X-Plane 10.22 release candidate two is now officially final – if you did not participate in the beta program, you will get the update via auto-update.  This build provides X-Plane-managed memory allocation for Lua-based plugins on Windows, which should help the problem of Lua plugins running out of memory.

If you have add-ons based on SASL 1.0 64-bit, you will need to get an update from the airplane vendor that uses SASL 2.0!  Please do not report SASL 1.0 64-bit crashing on Windows; this is a known problem with SASL 1.0 64-bit that was fixed with SASL 2.0 64-bit.

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  1. That`s really good.
    Just opened the sim now and got the update message.
    Everyday im happier with XP10. Cannot even think of getting back to FSX.
    Just need to learn more about making my own scenery for my country, sooner or later i`ll get there.

    1. Yeah, you can easily create your own sceneries using WED, I’ve made 1 airport and I’m currently creating my second one… It may take you some time, and some practice, but in the end, it will worth! 🙂

      1. Totally agree with you. Im really enjoying learning about it and making my own airports. Actually now i spent 80% of the time on WED and 20% on XP. 😀

  2. Perhaps a stupid question, but how can I as a novice check whether my sasl plugins are version 1 or 2 ?

    1. SASL writes its version number into Log.txt. So _if_ you have a problem with an airplane in 10.22, particularly if you get a crash, you can check the log for SASL 1.0 and for “the plugin SASL crashed”, for example.

      1. Thanks Ben, but I wanted to know it before I upgrade to 10.22 which planes I have bought that still have this sasl 1.0 plugin.

    2. Load a plane that uses SASL.
      Go to Plugins -> Plugin Admin -> Plugin Information
      Locate the SASL plugin in the list of plugins (you might need to use the Prev/Next buttons to scroll through all currently loaded plugins). Note the line where it says “X-Plane scriptable avionics library plugin v2.0.1”.
      If it reads less than 2.0.0 for any plane, this plane needs to be updated by the author to work correctly with X-Plane 10.22.
      Of course you can perform this check before you update X-Plane.

      1. Thanks Phillip and Ben, but something is bothering me because I bought for instance Carenado C172II v2 and the plugin information is X-Plane scriptable avionics library plugin snapshot 1.0.0 20121217, so according to your information this is SASL 1.0 but the information on the Carenado forums it was stated that this was an updated plane with SASL 2.
        Hence my confusion about the subject.

        1. In that case you need to contact the vendor to get the latest up-to-date version for download. According to Carenado’s compatibility chart: //forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=68492 the C172II SASL 2.0. Probably you have an old version and have to download the new update. Contact either X-Plane.org or Carenado directly, depending where you bought.

          1. I’m not so sure that is necessary. I have the latest download of the C172 and the SASL version still indicates as Piet said. Yet the aircraft functions properly. Carenado must simply have a different internal version number, or, the number itself hasn’t been updated.

            Either way, Piet should just enjoy his C172.

  3. Fantastic !

    “Albert has new terrain textures to release, but I think we will put this in a separate update (e.g. 10.25) to keep the 10.22 patch small. I think that the next autogen update is not ready yet”

    Can we expect 10.25 anytime soon ? Or is 10.23 now ?

      1. really looking forward to autogen and other eye candy. would be nice to see more plane updates/ new acf by javier slip in again

        regardless v10 is running smooth and great. very fun to use now. great job thanks guys

    1. There is no guarantee that 32 and 64 bit builds will act the same, and there is no guarantee that one will be faster than the other. 64-bit was done for memory reasons, not performance reasons.

  4. Ben, first, sorry for asking here, i know its off topic, but the other articles on your blog related to my doubt are locked for comments. I haven’t found the answer to my problem anywhere.

    Please help me if you have some time.
    I live and Brazil and im trying to learn about the scenery creation based on the Lego Brick method so i can do a lot of airports for my country. (Later i’ll focus on realistic airports, but at first i just want to have some airports using the WED library so i can see some airports in my country)
    The problem is that on my first airport using WED i got some objects “flying”. Let’s say the front part of the object its touching the ground, but the ground is slope and object is not follow the terrain, so the back part of the object is above the ground.
    Is there a way to incline an object? Using the MSL haven’t worked and i don’t think it could help, unless i can put part of the object inside the terrain as some facades.

    If it helps, these pictures show how it looks on WED and also on XP.


    Haven’t found a way to move the object along its axis, and neither a way to flatten the terrain on WED, but i guess that if i flatten it, i won’t be able to export for Global Airports right?

    Thanks Ben. Sorry about the off-topic.

    1. Roberto, try outlining your airports with an exclusion zone and see if that fixes your problems.


      1. 1) This is not a bug – and if it was, use the bug report link at the top of this page. Not the comment section.

        2) Exclusions will not help

        3) Please ask your question on one of the many forums dedicated to this stuff, such as avsim, x-plane org, or x-pilot (just to name a few). There are tools which will fix this, you just have to do some research … it’s not hard, google is your friend.

        1. carrotroot,

          Thanks for the answer, still i have the problem.

          1) I haven’t said it is a bug. But its something making hard to build more accurate airports. Even if they are not going to look realistic but only based on the real airports, the terrain should look similar at least.

          2) Indeed, haven’t tried it before, but doesn’t help because there is no objects or forests on the way.

          3) I spend days searching for the answer. Haven’t found a solution on Avsim and neither on XP.org. There are some topics regarding terrain but for now looks like there is no easy fix.
          My problem is that the object doesn’t follow the terrain inclination in degrees, so the object is “sitting” on a flat ground, but actually the terrain is not flat.
          After reading a lot of it and searching for the answer i understood that XP checks the objects 3 informations, lat, long and heading, and a 4 fourth info that is the MSL when you set it. I used it, it was not working because it is not an .obj file, but an .agp file (Med_Orange_Hangar.agp). And since im looking forward to send the airports to Robin, i can only use the objects that are already in Wed’s library.
          There is 2 solutions i have found for the terrain, mesh tool and vertex tool.
          Both are not easy to use (for me), i even got the .”hgt” file to use the mesh tool, but i had to change a much bigger part of the terrain and i was only looking to fix a small area around the airport. So for both tools i have 2 problems (i believe)
          1 – Not easy to use (im no dev)
          2 – I don’t think i can send the terrain to Robin

          So as you can see i did an extensive search on the subject. In this particular airport the solution would be to flatten the terrain or to have a 5th information for the object, so lat, long, heading, msl, inclination. But i guess this 5th information is not used probably because would make the scenery heavier for the CPU.

          Anyway thanks.
          Im looking for another airports for now while there isn’t an easy terrain tool.

          1. Meshtool and vertex tool will not work with v10 scenery. Please ask your question on an appropriate forum.

      2. Jim, thanks for the help.
        I tried, but still it doesn’t fix it. There is actually nothing around the airport except a single road. Still, the problem is with the terrain itself, not the objects. I tried creating an “airport boundary” and also an exclusion zone, the airport boundary works, but only if i uncheck in rendering options the “runway follow terrain contours” feature, but this is something i don’t want to.
        I think the only way for me to fix it, will be in the future with an easier to use mesh tool.

        1. Ben, Carrotroot.
          Thanks. I’ll do another research later, for now i’ll focus on another airport that i found and the terrain is almost exactly like it is in RL.
          Thanks guys.

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