Technically I’m kind of out on paternity leave right now, but a quick update on some, um, stuff!

  • X-Plane 10.30r1 is out.  Honestly, if you don’t know where the bug base and release notes are now, it’s too late.  We’re in RC already!  (I cut this RC about a week later than expected due to said paternity leave above – I’m sorry for the chaos this has caused third party developers who want to ship add-ons requiring the new GPS.)
  • WED 1.3 and the X-Plane Airport Gateway should debut in the next week I think – I’m cutting an RC now.
  • Philipp is working on updating our Oculus Rift support for the new SDK and DK2 dev kits. The SDK for the Rift changed a lot recently, and the docs/sample code are actually out of sync with the SDK, so I’m not sure how soon he’ll be able to tie this up.  We’ll cut a 10.31 with this code as soon as we have it.
  • We will update Steam to 1030 once it goes final.


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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

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  1. Ben,, still trying to install the Sydney fix. As suggested, ran the updater with DVD inserted, but after downloading whatever is provided, there is still grassland in botany bay. Any advice ?
    Does the recut scenery have a name and in which folder should it reside ?

  2. Thanks!!

    A question: I’ve realized than a lot of spain airports edited by us ( people) and sent to robin are not in 10.30 RC1.

    Is it normal? Maybe I have to wait to gateway? Or maybe I have to put a bug?


    1. Not all airports received by Robin are in 1030r1.
      – Airports received after Robin collected them in December are not included.
      – I think that airports without 3-d that were not exported via the “send to gateway” feature are not included.

      The gateway is going to go live within days, so _probably_ the fastest thing will be for you to get an account on the gateway and -directly- submit the airports. This way you’ll be able to track progress and we’ll have a record of authorship, etc.

      1. There has been a long delay in me publishing new data. There are some good reasons – I was waiting for the Gateway to go live, which took a little longer than expected. Plus, we have been re-modelling our new home in Seattle (so you can expect the waypoint WOBIN to move shortly).

        I will be doing a clean up of the pile of data in my inbox shortly.

  3. ‘grats on the recent personal release 🙂

    As for the pending X-Plane release, it’s not stated here (or in the release notes) if you did any further scenery re-cuts. (The re-cuts weren’t mentioned in the release notes for beta 8 either it seems, just in the post) So not sure if you got around to it or not. If so, Utah Lake is still missing, and I did submit another bug report, because it’s another release, so it’s really another bug, right? 🙂

    1. All tiles recut in b8 are re-recut in r1.

      No _additional_ tiles were added to the recut set; that will have to wait for another build.

      So bugs for tiles that were not recut are probably still in the bug base.

    1. If you have a DVD, run the installer/updater, click “update” and check “get new betas”. If you have Steam, you have to wait until we go final.

  4. Awesome, can’t wait for the dk2 support, such a great and cheap setup with saitek rudder and yoke

  5. Can’t wait for sdk2 support on oculus. Such a cheap and awesome setup with saitek rudder and pedals

  6. Thanks Ben fur givin me my gal back, me and Samantha were so glad to here one another we went bar hopping and got wasted…. OK I’m just kiddin, I quit drinkin 40 years ago but she had a blast….

    Congrats on the new one, enjoy those early years, they don’t last long.
    Thanks again

  7. I still can’t understand why a problem that I am reporting for more than 2 years (since version 10.04 Beta 1) is still present in X-Plane: cities in Brazil are represented as forest in X-Plane.

    1. Because contrary to – it seems – common belief, Laminar is not (and never did!) hand edit any of the Global Scenery. At the size of our planet (and the fantastic details it has), that would not even be possible with a team of 1000 developers!

      No, all the scenery is derived from big piles of – more or less – freely available geographic data (coming from a lot of different sources). And the quality of this raw data is the key factor in how good (or bad) the scenery in a given region can become!

      If you know (or have followed) my work on the X-Plane scenery (I am behind most of this raw data collection / preparation work for Laminar – and my HD Mesh Scenery v2 is “just” a spin-off of this) , then you might know that – sadly – not all regions of the planet are created equal when it comes to raw data. Especially when it comes to the extremely important landclass data (which is also used to decide, where the scenery gets cities/towns/villages and where forests)! For North America, Europe, New Zealand and Japan I already do have good enough data … and thus the scenery there can look much better … whereas the rest of the world is still based on less accurate data (but still much much better than what XP9 used!!!) … and thus some towns / cities won’t appear in the scenery.

      So … yes, you might report those issues for many years … but they can’t be fixed until we don’t get better raw data (and even when it seems, that such data appears … its still normally a long way before we can use it to its full extent … and sometimes even the new data turns out to be “not good” for scenery work).

      By the way, if you are interested in which data sources are used until now … then look at the list on my HD Mesh Scener v2 website (that list is mostly also true for the Global Scenery):

      1. From what I saw the city boundaries here were derived from VMAP0 (I don’t mind about the lack of precision of VMAP0).

        Is that difficult to represent the already available data in VMAP0 as a city? Any kind of city or urban texture is better than flying in forest.

        I can only inferer what happens, but couldn’t X-Plane be using a wrong texture/codification for the city type present in VMAP0? Or couldn’t it have been wrongly imported?

        1. *typo: infer

          And improving the explanation: the cities already have a (somehow) proper area delimited here. The problem is that they are represented as forest instead as city.

          1. Nelson,

            Any thought of building your own city with WED until there is an update if ever? For yourself, you could also do an overlay if you didn’t want to tackle buildings. i know its not an answer you are looking for, but it’s something.


        2. Believe me, I already tried to do as much magic as possible … usually I do not even “single source” landclass data, but try to enhance it with 3rd party information as far as it was possible and made sense. So, VMAP0 is already factored into the base GlobCover landclass information yes (indeed I tried to use VMAP0 city boundaries to have urban landclass where the original data had only some kind of vegetation) … But without knowing the exact location of your “problem city” I can not tell you much about its whereabouts (and what exactly the state of data is).

          But I would recommend you contact me off-list via mail, if you would like to know more about it (and it would help me to check, if really everything is in the best possible state at the given location – or if I might have overlooked something).

  8. Using Oculus Rift will be a real revolution in the simulation world. It will bring X-Plane near real flight environment. Still I cannot imagine how it will work….

  9. I’m happy with X-Plane 10.30rc1, especially with your work on the X-Plane clouds. It looks so real when climbing or descending through clouds. Sometimes there is still that white-out effect in some cloud layers and I want to ask, if you plan to change that with a future update?

    THX, Paul

  10. +1000 for the bub! and +1 to Ilan, yeah ORift’ll be a revolution and xplane’ll be cool with it!!

  11. Congrats on the rc1 too, works like a charm here. As for the softerware,, best wishes to mom and dad, and welcome to the next rocket scientist.

  12. Congratulations ! Excellent job !
    I’m running XP 10.30r1 with Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H and AMD A6-6400K processor (Radeon HD8470D on board), Corsair 8Gb (2x4Gb) DDR3 and he never ran so well !

    Thank you very much!

  13. Hey Ben, congratulations! Another pair of hands to fight off your keyboard, that was the challenge your life had been missing 😉

    Best wishes to you and your family 2.0 🙂

  14. Congratulations Ben. 🙂

    When is the new family member starting working for LR? , ha, ha.

    Great ob with RC1 , so far so good, I even experienced the frame rate increase.

    It is really amazing job you guys are doing.

    Thank you.


  15. For the Oculus Rift Plug in update, it might be wise to wait until the next SDK coming out at the end of the month.

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