Note: Oops – I wrote this a week ago and forgot to post it.  10.35 will probably “go final” shortly.

If you haven’t tried X-Plane 10.35, please do. Check “get betas” in the updater to get it. Just one bug fix and a license file in the release candidate.  A Steam RC should come soon.

Chris took a sledgehammer to the Windows build materials for the scenery tools and pretty much rebuilt everything for Windows; I’ll have betas in a day or two.

UPDATE: The RC is available on Steam also. To get it, right-click on X-Plane in the Steam library, click the “BETA” tab, and then select the beta to opt-in to.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

15 comments on “10.35 Release Candidate

  1. I like to hear 10.35 is coming to final soon, because it means the major version 10.40 is coming next having several features/improvements we all are awaiting for 😀 😀

  2. I welcome all new updates, small and large. Since we now have a “Updates include page”why not have an “Next to come” sort of page were we can have something to look forward to for i.e. 10.40. Or is the work so unpredictable and random that such things cannot be stated?

    1. Hi Tom,

      “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

      The problem is that there’s no guarantee that what we -think- will ship in 1040 will. If the code isn’t finished, then the time it takes to complete could go up arbitrarily or the feature might not work at all. Our internal priorities might shift or we might have an emergency that requires us to cut features.

      And if we have pre-announced those features, then it’s a huge down-side for us. It’s a much bigger problem if expectations are set too high and then lowered.

      Imagine if I have, scheduled for 1040, an engine change that will boost fps by 20%. It turns out we don’t have time for everything and it gets cut. So we release a build with modified fog, increased visibility, ATC fixes, but no fps boost. User reaction becomes “this sucks – fps aren’t any faster” _despite_ all of the stuff we put in the build.

      In other words, human psychology makes the risk/reward of pre-announcing asymmetrical in a way that is heavily against us, so I go around telling my co-workers that if they announce a feature that isn’t fully coded, I’ll cut their fingers off.


      1. Ah! so Ben you are saying that the next build with have fog, increased visibility, and ATC fixes 🙂 Sweet.

        Sorry, I could not resist reading it this way.

        1. The next build will do your taxes for you and babysit the kids – unless of course that code isn’t ready in time, in which case we’ll limit ourselves to features within flight simulation…

  3. I just wish I could figure out why the simulator is giving me another 5 fps now… You guys keeping making this game better, I might not have anything to complain about anymore, and then where would we be? (Hopefully working on KSGF like a good little simer.)

  4. Ben,

    Noticed two GOOD things in 10.35r1, 1) toe-brakes don’t appear to be as “grabby”, and 2) nose wheel seems to have better pavement attachment during crosswind takeoffs and landings. However, did not see anything related to these items in the change log.

    I also like “wind” for ATIS too!


  5. I have only one wish for future versions, easy switching to winter mode.
    Always summer in switzerland/Austria/Skandinavia etc, is a bit strange 🙂
    I’m older and not a wiz kid, the current possibilities are way to difficult for me to install.
    For the rest X-plane is awesome!

  6. Hi,

    There is nothing in Steam Beta option for me, is this limited by country?

    Thank anyway.

    Curitiba – PR – Brasil

    1. No, it should not be limited by country. If you click the drop-down box “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” it should list two items: “NONE – opt out of all beta programs” and “beta -“.

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