X-Plane 10.04r1 is out – this is a release candidate.  That means:

  • It’s not official yet.  You have to check “get betas” to see this one.
  • We think it’s really pretty much done.  If you haven’t tried the beta and have been going “I’ll wait until they’re closer to being finished with the beta run”, well, that time is now.

Notes here.  Um, here actually.

As has been mentioned, Austin and I will be in Mallorca for this, so we’ll go through bug reports against the release candidate when w get back.  I look forward to seeing everyone who is coming to Mallorca, and for everyone else, hopefully this will be the first of multiple events and forums to further reach out to the developer community.  I will do my best not to jump up and down and shout “Developers!” over and over like a sweaty drugged up maniac.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

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  1. Are you absolutely certain that the first link is correct (Notes ‘here’)?
    It gets me to Beta 3 – Don’t Panic, Posted on November 27, 2007 by Ben Supnik, about Beta 3 of X-Plane 9 🙂

  2. 10.04b7 felt pretty much like an .rc. Congrats on the milestone. Feel free to post some photos of Palma 😉

  3. “Notes here” currently points to a 2007 X-Plane 9 blog entry… already practicing for Mallorca? 😉

      1. Too much pre-St. Patrick’s day celebrating and we’ll have to roll Ben in an Irish stretcher (a.k.a wheel-barrel) from Back Bay to Logan Airport.

  4. The release notes link seems to go to the X Plane 9 beta 3 article. Where are the release notes for 10.94rc1 ?

  5. How ironic, 10.04b7 was the first beta release to have show stopping issues on my system. Hope the crashes and display glitches with Radeon 5850 cards introduced in that release has been resolved in the RC.

  6. If you start shouting “Developers, developers, developers, developers!” i will know you are just doing a shout out to us, the x-plane add-on developers, and it will make us all feel good to be appreciated. 🙂

  7. Might need to rethink putting Aerosoft sceneries as default. Every time you upgrade, the installer/updater will attempt to download them if you have renamed them, chosen not to use them in favor of alternate scenery (typically more populated with vehicles and static aircraft) or deleted them.

    It also makes handling backup copies of X-Plane folders more cumbersome, as you will need to move these files into any backup X-Plane Custom Scenery folders, or keep another copy there at 621.3 MBs, before ugrading the backup copy.

    It would help if the sceneries were renamed with Aerosoft in the end rather than the start for sorting purposes, or if the installer/updater was upgraded with a button to include/ignore/update-if-installed Aerosoft sceneries, or if the sceneries themselves were on par with freeware scenery in terms of static or OpenSceneryX inclusions.

  8. I have always believed that segregation of default versus downloaded add-ons had some merit. Perhaps it is time to consider adding the following folders:
    “Default Scenery” and “Default Aircraft” to the package, as well as “Custom Scenery” and “Custom Aircraft” folders. The installer would ignore anything in the latter two; the scenery load process would prioritize Custom (when available) over Default Scenery, and Aircraft could be loaded from either the Default or Custom folder via the folder navigation process.

    That would make keeping rolling backups of X-Plane easier too:

    1) Move both folders into the X-Plane folder to be updated before launching the installer/updater;

    2) Move Custom folders into the active X-Plane folder before launching.

    Alternatively or additionally, the updater could use a checkbox: [X] “Update Default Aircraft and Scenery” (defaults to Yes).

    1. Sage advice on the issue. PLEASE take this seriously. Segregation of default versus downloaded add-ons makes complete sense and its probably no big deal to modify the updater to scan only default folders.

    2. There is a superb idea – something that has been on my mind too. If a user does not typically use stock aircraft, then their updates are a waste of time and bandwidth. Drives me nuts watching the updater spending time on aircraft I have no interest in.

      1. This is not what vonhinx is suggesting. Whether or not you use those aircraft/scenery, the sim may expect them to be there for situations so they need to be there.

        1. I know too well what you mean, Chris.

          I remember, one time when I was getting all neat and tidy with XP-9, and had deleted all the aircraft I had no interest in, the next update they all magically re-appeared after a longer than usual download. That’s how I learned to not fiddle with the X-Plane basic installation and directory structure.

          I’m not suggesting, though, that the resources in question not be there. Only that they not necessarily be updated. If I’m flying an aircraft I designed exclusively, I probably don’t need the latest tweak to the 747, for example.

          You are adding scenery into the update process. Adding a few more radio buttons to the update process will increase user flexibility, lower download times and increase the efficiency of bandwidth use.

          1. Your error is that you’re assuming that all updates are trivial voluntary tweaks. That’s not the case! We pay the bandwidth bill, we wouldn’t be pushing data that wasn’t necessary for a complete product.

  9. Congratulations to the RC! Nice job. I think asking questions if there is a performance boost in fps for AMD Radeon users is a waste, isn’t it?

    I heard that the AMD Radeon Performanceproblem is related to a AMD Radeon 7000 Series opengl driverproblem? Do you know something about that.


      1. Hello Ben!
        thx for your reply. As I read some posts before you own a Radeon 7970. Do you also have got the same performance issues?

        If not, can you give me an advise how I can get my XP10 doing “better”? -> FPS round 30?

        Thanks a lot

  10. Has the VBO bug on ATI cards finally been addressed? I’d like to buy X-Plane 10 but I’m getting extremely poor performance on my ATI-powered laptop. The frame rate is so bad that the flight model becomes unstable, causing the aircraft to shake during takeoff and extremely difficult to control.

    There’s a chance it could be a different bug in my case, for setting all clouds to “clear” and turning off cars completely has not fixed the problem.

    1. This is embarrassing, but it turns out the graphics card on my laptop is not an ATI card, but rather an NVidia card. No wonder turning off clouds and cars made no differenc!

      Should I file a bug report for this issue?

      1. Update:

        I don’t know what “fixed” it, but I’m now getting frame rates between 30 and 48 or so on my laptop (Asus G73, Nvidia 460M video card). I do still get low frame rates sometimes (I haven’t been able to determine the particular conditions yet), and whenever the frame rate goes into the low 20s I always get an unstable simulation. This is especially evident while taking off with small aircraft such as the Cessna.

        Unfortunately, I’ve discovered yet another bug (which I will report soon) that’s present during takeoff even when the frame rate remains above 30: Taking off with a Cessna or Stinson L5 is nearly impossible, as the plane will almost always veer hard left even after turning the virtual yoke (using the mouse) hard right. I’ve tried this on two different computers (see below), and the results are essentially the same.

        The computers I’ve tried it on are:

        Asus G73S:
        2 GHz Intel Core i7-2630QM Quad-Core
        8GB RAM
        nVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M (1.5GB)

        Homebuilt Desktop:
        3.2 GHz Intel Core i7-960 Quad Core
        6GB RAM
        ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6800

        1. That’s not a bug…that’s the “left turning tendencies” found in all single engine aircraft. You need a rudder to counteract it.

          1. I’m comparing the Cessna’s behavior in X-Plane 10 against the very same aircraft in X-Plane 9. While the Cessna has always had the tendency to veer left, the effect has never been as strong as what I’m getting on X-Plane 10. I’m not exaggerating when I say that taking off with the Cessna is nearly impossible.

            I’ll prepare some movies showing the effect and link to them here.

          2. Flying with the mouse does NOT control the rudder. As I’ve said, you need to use rudder to counteract the forces yanking you to the left. With the correct rudder inputs, the plane flies just fine.

          3. I know it doesn’t control the rudder. That’s why I said that while the rudder remains centered in the videos, keeping the rudder centered in X-Plane 9 does not result in this kind of behavior.

            Is the flight model in X-Plane 10 so different that what works in X-Plane 9 (taking off with mouse only) should be nearly impossible in X-Plane 10? Does what you see in the videos seem normal to you and have you tried doing the same thing in X-Plane 9?

            Whether the fault lies with X-Plane 9 or X-Plane 10, one of the models is not very accurate.

          4. I just noticed something I hadn’t noticed before: While flying with the mouse in X-Plane 10 does indeed move only the yoke, doing the same in X-Plane 9 moves not only the yoke but also the rudder. This explains why takeoffs in X-Plane 10 are so different than in X-Plane 9, and while not exactly a bug it is nevertheless inconsistent with what I’ve come to expect from mouse control in X-Plane.

    2. Hi!
      I got the same issues with my AMD/ATI graphicscard. Very poor performance 🙁 Don’t know where to look for the problem. My rig is running very good in all other sims and games.


  11. Chris
    A quick ATC query about pop-up clearances in flight and/or from small non-ATC airports like KMTH (Florida Keys). On the ground none of the local control frequencies provide clearance. What clearance frequencies will accept a pop-up, and is there a universal ATC default clearance frequency?
    Your ATC operation is better and better. thanks a lot.
    We badly need WED instructions for laying out the taxi patterns. Could you write a short descriptions of the steps?
    Best Regards

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