It shipped! X-Plane Mobile is now available for Android phones – look in the Android market under “X-Plane 9”.

Edit: Chris sent me this QR Code – scan it to go to the store listing.

Edit: if you either cannot see X-Plane in the Android market or you cannot download it, please first look here for trouble-shooting tips, then contact customer support (info at x-plane dot com). Please do not use the comments section of this blog for customer support; if you need help we will need to contact you one-to-one.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

14 comments on “X-Plane 9 is here for Android

  1. Naw, it's not that at all. The Android port has been almost entirely 'in the can' for a while, so it's a shame not to ship what you've already put work into!!

    XP10 is happening now, literally, as I type.

  2. i aprreciate for your time and attention to answer
    by "xp10 is happening now" you mean that it's being coded, compiled, tested, finised or released?

  3. LOL when I wrote that, Austin was coding on it, I was running it (and my GeForce 8800 sounded like it was going to pull a "Rolls Royce" and throw a fan blade) and Chris was probably collapsed over in exhaustion.

    To clarify: XP10 development is happening now.

  4. Finally! But I tried to install (buy), and it fails with "not enough storage space on device" 🙁

    31.81 MB is to much for the average android device that is actually used by it's owner (not fresh out of the factory)

    Wouldn't it be better to have a smaller app to install that would later download content files to the SD?

  5. Ok I read the wiki about the ARM V7 minimal processor. I have a Xperia X10 and X-plane is still not visible on the market. You should remove this limitation. If someone download the application and his phone is to slow, he just trash it.

  6. Delighted to have this available – it was the game that I missed most on my Android device. Purchased it already, and have been enjoying it!

  7. Hi y'all,

    For those who haven't seen it:


    Dan31, we will not set the system requirements for X-Plane to be below the system requirements for X-Plane. If your phone doesn't have arm7a, X-Plane will crash 100% of the time. Other apps on the Android market have simply left the requirements 'open', and the result is clear: massive user unhapppiness, bad reviews and ratings, user backlash.

    With the 15-minute return policy having incorrect minimum requirements would be an even worse move; most users won't be able to download and discover the problem before their return time is up.

    Please email with your phone info; according to Wikipedia, your phone has a Snap-Dragon chip, which meets minimums. This means that the most likely cause is your phone incorrectly reporting its caps to the marketplace. We can collect your full phone info and get it directly to Google to get the OS build fixed.


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