I have blogged before about the importance of not shipping products that target beta builds of X-Plane, and the importance of waiting to the end of beta for file formats to settle down.

This also applies to the library! While we are in beta, objects in the library may be renamed or disappear in ways that could break your scenery.

So if you are making custom scenery that uses our library, you have two options:

  • Ignore the beta; develop against the last stable release (10.11) and use that library, which we will continue to support.
  • Use the beta, but don’t release yet, and be prepared for objects to come and go.

In other words, if your custom scenery works in 10.11 but fails in 10.20, please file a bug – we screwed up.

But if your custom scenery works in one 10.20 beta but not another 10.20 beta, don’t use 10.20 beta objects yet – they’re not fully cooked!

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

7 comments on “The X-Plane 10 Beta Library is Not Stable!

  1. hello

    Do you guys know that this also screws up the way CLS files are being loaded within the environment in xsquawkbox? When ever you sign up online with xsquawkbox, this makes xplane to instantly crash! Happens since b7, b8 and lately b9. It is no longer possible to fly in VATSIM, as soon as any aircraft of another user is nearby, the whole xplane instantly crashes within a split of a second! It has to do with the new rendering system you tweak with every beta … 🙁 I hope this will get fixed some day. Anyways, thanks for the work and happy xxxmass.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Understood! Agreed 10.20 is a moving target – whats in one beta is never guaranteed to be there in the next.

    Any end-users out there, if something I made scenery-wise recently (i.e. “You need XP 10.20 for this scenery”) throws an error in 10.20, contact me with the log.txt and I’ll re-issue an update. Same should go for any other recently made custom scenery – Contact the scenery author first to ensure they haven’t gone spelunking into the 10.20 lib/g10/autogen files =).

    We’ll get ’em all ironed out.

    – CK.

  3. I just moved back from 10.20 beta so i could fly my T7 again. I went back to 10.11 and noticed the flashlight mode isnt there anymore?

  4. Not a comment related to the topic of this blog post, however just wanted to give you guys a big thumbs up for releasing 64 bit. Thank god. I tried 64 bit for the first time today (beta 10) coming from from 10.11 on Linux (got sick of the sim running out of memory and dieing after a while). It is running beautifully, in fact it feels much smoother all round, interface lag seems to be gone, cpu usage is lower all round, where I used to get really bad FPS at certain airports (14 fps during a takeoff), it now purrs along at 30fps with no lag at all.

    I am sure that not all of these improvements in performance I am seeing are purely 64 bit related, I am sure there has probably been a heap of work done in certain areas that has helped. Anyway, congratulations guys, keep up the good work! 10.20 seems to be a winner so far.


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