X-Plane 10.05r1 is now available – click “get betas” and run the installer’s update function to get it.  This is a really tiny patch; we needed to fix language on the 32-bit Windows warning, and we took the opportunity to fix hard cockpit walls and the carrier landing while we were at it.

Everything we’ve discussed on this blog for the upcoming beta is coming – but for a future patch in a few weeks.  That will be a major patch with a multi-week beta period and real enhancements to the sim.  We’re already deep into development on this work; the 10.05 micro-patch is just a quick build to fix a few tiny bugs.

I expect us to go final with 10.05 in a day or two – there are only two code changes, so it should be quick to find any possible problems.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

22 comments on “X-Plane 10.05 Release Candidate 1 – A Tiny Patch

        1. Beside you reek unreasonably?
          Unendurable Bays Eye Rookies?
          Undeniable Rookery Abuses Ye?

          Yeah, some time off might be good one of these days…

    1. I knew we’d need a harder puzzle!

      But yes…and it’s a bit of an exaggeration. More correctly: Alex has been working on tuning the lights file as part of his city work and the results will go into the next major patch.

      1. Yay ! was not so easy to crack, either ! 😉
        So, as we use to say, Xplane’s future is bright ! 😉 All improvements are welcome, especially in the light of the new (still unclear) P3D licensing.
        Speaking of cities, I’m working on a set of urban ground textures addon.

          1. No idea when I’ll be satistfied, although I’d ideally like to publish them soon. IMHO, “cities” seen from altitude are the weak spot of X-plane right now.
            Different from UrbanMaxx: now I’m especially focused on European cities, ie non-grid street layout. It’s harder. Also, I clean textures of all buildings, leaving essentially the ground and maybe some trees, in an atempt to reduce conflicts with the plausible 3D autogen. The biggest problem I’m facing now is that we can’t use the direction given by streets to orient the textures, and thus the road net loses a bit of it’s visual structure. That would be a big features and would make wonders, don’t know if its possible (I know that some textures use the slope orientation). Ben, what do you think ?

        1. I am looking forward to your release, yes it is difficult to align textures with the OSM streets if not impossible.

          Good luck! And European users will love the upgrade 🙂

          1. Hi Guys,
            There isn’t a way to orient the terrain along the road grid – that’s something Propsman wanted but we didn’t have time to do for the first world render. We may be able to reorient in the future, at least to a limited extent. In our renders, the close view never has orthos in it, which makes it moot, but in the far view having the roads and sync in terrain would be a nice feature someday.

          2. Thanks John, and good work with yours !
            @Ben: good to know you have been talking about it. For now I try to rely on the eye’s tendency to pickup preferably the directions/shapes which make sense.
            I noticed that a well chosen orthophoto can also nicely enhance the view close to the ground. At the condition that “flat 3D objects” are removed. Maybe I can finally demonstrate that cities are NOT buit on grass. 😉 (just kidding)

  1. 10.05r1? Does this mean 10.04r3 is the final (stable) 10.04 release? Or does this mean we are at the beginning of a new beta cycle? I’m confused. As it seems that 10.05 is the start of a new cycle but it looks we already into the release candidates. Were the .05’s internal betas? Or am I missing something here? Hmm … I like were the current performance is now with the sim, but I am worried that if I unchecked the beta option that it will revert me back to 10.03 something … not sure what the official RC number was since you do not issue a final string tag which explicitly signifies the end of a beta cycle. It’s just whatever the last RC was, which is somewhat arcane.

    1. We’re at the end of a cycle – 10.05 was a tiny change to 10.04 for strings. The next _real_ beta will start in a few weeks. At this point 10.05 is done, so that’s what you get, regardless of what you check.

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