This is your skydome.  This is your sky dome on drugs.

Any questions?

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

19 comments on “A trip through the atmopshere

  1. some crazy drugs.. hopefully thats not a view so to speak of an under the influenced pilot ha.

    side note though, is that terrain v-9 scenery or v-10.. aka will v-10 global scenery look different quality wise

  2. Whew, glad to hear it’s the sky that’s on drugs. I was starting to worry about this pan of brownies I’ve been eating today…

  3. Fun! But I *am* wondering what that cool new lighting system will look like as we approach a city at night. Taking requests, Ben?

  4. I was thinking it was time for me to look for new glasses… glad to know it was a joke hehehehe!!

    By the way, beside the brand new cloud system, are there any changes in the way the sky is rendered (especially for high altitude flights)? I mean, I spent some time messing around with Orbiter (a free space flight simulator, for those who never heard of it) and I personally think the way it renders sky is very nice, subjectively (from my point of view) better than X-Plane 9. I wonder whether is there anything new going on for X-Plane 10 on this topic?

  5. I think you guys are sneaking in DNA sequencing … organic self replicating aircraft?

    Thanks for posting with such frequency – the XP10 hunger is strong. Starting to look at how to upgrade my mac!

  6. Actually, a thought that occurred to me – will the airports have much traffic – diverse types of traffic? Once I skilled up and learned to fly the aircraft well enough, I occasionally find the XP9 experience a little … lonely!

  7. You should make this a feature: We already have a failure setting for wrong fuel type for the engine. How about another setting for incorrectly fueled pilots 😀

  8. As welcomed as these diversions are, Ben, they are no substitute for re-instituting XP10 Tuesdays. 🙂

  9. Last time you fed the sky LSD. What did you use this time? Whatever it is, it’s cruel. I’m calling the Sky Protection Agency.

  10. I have a question about Dynamic Shadowing in x-plane 10:
    will the Contrail behind the airplane (at low temperatures) cast a shadow on the ground like they do in the real world?

    1. Would you see much of the shadow in the real world though? The sun isn’t a point source. Add to that the usual altitude of contrails, and the shadow will have dispersed quite a bit when it hits the ground.

      Then again, I’m not a real pilot. Maybe you can see a faint outline moving over the ground underneath you. But at least it will be faint.

      1. I don’t think you’d see contrails – too high up, too small, too translucent.

        You do get cloud shadows -we handle them separately and dedicate an extra shadow layer to that.

        1. in a recent flight in a 737-300 from ENBO to ENRY i looked at the ground and behind the shadow of the plane (yes the plane i was sitting in) i saw a quite big black trail behind the plane. first i thought it might be a rocket or something, but then i realized that it must be the Contrail behind the engines.

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