While working on the HDR pipeline, I ended up with these.  Clearly not what we want to ship, but I do think they’re pretty cool looking.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

20 comments on “A Beautiful Beta-Stopping Bug

  1. No good, hope this bug(s) doesn’t delay beta much longer 🙁 anxious to see

  2. Those pinpricks ain’t photons, they’re XPlions — sub-particles of the Supnik boson.

  3. Ben, admit it … you are planning for the post-xplane times, where you want to live from your artistic work … nice try 🙂

  4. We have already a small version of the stars under the ground bug in 10.05 today but it is only for far distance, not very close like in your screenshots.


  5. That could make a nice plug in, something add in something to point out constellations and it’s good to go!

  6. That just looks like the rendering bug I used to have (and maybe still there) when Heavy fog was on…

    Seeing stars thru the fog and below the ground !

    Hope you’ll be able to fix it soon 😉

  7. are we going to see 10.10 this week, as austin said last week that 10.10 was only a few days away?

    seeing that in an earlier post Ben you said Mac users ( in regard to performance and crashes) will need 64 bit, how much of a priority is it to get 64bit pushed out? Sept October?

    1. Beta 10.10 when all beta bugs are fixed and we cut a build on compilers. 10.10 is driven by quality milestone, not a date.

      Months are not an answer to priority. A priority doens’t give a feature a release timeframe – rather it decides whether resources go to that feature or a competing feature.

      64-bit is a very high priority. It will be _the_ driving feature of 10.20 I think.

      Don’t ask for any more dates – I am not going to give any future date predictions to you.

        1. Dream on, my friend. In the Vs 9 run, 9.1 > 9.2 < 9.3 in usability (imho) so always have a back up plan. 10.05 is already quite amazing with a few known bugs and unknown docs. Just keep rendering options below crash level, and when or if you push a setting beyond the boundary, open preferences and set it back a step.

  8. Can I ask something semi-off-topic to the experts?

    The night sky in X-Plane resembles real sky at all? If yet to what level? Are there true major constelations? Do they rise and set?

    1. Just stand outside at night and press the time advance or retreat key and watch the sky.

    2. It can be very accurate! Find out where the ISS flies over a location at night, go there at the same time and look up, it might take a few mins but you will be VERY SURPRISED what you see. Turn all your lights off first of course.

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