X-Plane 10.35 is now officially released! If you run X-Plane, it will prompt you to update. Lots of details here!

I’m still trying to get WED 1.4 to public beta – that’s high priority right now!

X-Plane 10.40 is currently in development. Austin has some new features that he’s letting people test-drive; I’ll post more about 10.40 in a few weeks.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    wonderful news, thank you.

    If you work on WED 1.4 now, please try something with Linux version.
    The “points” will be always “decimal” when “Export apt.dat” or “Export scenery pack” in the apt.dat file (instead all points in the file become decimals) so when X-Plane this scenery first read – of course don´t work – and it will be no more usable (also in WED)

    Something similar passing if I try for Overlay image the coordinates to “Paste”. Altough the “original numbers” are with points (e.G. 34.56847xxx) when I paste it, will be with decimal written (34,56847xxx) and after click 34.00000000

    I know, it was earlier a problem, but me it´s still don´t work. (Ubuntu 14.04, WED 1.3)

    Thank you and have a nice day,



  2. Woow, good news!

    Congratulations for the effort and continued hard work!

    I know may be is a offtopic but in X-Plane 9.70, when you fly through fog, strobe lights lookes more realistic, and flashes on aircraft have more intensity, in my opinion look very fine. It might be added that in future or was totaly discarted?
    I know that there are others features priorities.

  3. Hey there! 10.40 is an amazing update! Thanks for providing all those Gateway/Lego brick airports. Nearly all International German Airports are included now and most of them are of really great quality (major hub Frankfurt for example).
    I love to fly X-Plane and I will love to see it evolve further! Many thanks to the whole team.

    1. Hi Alexander,

      I am really happy that you enjoy the german airports – me and a few others are hard at work to get all of them into X-Plane, and we are looking at finishing all of “West Germany” within a few months, then it´s on to the rest of Germany.

      I feel that the global-airports creation movement is gaining momentum slowly, and I think the major roadblocks right now is WED ergonomics and lego-brick content and variety. If WED 1.4 delivers and we could get a week of dev-time to work over the library (rip some .agp´s apart to their single objects, get some facade-height variance, get some more lines and .pol stuff) I think one could actually get the contribution to get X-Plane populated in a realistic timeframe.
      Of 35.000 airports we did about 2.000 in one year. You do the math how long it will take 😉



      1. I am 100 % with you. I am working on quebec in canada. Many airport to do. Need more variant of object. And wed 1.4 will help to share work in progress. We need a way to regroupe and comunicate.

  4. Can you give update on Oculus Rift support? It has become a must-have for me and probably many others. DCS and Elite:Dangerous are awesome with it.

  5. Hi Ben,
    have you ever thought to change the behaviour of the “Runway follow terrain contours” option? Now it’s a global setting, but since most of the airports are unusable with the option turned on it’s not convenient to have it set to on. Anyway there are some airports when it’s needed for realism and are designed to use that feature. What happens now is that I may take off from one of those airports but then I cannot land on another airport because it’s not compatible with sloped runways. My idea is to make it a per airport option which can be setted by the user, so that if I choose for example to take off from Telluride or Courchevel or Megeve than, beneath the list of ramping start position, I have a check to choose wether I want a sloped runway or not. That setting is then stored as the default setting for that airport. This way both sloped runways and flattened airports can happily coexist. Is it feasible?

    1. I have been experimenting with flattening in the scenery system, but the initial result was that the flattening didn’t work very well. The flattening tech was the same as “flat” runways and has the same problem: if the base mesh isn’t -already- divided into small triangles (because there was no airport at that location when the DSF was cut) then the flattening cannot work with precision.

      1. I’m aware that flattening won’t work fine for airport that when not placed during dfs generation (and sometimes it’s not usable even for airports that where correctly placed during dfs generation). My proposal is to let the flattening option to be a per airport option, ie. as a user I can choose to have flattenning on for every airport by default, but I can define exceptions for some airports, and I can to that in the global airport selection screen. That way, I could have flattening on, but when I choose telluride then I have a check to allow the sloped runway for it (a setting that it’s saved for later). Otherwise I can take off from Telluride but then I cannot land on another airport which is not compatible with a sloped runway.

          1. Great! I’ve a proof of concept of the airport selection screen with the anti-flattening check, if you want I can send it to you (I guess I should not use the bug report form for that).

    2. Having runways to follow terrain is one of the most exciting features on XP, it is challenging, realistic and looks so cool.
      I am starting my PPL on a 3 degree sloped runway surrounded by mountains, quite challenging for us (starters) in real life (MMJC 8120 ft MSL).
      I do practice my pattern procedure on XP, but while the runway is slopped as per the real thing, it has an abnormal spike near 04 which makes 25% of the runway unusable.
      Hopefully XP can address this sometime in the future? maybe a XP GUI tool for us? I resist flattening airports, no way! 🙂

  6. I sure hope WED 1.4 gives us some new Lego Pieces.

    I’ve stopped trying to make new airports for my country, The Bahamas, because the building facades available are just too large scale for most of our airports.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

    1. WED 1.4 will not contain new lego pieces, because the lego pieces -do not come from WED-. They come from X-Plane.

      (This is why, if you set your default x-plane folder to a copy of x-plane 9 the airport lego pieces are not there.)

  7. Would it be possible to distribute station identifiers trough a dataref in 10.40? DME, VOR… That way you can build HSI’s and DME’s that show the station identifier. Just an idea 🙂

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