As some have noticed on the org and on FaceBook, Randy mentioned that we may be able to ship X-Plane Mobile for Android. Some users were quite befuddled to learn that we were aiming to ship X-Plane Mobile for Android so soon when X-Plane 10 is delayed. Here’s the full story.

Chris, the third and most recent addition to the X-Plane programming team, began a port of X-Plane Mobile to Android a while ago; this was the second port of X-Plane Mobile after our port to Palm WebOS. He was able to accomplish most of the port fairly quickly; hence the video floating around the web of X-Plane on a Nexus One back in May.

Unfortunately we ran into some issues that stopped ship; it looks like Google may have them fixed shortly, hence our hope of finally shipping the app. So while Chris has spent a little bit of time recently working on the last few Android issues, our hope is to release a product that we already put development time into a while ago.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

10 comments on “X-Plane for Android

  1. Can you tell us if this will be avaiable for android 2.1 or higher?

    Alejandro García (the one who forgot his google account and logs as anonymus xD)

  2. It will require a minimum of Eclair (2.0/2.1) on a device with some basic performance requirements.

  3. I feel bad because I was the person that commented:

    "I want X-Plane 10 more than I want X-Plane Android !!"

    Thanks to this blog post I now understand the situation but I am just so so so excited for XPX !!


  4. Hi Dirk,

    Not sure. We're definitely not done bringing things to Android, but I'm not sure what the next steps will be, exactly…partly we need to wait and see a bit how the platform does and what kinds of issues the platform has.


  5. X-plane seems to take 2011 by storm

    I've been happy with x-plane for years, but expect 2011 to be heaven 🙂

    Can't go wrong anymore with x-plane spinoff for the Android platform as a 2011 starter…..

  6. It would be cool to have an Android application which could record a real flight with location and orientation data and you could play it back in X-Plane afterwards or in real time over a 3G connection.

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