I realize this blog post will probably just inflame a bunch of email about how the scenery tools aren’t available yet, but I’ll answer the question and take the flames, because it’s a fair criticism and scenery tools are a fair feature request.

The long term direction of scenery tools is this:

  • Scenery tools will be separate from the X-Plane distribution, free, and open source. (This separation allows us to post scenery tool source without posting X-Plane source, and to use GPL code in the scenery tools.)
  • A few very basic editing functions (like adding nav-aids) are integrated into the sim to allow instructors to correct nav data during a training session.
  • WorldMaker therefore is no longer a scenery editor at all.

So why haven’t we killed it? We’ve been tempted to. But it will serve a long term purpose in the scenery tools ecosystem: it will be a small-footprint 3-d scenery previewer.

Because the scenery tools don’t use X-Plane code, the scenery tools will have two limits to their previewing capabilities:

  1. There is always the risk that with different code, the tools will preview scenery differently from X-Plane’s final render.
  2. Because the scenery tools don’t use X-Plane’s renderer, we basically have to rewrite viewing code in the scenery tools from scratch. That’s a lot of code, so for a while the preview in the tools will be limited.

Running X-Plane and the scenery tools at the same time isn’t a great option – since X-Plane loads a lot of scenery, and a weather model, and a plane, and then tries to run at max fps, it tends to be a bit of a pig in terms of system resources. WorldMaker will be a viewer that can reload your scenery quickly so you can have a 3-d view of what your end result will look like that will match X-Plane.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

3 comments on “So Why is WorldMaker Still Around?

  1. I don’t understand when it will be possible to edit the scenery and modify for example roads that are incorrectly floating on the geneva lake

  2. Forgive me if I’ve posted at the wrong place: Am I to assume then: Flying on the latest, greatest version of X-Plane, that I can’t remove that silly looking blue train on the approach to 16R at Van Nuys Airport? In addition, I have two terminal buildings at LAX, one larger than the other. My assumption is that I have two different custom scenery packages. How would I get rid of a custom scenery package and allow the default XP scenery to replace it. It seems I’ve tried re-sintalling and I had the same scenery come up (I’m certain it’s me doing something wrong). So I’m not crazy, it’s not as easy to change scenery, remove or add objects as it was in earlier versions. Thanks in advance for your help whether you can answer me or redirect me. I will start reading the voluminous content on this site and I can see I will pick up major league pointers.

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