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X-Plane Hangs on Start with NVidia Cards

We've received a number of reports over the last month of X-Plane hanging on startup with NVidia graphics cards on Windows.  Most users don't see this, but some do.  We fixed one use of off-screen rendering in X-Plane 9.67 and … Continue reading

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Multicore and Version 10

Over the last two years, we've been working on the X-Plane rendering engine, setting up the code to take advantage of multiple cores when possible. Most of these changes are in X-Plane 9 already: multi-core creation of 3-d scenery, multi-core … Continue reading

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An Older Build for Regression Testing

I'm never thrilled about posting bug-swatting info on this blog; the blog is (among other things) a temporal snapshot of what's going on in X-Plane, as well as an archive; it's my hope that we'll get this problem sorted out … Continue reading

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64-Bit? It’s On the Radar

I've been working on road processing today; one of the tricky problems with OSM data is that, because an OSM map is often a collection of vectors from separate authors, the results can be a huge number of very small … Continue reading

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DDS Has No Gamma (Which is Very Sad)

A few years ago I blogged about gamma correction for png files. Here's the very, very short version: PC and Mac monitors are calibrated differently. Dark tones on a PC appear darker than on a Mac. The curve of how … Continue reading

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Where Has All My VRAM Gone?

In the past I have suggested that there is a limit to the value of additional VRAM when buying a graphics card. When I posted this, Nicholas from the org emailed me to point out that with third party add-ons … Continue reading

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Ray Tracing is the Technology of the Future…

...and it always will be! Seriously, first, let's be clear: my opinions do not matter! X-Plane is a small program in a large market (game/graphics hardware) and as I've said before, flight simulators are not the early adopters of new … Continue reading

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Ray Tracing: Shoot Before You Fly

I'll take a break from iPad drivel for a few posts; at least one or two of you don't already own one. (Seriously, it's simply easier to blog about X-Plane for iPad because it is already released; a lot of … Continue reading

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New Toys

This isn't supposed to be a coding blog, but users do ask about DirectX vs. OpenGL, or sometimes start fights in the forums about which is better (and yes, my dad can beat up your dad!). In past posts I … Continue reading

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X-Plane Is An All You Can Eat Buffet

I have blogged in the past regarding the rendering settings in X-Plane, but this seems to come up periodically, so here we go again. Invariably someone asks the question: "what computer do I have to buy to run X-Plane with … Continue reading

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