    Is there a tentative timeline by which the launching on Linux issue is expected to be resolved for Steam users?

  4. Hi Jennifer
    Topic: Early Access:
    Master-external visual networking

    I’m still flying X-Plane 12b4, beta 5 locks up External Visuals. I’m in touch with at least 5 other Full Sim Cockpit that rely on Master-External Visuals. All of them have the same BUG in beta 5. We’ve all sent in Bug reports. I’ve purchased 4 copies of X-Plane 12 to operate my Full-Sim Cockpit which is unusable with the present beta 5. Can at least a temporary fix be instituted so we can fly again. Thanks for your help.


      1. Thanks for the update. Beta 6 still crashes my External Visuals and has floating airport vehicles. I’m able to fly in beta 4.

  5. Hi,

    I’m apprecciating the great work of Austin and his team since the very first version of X-Plane.
    I think the “Recommendet Hardware Requirements” for “Apple Silicon” needs to have some detailed specification

    It seemes to me that b05 had been slightly improved. But overall I can’t achieve a satisfactory graphics setup, which could at least compete with XP11 on a Mac mini M1 with 16GB RAM. It is impossible to geht a solid and stable frame rate of at least 20 FPS for most – if not all – aircrafts, which for me is crucial.

    I think the Hardware Requirements for Apple Silicon needs some more precisely differentiation or maybe more precise definition of minimum performance in respect to the “Hardware Requerements”.

    1. Please keep in mind we have not all the “belt tightening” we intend to do for performance.

  6. I know there has been a lot of debate on the forums about turbulence. I fly GA, and honestly, even when live weather is a light breeze, 2-4 mph winds, the “mild” turbulence bounces the plane like a kite in a storm. Also, I don’t know if it is a bug or by design, but even regular breaking can get the vision jet to pop a wheelie at slow speed because it nose dives so hard on the taxiway. Overall though, the simulator is looking good. Graphics are improved, the updates to the vision jet are nice. (Although still doesn’t hit its real top speed) and the look of all the planes are overall excellent.

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