XSquawkBox Goes 64-Bit

64-bit XSquawkBox is here.

Huge thanks to Wade for getting the beta going, and to Christian for writing brand new Mac audio support!

Besides being big news for VATSIM users (who were stuck in 32-bit land from now on), 64-bit support is a great fit for XSB because it uses a lot of memory for CSLs, and thus was never very happy as a 32-bit plugin.

This announcement is just that; an announcement.  XSquawkBox is not a Laminar Research product.  Please do not report bugs to us (Laminar Research).  Thanks!

Update: Wade says that this build is time-limited.  This is the first public build; he'll release a time-unlimited build once he's sure he has the bugs out.  So think of this as a public beta.

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About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.
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9 Responses to XSquawkBox Goes 64-Bit

  1. Alex says:

    Oh great news! You havevery productive weekend I see. deserve you thousand applause...

  2. Paul Grant says:

    There has been a lot of debate on the forums about the rights and wrongs of LR not including this kind of functionality within X-Plane out of the box. Whatever the reasons were, its great that you have seen fit to put your own time into this external project.

    I would like, therefore, to offer a Big Thank You from all of us who have been waiting for this.

    • Ben Supnik says:

      This was _not_ my effort - it was Christian's and Wades! I don't have time anymore to work on XSquawkBox (I have a 2-year old now). XSquawkBox has been Wade's for quite a while now.

      • Paul Grant says:

        Happy days, Ben. For all my enthusiasm I barely have time to use the damn thing anyway (as I have a 2 year old AND a 6 month old!)

        Anyway, please pass the gratitude on.

  3. Rudy says:


    when are we gonna be having nicely looking HDR compliant bliking nav and landing lights as well as readable labels of other (CSL) aircrafts while flying on VATSIM ?


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