Beta 6 of X-Plane 12 Early Access is available on Steam & through the Laminar Research installer. You should be prompted to auto update the next time you launch the sim, if you haven’t already. Here is a link to Early Access release notes.

This version should fix the problems launching via Steam on Linux. It also has more fixes for magenta NaNs, so hopefully there is more or widespread relief on that front.

We’ve heard multiple reports about external visual networking being broken since beta 4, and we are currently investigating.

Finally, X-Plane 12.00 beta 6 includes internal changes to support the .ktx2 texture format. We are working on tools and documentation to go with these engine changes, and will post detailed information on how to use .ktx2 once the specs and tools are complete.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

22 comments on “X-Plane 12.00b6 Out Now

  1. Hello Jennifer. I submitted a bug some time ago concerning an issue where the Bug Reporting form for desktop failing to send attached Log.txt files of any size. Error displayed indicates ‘no Log.txt file attached.’ There are several complaints about this on the forums. Will this get fixed anytime soon?

    1. Hi, We can no longer reproduce this issue. I just tried a test bug report with a log.txt and was able to submit it successfully, both with the confirmation on the web page, and with an email in our inbox.

  2. Magenta no longer shows up on aircraft or scenery, but random boxes show at top of screen. Almost there.
    Frame rates are better than X plane 11.55 and no shuddering. Nice work. Looking forward to the next beta release.

    1. On a RTX3090 and triple 4K screens I got 17fps in XP12b6 compared to 32fps on XP11.55. So, for me XP12 is still not playable at this time.

      1. I don’t know if you will ever see 32fps on x plane 12 with the setup you have, but you could sell your RTX 3090 and buy a RTX 4090. I wish someone would benchmark an RTX 4090 with X plane 12 to see if their is a significant change in performance. My system is an rx 6700 xt and a ryzen 5800x at 1440p one 4k tv 45fps + all settings maxed out.

  3. YAY b6 has rid me of Magenta “blues” -GTX 970. Well done ! Still have very low res on draped surface signs, airport lines and facades though (GTX 970 with 4G mem)

  4. Hi! There is an issue (bug) related to having too much wing flex in particular with large airliners (737, 767, A330). This started occurring since the B6 update. Can you please look at this. Thank you

  5. The distinct lines between grass and tarmac reduce visual immersion to the days of polygon-based graphics, which is a visual irritation rather than a bug.
    It’s inconvenient to have a slick surface with water pods, just to have it suddenly cut thin into hazy non-3D grass.

    or rather expressed…

    The clear-cut lines between grass and tarmac are reverting the visual immersion to the days of polygon-based graphics, which is a visual annoyance, not a bug.
    It’s inconvenient to have a shiny surface with water pods, then suddenly cut it thin into blurry non-3D grass. Making it appear to be cut paper works.

    Great improvements overall over XP11.5

  6. Wingflex is excessive after B6, the wings on the 737 for example looks like a 787, I have reported the bug

  7. Hi there,
    It would help if you guys could elaborate a bit on what ktx2 means with respect to eventual performance gains. Also does this only affect aircraft textures or all 3d objects? Maybe even Ortho‘s?

  8. On my machine I can run x-plane 12 with all sliders to maximum values and sim looks brilliant in high fps rates. But vr (I use hp reverb g2) will always crash the system. My hope to get excellent vr operation was faded away. the more updates the less vr was working. Bug reports and correspondence are done. I hope for the next update.

    1. What operation system / version are you using? I have the same headset; I had an issue with the latest build of Windows 11 really hurting VR performance, and not just in xplane. If you’re in the same boat, try this – it fixed things for me:

      Go to Computer Management → System Tools → Performance → Data Collector Sets → Event Trace Sessions. In this list, find HolographicShell, right click, and choose ‘Stop’.

  9. Why was the ability to tune Artificial Stability constants in the sim removed for version 12? It’s tedious having to shut down X-Plane, go into Plane-Maker just to make a small tweak, and then restart X-Plane to test it.
    Not really a bug, it’s a design change I don’t like. (Where do I report those?)

    1. Report them the same way you report any bug. Submit pretty much any feedback on the sim, Plane Maker, or Airfoil Maker through the bug report form.

    2. Use the DataRefTool to tweak the Artificial Stability constants. Then if you found the values that you want, set them in Plane Maker one final time.

  10. Can you please look into issues with the new Bug report submission page.
    I’m unable to attach additional files except for the log.txt. Pngs and jpgs are grey out when trying to attach them with the additional files buttons. Also once I hit “send”, the browser stays on the submission page instead of showing the bug summary page, so I’m not sure my submission went through.


  11. please please please Fix VR, so much shimmering and the clouds flicker unless set to max witch kills my FPS. feel like we have taken a huge step backwards and introduced so many to this sim when XP only just started to work correctly 🙁

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