Beta 3 just went live.  Release notes are still here – the document grows!  When the beta is done I’m going to have it printed and use it as a weapon to squash house flies.  Bug reporter is still here.  Bug reporter is still not the comments section in this post.*

The short summary is: Philipp crushed a huge pile of GPS bugs, and I crushed none of the cloud-related bugs.  So please read the bug fix list carefully before you report.  We try to make sure there’s a bug list bullet for every single fix in the beta, so that you don’t have to waste your time (or ours!) re-reporting a bug that isn’t fixed.  If you reported (hypothetically 🙂 that cloud performance makes you weep (and not in a good way), there’s no need to re-report, I haven’t gotten to it yet.

If you have not tested your payware add-on with X-Plane 1030, please do so ASAP!  We do not have a pile of known issues with third party drawing, so if you see something, say something.  (We have a number of possible bugs that aren’t reproducible yet – so your bug report might be what lets us get to the bottom of things efficiently.  Only you can prevent forest fires!)

* This post comes with an extra helping of snarkiness…Chris and I made the really poor decision to try to debug part of the X-Plane airport gateway deployment from 11:30 PM to 3:30 AM land night.  Since we both have small children who didn’t get the memo and woke up at their normal time, I am, at this point, pretty much unaware of what I am typing.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

31 comments on “X-Plane 10.30 Beta 3 Is Out

  1. Thanks for the update Ben (and everyone else)! Are there currently plans (either for 10.30 or an update after that) to have a realistic fuel-injected engine startup procedure?

    1. +1 for me on this one. I see that in its current implementation, X-Plane allows for a plausible simulation of startup procedure of Continental engines, but not Lycoming (for the latter, the startup is usually done with mixture controll in CUTOFF position: if one does that in X-Plane, the engine simply does not start).
      I already submitted this matter to LR some time ago.


  2. One man’s fly swatter is another’s toothpick and yet another’s battering ram. Y’all get some sleep now.

  3. I destroyed the COM swap and the CLR button on the GPS popup window. Sorry guys. Use the commands or the 3d bezel for those two buttons for now.

    1. yes affirmative, CLR button is broken. No problem because I prefer using sim/GPS/g430n1_clr anyway. That one works fine.

  4. during the beta process, is there any page or any way to know what the bug report status is? knowing if the case is still in progress, closed, missing would be productive not to fill out duplicated tickets. Otherwise, while days are moving forward having no news at all we are tempted to send a new one

    1. You can know if the bug has been resolved because it will be on the release notes of the next beta. That’s pretty much it.

      1. release notes say something about a new metar scanner, but it is quite generic to understand if you are still working on that 🙁
        i am enthusiastic to collaborate in the beta process, i like a lot the progress you have made so far on the sim. thanks

  5. Its nice to see that the beta releases come quite fast and the more and more things get fixed or improved.
    I have one question concerning the GNS430. Isn’t it possible to delete a waypoint (by marking it with the cursor and hitting the CLR button) from the active flight plan?

      1. Thanks for the fast answer Philip! But actually the button works in the popup for me as hitting it brings me back to the default NAV page.
        I’ll try using the 3D bezel button instead anyways.

        1. Well, the button has two functions:
          Press it quick should trigger the “clear/delete” function.
          Press it long should trigger the “default nav” function.
          The mechanism to detect whether it was clicked quickly or clicked and held down is broken in beta 3, sorry.

  6. hi, will there be an update that will change the livery on the united Boeing 747-400 to the new united one


  7. Muchas gracias al equipo de Laminar por todo el trabajo, esfuerzo y dedicación en la mejora de X-plane.


    Carlos Garcia
    SSG Group

  8. So I tried every CLR button (both GNS units) on the 3D bezel and the 2D popup. But no matter which one I click, it brings me back to the default NAV page, deleting a waypoint doesn’t work for me.

    1. As philipp said, you should assign a hotkey or joystick button to the “sim/GPS/g430n1_clr” dataref, to workaround this issue.

      Please read the first post on this page, might assist.

      Next beta should have the fix though, I believe.

  9. I know you mentioned in a previous post that there was a massive fps kill on AMD video cards therefore I wont raise a report on it, just wondering when you expect to resolve it?


  10. The problem I have with the 430 is that I keep accidentally editing the flight plan in-flight by pressing FPL and turning the inner knob. That make the 430 switch to a screen to dial in a new waypoint. It is on this screen that I want to exit without making changes, but the 430 seems to only let me off that screen if I add a bogus waypoint, which results in causing my plane to turn.

    So far, my only workaround is to sync the heading bug, and enter HDG mode. Add a bogus waypoint so I can leave that screen, then completely delete the flight plan and reload it from the catalog, select the current leg, and re-enable LOC mode.

    1. Okay, nevermind. This springs from my own lack of understanding in how the GNS 430 is supposed to work. It appears that the CLR button *does* exit this mode, when the CLR button is working. The 3-D CLR button cancels and exits as expected.

  11. i try to write in the new datarefs using a python script but nothing happen, the script only write the dataref when the sim is paused

    python interface is working fine with the rest of datarefs

  12. I’m noticing people commenting on Avsim that they someone got an email back from Austin indicating that the “view things in the distance” feature is no longer coming to the 10.3 release?

    True? 🙁

    1. I don’t know what was said on Avsim or by Austin, but:

      It is very likely that my view-and-fog related code, which _is not even completely coded_ right now, will be delayed until 10.35 or something.

      It doesn’t make sense to delay 10.30 (and hold off everyone getting the GPS) for code that isn’t done yet. Making the GPS ship later won’t make my code get done any faster.

    2. Better to be right than rushed. It’s a big, gnarly improvement that’s going to go under a lot of scrutiny, and it’s also going to be run on a wild assortment of hardware.

  13. In 10.30b3 I got the impression that adding objects in my scenery which contains a lot of small polygons only adds performance. Is this possible, or this is a “bug”?


    1. I do not think that is possible to add something and get better performance!

      But if you add many times the same objects, which might obey the OBJ8 specifications for instancing, then you might add lot’s of them without any significant penalty on performance.

      I think though that Ben can better explain this one.

  14. I can’t well express how much I appreciate the GNS430 implementation. I’ve been waiting for this since the early days of X-Plane 9.

  15. good morning

    thanks for the updates. It has been months since I flew X-plane. I even got kicked out of the VA I was in for no activity. Yesterday I finally updated X-plane and gave it a try.

    So far I think the performance is effectively better. Haven’t tried the GPS yet. As for clouds, they do look better but I suspect I may have the combination of AMD drivers that you mention in the blog ;).
    I’ve also noticed (maybe I’m crazy) that the cloud thickness has been reduced to only 2000 feet ? I seem to think that before the update, the cumulus layers could be at least 4000-5000 thick ?

    Am I dreaming or did I play too much FSX lately ?

    Are there any plans for thicker clouds and towering cumulus ?

    Also noticed there seems to be some kind of correlation now between houses and streets. I haven’t seem too many houses with no roads when flying.

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