WorldEditor’s “Make Draped Polygons” feature is a stop-gap and a hack, and someday it will be replaced with something better.

I mention this as I debug it because there are feature requests in the bug base to enhance its operation; I think I will replace it with a more fundamentally useful (and less awkward) interface before adding more functionality.

“Make draped polygons” was born out of a hack to WED to allow Sergio to finish his LOWI custom scenery pack before WED 1.1 was even public beta.  In other words, it was a crude attempt to get draping into WED before the real UI work was done.

I am resisting the urge to nuke the feature now because there isn’t something to replace it yet.  But in the long term, what WED needs is better tools to work with imagery and manage the text files that are needed to create ground imagery around an airport.

This new UI will be after the 1.2 release; for now the goal is to get 1.2 stabilized and finalized.

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8 comments on “WED “Make Draped Polygons” Will Be Replaced (Later)

  1. Congratulations for the progress! It is very good to know.

    Alternately I have a small question, it could eventually integrate MeshTool in a graphical environment of WED, to create ditches and slopes at airports?

    I tried it on several occasions with Meshtool but, I fail to understand the whole.

  2. Sorry i saw your interview about this in another web… also i wait the anthor tool for mesh edicion when is posible to develop… Thank you!

  3. I worked for a while with WED 1.2 beta 1.
    It worked just fine.
    This morning, I tried 1.2. beta 2.
    When I flew, all my (satellite photo) polygons had become monochrome polygons.
    I tried to install again WED 1.2 beta 1, but I got error messages and WED crashed when I tried to export the scenery pack to custom scenery.
    In WED 1.2. beta 1, I can no longer amend my airport.
    In WED 1.2. beta 2, I get huge monochrome polygons covering KVPS (Eglin AFB)
    So all my hard work is gone, a 250 MB airport.
    Help, anyone ?

    1. Hi Fred-e,

      A few things:

      1. “So all my hard work is gone, a 250 MB airport.” I pretty much never want to hear that…WED is a _beta_. If you are doing production work…please, use WED 1.1!!

      2. If you can open your project in WED 1.2b2 _and_ you can see your orthophotos in WED 1.2b2, then your work is not gone — it is just _temporarily_ unavailable. There is a bug in the orthophoto exporter in beta 2; this will be fixed in beta 3, probably available this weekend. With the new beta, you’ll just have to re-export. (The problem is that the UV map of your polygons was exported wrong.)

      3. This post really isn’t supposed to be a tech support forum for WED. I’m not sure where the right venue for this kind of thing _is_, but there are problems with using this post…for example, the comments section auto-closes to keep people from spamming old posts, so it’s not great for long term discussion.


  4. Thanks, XP Guru. Sorry for asking for help, the bug report is buggy (You get to a “Mantis” site with login, no sign ups). I will put a ruler under my knees for five minutes.

    1. Hi Fred-E,

      Wait — isn’t there a “signup for new account” on that page? You need to sign up for an account before you can file bugs against WED.


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