X-Plane 10.40 beta 1 is here now…you can download it by checking “get betas” and running an update.

This is an early beta and I strongly recommend running it on a copy of the sim, not your main setup.

Update: release notes are here!Release notes are coming soon; I’m posting this now because I want to find out if we have new OpenGL driver incompatibilities to fix. I’ll be in Hartford all weekend, but I’m hoping that if there is a broken graphics card, I can get a patch before I have to go.

So: please try it – on a copy.  If you hit a graphics card problem, please file a bug!!

Update 2: there’s a hard crash on startup that appears to be affecting perhaps all Linux users, as well as what I’m guessing is a tiny handful of Windows users. I’ll try to get this fixed for beta 2. If you have this crash, please do report it with log files so we can catch all cases. You’ll have to use the updater to update to beta 2 when you see the announcement because the crash is happening before the auto-update check.

Update 3: beta 2 is out and fixes both the Linux startup crash and the Windows startup crash, which turns out to be specific to AMD processors.  You’ll have to manually run the updater to get beta 2 if you were having crashes.  Thanks to the several users who ran a ton of custom builds for me last night to isolate this.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

100 comments on “X-Plane 10.40 Beta 1 Is Here

  1. Ben,

    the 10.40 looks astonishingly beautiful! The flight over the Alps is so immersing…



  2. This is great! Especially thank you for the ATC taxi guide arrows option.


  3. I just completed a flight over the alps with Alpilotx’s UHD mesh on. The view is beyond belief and closer to reality than anything I have seen in a (PC-based) flight simulation
    As expected there is a significant FPS drop (by ca. 50 % compared to the non-extended scenery) but still flyable.
    A huge step forward for X-Plane !

    Best regards

      1. Hi Ben

        My rig has 24 GB. Extended DSFs were on. RAM usage was approx. 8 GB in average.

        Best regards

        1. How does that differ from non-extended. That’s really not that heavy RAM usage.

          You are on Windows? I think alpilotx’s tests were on Linux, which may treat mesh geometry memory very differently..

          1. Hi Ben

            non-extended : 6.2 GB, ca. 30 fps
            extended : 8.1 GB, ca. 20 fps
            I am on Windows 8.1.

            Location was quite in the middle of the alps (around LOKL).


          2. NOT a huge RAM hit considering how many more DSFs that is…naively that seems within the realm of “amounts of RAM people might have” and not “amounts of RAM that only alpilotx has”. 🙂

    1. I’d dreamed over Antarctica and the Arctic fly and Ben insisted hochit not add to the Global Landscape

      1. kirill, i cannot understand why you urge again and again. regarding antarctica i already pointed out to you that there’s something going on. i was hoping you’d be pleased. again kirill, please have a look to the .org developer forum (btw: this is also the right place for all your other wishes which you post here off topic)

        back to topic: thanks to the whole LR developer team. especially the extended DSF load comes at the right time for our antarctica project: at this low latitudes the tiles get really small, so the extended DSF load is very welcome.

  4. Aaaaargh!!! I can’t believe it’s happening! Can’t wait to try it out!

    Thanks guys we as a community appreciate your work! The guys at PilotEdge will LOVE this! Will report back with my experience once I’ve tried it out!

    Warmest Regards! x

  5. Well Im really surprised with RAM usage with HD MESH V3!
    Without extended ~4.5GB
    Extended ~5.7GB

    Im kinda on the edghe though as I have only 6GB , but I think people with 8GB will be just fine in every case.

    At it looks so beautiful!

    As for performance , I really didn’t notice any hit , but I already had low FPS before extended visibility , as Im using a poor GTX 460 with some really high settings (shadows , max objects roads and trees etc…).
    Got about ~13FPS with and with not extended visibility.
    However I see some reports for some major hits.. I think you would like to check that.

    1. It might not be your 460 that’s the problem. Shrink down to a 1024 x 768 window, shut off anti-aliasing and restart. If your fps are still low, it might be your CPU.

      1. There isn’t really any problem with my performance , Im loading wayyyyy too micuh on my computer , max shadows/objects/trees/roads , and 2xssaa , reflections on..

        so 13FPS is kinda OK , im using those settings only for pics LOL , for flying much lower.

        BTW , now lights looks perfectly sized! Now I hope you’ll get a chance to check the LOD of the street lights billadbords in 10.40 beta run , increasing it will make night absloutly perfect 😀

  6. My first flight with 10.40. I love the new “Nearby Air Traffic Controllers” feature! Great work!


  7. Hi Ben

    Is there a new updater? When I started X-Plane it did not let me know there was a new beta. Had to start the installer 3.22r1 I have, to get it.

    And yes love the option to get rid of ATC arrows.

    1. No new updater. This is normal – when you have a NON-beta we do not NOTIFY you of a new beta, so that normal users are not interrupted by unstable betas.

  8. Hey there great news 10.40b1 is already here!
    Is the crash mentioned above related to an “X-Plane is totally out of memory”-message?
    In case yes, I am among the “tiny handful of windows users” (Win 7, 16 GB Ram).
    If this is not the bug I will to to file one…

  9. I did two flights to test 10.40b1, day and night, klas to ksna over pilotedge. I have flown those routes hundred of times so i have pretty well established xp behavior on 10.3x

    dsf long range enabled, i loss 9-11 fps consistently (19 fps average, ram 11.94GB /32GB)
    dsf long range disabled, same performance than 10.36 (30 fps average, ram 10.88GB /32GB)

    imac 27″ retina 5k @2560×1440, alpilox hd2 mesh, skymaxxpro2, FF777

    extended dsf views are a big quality improvement, hopefully performance can be tuned over the betas? 19fps seems too low, the sim struggles, dips to 13-14 at times being not fluid.

    note: sitting on the ground doing nothing fps varies inconsistently at a times 31 to 12 back and forth, could not determine where is this coming from. Didn’t happen on 10.3x

    winds aloft are wonderfull, a lot more dynamic climbing/descending

    lights are greatly improved too, papi/vasi lights are much better to me. i was struggling a lot to read them on 10.3x

    fast dsf load algorithm seems to be working great to me, haven’t had any sim pause as before.

    1. Re perf, there’s not a ton we can do in the short term – if you want to draw more stuff, you may have to turn something else down. Anything we do to make the WHOLE sim faster will help, but will still leave extended slower than unextended.

      1. I guess when it comes to many object (or drawcalls) DX12/Vulkan will become more and more relevant. I guess that is future stuff for now. Maybe even out of scope for X-Plane 10 and more for X-Plane 11.

        1. All of metal, mantle, vulkan, and DX12 have the potential to improve draw call count, but more importantly, to improve multi-core use. The really big technically issue is that OpenGL is very multi-core unfriendly; all four of the new APIs are designed/being designed to let apps split work across cores and synchronize themselves, which is way better.

    1. heres an interesting catch!
      i have a 3 monitor setup, two on two separated Nvidia 750GTX and on in my Intel motherboard videocard.

      if i have the Intel board monitor as primary, i get this error, now i changed the primary to my Nvidia 750 monitor and now x-plane works.
      im running on windowed mode with the screen allways starting on the midle monitor (nividia) but it looks like xp is reading the primary monitor info.

  10. stunning visuals with the new DSF check box enabled, and still decent frame rates too, just had to change trees down to sparse and ani filter level down to 2x.

  11. Great news. I’ll test this out on my iMac. Can’t wait to see what you guy’s are able to do with the upcoming ‘Metal for Mac’! Any thoughts?

  12. Hello Ben !
    outstanding work again. no probs with NVIDIA @ Windows, some “shadow flickering” is also gone

    made a small video, from min 3:20, you can see the extended DSF´s (sorry for the format, was recorded with tripple screen, some normal will follow!


    there is only small FPS lost, but not so bad for this visibility enhancement !

    Cheers !

  13. Hi Ben,

    Nice to see the beta so soon, I wasn’t expecting it for a little while longer. Looking at the changelog (and reading this blog) it looks like the release is a little smaller and a little more overarching than the 10.30 release. Is this an accurate statement? By that I mean there doesn’t seem to be any one “really big” feature driving it like the GPS for 10.30 (it seems like the closest might be the new DSF stuff). Sort of related to that question, about how long is the beta going to last for 10.40 would you guess? Longer than 10.30? Shorter? About the same?

    1. In terms of code change it’s not smaller than 1030, it’s similar in size. In terms of headline features, nothing’s as big as the GNS 430 was as a single feature. There’s a lot of under-the-hood change in this one.

      I’d be happy with an eight-week beta. Shorter than 1030 because the 1030 beta dragged on, but still a long beta.

  14. Yes 10.40b1 is good!

    2.66 Ghz Intel Core i5 iMac 27” – 9 Gb 1067 Mhz DDR3 – ATI Radeon HD 6970M 2048 mb – Yosemite 10.10.3

    Only 800mb average in extra memory with default mesh so no memory issues as it hovers around 5-6gb.
    You notice the extra processing, and a 10fr loss with full surround mesh (no water) and no horizon volumetric mist.
    I’m okay but it will be a hard hitter for anyone with an older slower machine?

    If any fine-tuning can be done it is at ground level, the extra mesh + a lot of autogen can be a framerate hitter, at ground level you don’t need the long distance view, but it does slow you down.

    Tile dsf loader is very good, smooth, you only notice a wait with large tile like the South-East of the UK
    and even then it is only a slight drag, when you are flying the NAV display is very full with a new set of dsf loads! Impressive.

    Yes the extra distance is excellent from a altitude 35,000ft, but the biggest difference from this height is actually closer and the detailing below. Coastlines are amazingly good, and harbours now really stand out.

    No computer crashes on two flights, so performance is excellent

    “Quick Start” command is where? and “Presets” are Laminar’s or can we set them to our favorite settings?

    Still early days but first look is very good 🙂 SD

  15. With extended DSF off, I’m getting an extra 7-10 FPS at the Aerosoft payware Heathrow and at least 25FPS over London with the converted London City X.
    Loving 10.40B1 !!

  16. Fired up just for few minutes. Great job. Presets work as advertised, love them.
    Can not wait to test all other items.

    Thank you Ben and LR Team. 🙂

  17. I’ve noticed significant FPS loss in helos with this beta… So far I’ve been able to reproduce this with the built-in Jetranger and the payware Dreamfoil AS350B3+.

    What happens is that FPS will gradually decrease with increasing of rotor RPM. In my case in the Jetranger I’m going from 38 to 18 FPS in the course of engine start and spool-up to idle power…

    This clearly doesn’t happen in 10.36 using the exact same setup (settings, plugins, scenery).

    Before I go and file a bug report I would like to know if anyone else is able to reproduce this?

    I’m on Win7, 16GB RAM, Geforce 660GTX 3GB VRAM (NVidia driver 352.86).

  18. Ben. The update notice mentions that winds aloft data will now be downloaded from the web. Can you please advise which website it will be downloaded from and whether the principle of having three layers and extrapolating data between the layers will be retained? Thank you!

    1. I don’t know the data source, but I think it’s US only; you’ll have to ask Austin. Third parties can input their own winds-aloft files from wider or different data sources too.

      1. Hi! Thanks for this impressive new version. But I have to make a point about the release notes. Please, please, please: If some feature is “US only”, say so. It is really annoying for us that do NOT fly in the US to figure out later, even getting to think that we have a bug. I know that the NOAA policy of open data is far better that what we have in Europe, not to talk of other places, but if you announce a feature like “winds aloft”, and in a blog comment we might not be able to use it, is dissapointing.

        Btw, keep on with this amazing sim!

  19. Hey! loving the new visibility…. been waiting so long for it! Was wondering however if you guys have talked about or considered also extending the night lights all the way to the edge of the visibility? Right now looks like the major interstates cut off before the residential streetlights, and they both cut off at around 20-30 miles, would really be great to see the lights of LA or whatever at 100 miles! Keep up the good work guys..

  20. Hello Ben, excellent job on Beta 2, it now runs again on my AMD machine!
    The extended DSF view is just awesome! Here are a few figures a quickly collected: over the alps with HD mesh 3 and World2Xplane towns and cities:
    – Ram usage 6.7 GB and ca. 30 fps with low DSF view
    – Ram usage 8 to 9 GB and ca. 20 fps with high DSF view

    Why is the Ram use increase so low…?

    I also noticed what Stephen Dutton has noticed: FPS largely running up and down for no known reason inextended DSF mode. That is high up to 28 or so, but also down for a short time to 15. Around 20 average though.
    I like his idea to only load high DSF range at high altitudes. Would give some headroom for more frame rate during approach and landing procedures…
    Best regards to the whole team!

    1. RAM use increase shouldn’t be that high because the range of instantiated 3-d doesn’t go up that much for having the extra DSFs, because they’re so far away.

  21. Hi Ben and thanks for all the amazing work. 10.4 beta 2 runs without issues on my Mac and I love the extended DSF when flying high. My question is in regards to the new movie recorder, in the release notes there is a mention about “New multi-core AVI-based movie record – replaces QuickTime, runs on all platforms, 32 or 64-bit.” I Still have the toggle Quicktime Movie on/of in the file menu, and when I tried to capture a movie, (it’s been a since 10.2 came out) the program crashed. Is it operated the same way it used to be CTL+? Running 10.40 beta2 on Mac OS X 10.10.3 . And yes! The entire team at Laminar Research ROCKS. Stay well and keep up the excellent work.

    1. Please file a bug – the “QuickTime” in the menus is the strings being out of date, but it should have made an AVI file – instead it sounds like it crashed.

    2. I had the same crash on my Mac – it went away after I filled in the preferences (quick time recording prefs).

      Maybe this helps in your case too…


  22. It seems strange but I’m experiencing a massive performance drop with 10.40 b1 and b2. Sitting on the runway I’m getting 30 fps with 10.36 and 19-20 with 10.40. This is without extended DSFs. Exact same airport / plane / weather settings. I’ve been able to reproduce the 10 fps gain/loss when switching back and forth between 10.36 and 10.40 using the installer twice now going both ways.

    1. I’ll try to post in a few days how to use the fps test – there really shouldn’t be a -backward- result with fps, but if there is, the fps test would give us a measurable test.

      1. I (along with some in the forums) have the same thing. Sitting at LAX I get 40 fps in .36, and about 27 in .40b2 – no changes in settings and without extended DSFs. Can reproduce by going back an forth between the versions.

        It’s a stinker Ben 🙂

      2. Thanks Ben! I’ve submitted a bug report and attached log files from seperate fresh installs of 10.36 and 10.40 b2. With the same setup, version 10.36 produced 53.3 FPS with 0.19 cpu time and 0.18 gpu time, while version 10.40 produced 34.2 fps using 0.29 cpu and 0.28 gpu time. This is a 38% decrease from simply updating. Ouch! Hoping this can be fixed before 10.40 goes final.

        1. I’ve said this before: you _do not_ need to post to the blog with “I wrote a bug report and it says X and Y and Z”. We get the bug reports! We really do!

  23. Fantastic!

    I can’t wait for the atmospheric elements to be fixed now—infinite viz above the first cloud layer, transparent overcasts, lack of moon illumination, etc…

  24. I now have changed to Windows 10 Insider Preview

    X-Plane 10.40b2 is working very good – no errors

  25. I just tried the video portion in B2. I love having the ability to do this once again. Thanks. Is there a way to adjust the Gama settings for the video. It appears really dark in the video when it looks great in real time. What file would I change to accomplish this? Also looks like about 10fps is a good setting to record. I am not sure what determines this as I would think 30-60fps would be ideal, but the video is way too fast when that high.

  26. Quote:
    “OK we now get winds aloft from the net! It is is annoying that I put this off for YEARS, and then did it in one EARLY afternoon. But, it is here now.”

    What should I expect outside the USA? I tested just leaving LPPT, over the Atlantic and it gives me zero wind, while NOAA predicts 34 knots. If this is a bug I will report but maybe it isn’t; maybe winds aloft covers just the USA.

  27. 10.40b2 is a stunning update Ben! Congratulations!

    I spent a lot of time adjusting the rendering settings last night and discovered that as I increased the Texture Resolution towards “Extreme Res!” (with a restart every time), the frame rate actually got better!

    I guess my system is starting to get old (i5 with a Matrix HD7970 @ 4800 x 900 across three 21″ screens) but with Extended DSF on, I was getting 16fps with the Low and Medium Presets on the Flight Factor B757-200.

    So I moved away from the Presets and started raising the Texture Res. setting.
    By the time I made it to Extreme, I had 21-22fps with HDR and Extended DSF on!

    Hopefully, your new reporting feature is providing you with this data.

    Keep up the great work!

      1. My findings were a bit deceiving as I was tweaking the settings on the ground at EDDT.

        I just flew on VATSIM from EDDT to EHEH.
        It was a struggle… Average fps was 10-12 and it was dropping to 4-7fps… Ouch!

        My next option is to downgrade to “Very High” on the Texture Res and disable Extended DSF’s.

        I’ve held on to my hardware specs for almost 3 years, which makes my system quite “prehistoric” at this point!

        But new look of X-Plane is totally worth an overdue upgrade!


  28. great job ! 10.40 is beautiful !

    Alti pilot mesh V3 is THE frame kill with extended DSF (on my rig). When deactivatind the mesh, I gain +10fps at least (and x-plane is still very nice with default mesh).

    What about an option to select the mesh resolution between defa

    1. (sorry, I hit a wrong key 😉

      What about an option to select the mesh resolution ? for example to reduce the altipilot mesh resolution from the higher to an intermediate resolution (but better than default one).
      That probably would cost some cpu when loading the scenery (to reduce resolution), but could we gain some more fps with that ?

      Water reflextion is my other big frame hit (obviously) and I had to reduce it a lot.

      By removing high res mesh V3 and educing the water reflexions to the minimum, I go from avg 15fps or worse to avg 30 (in europe, with lots of buildins, and with simheaven last sceneries.)

      1. The mesh LOD can’t be selected in sim – it’s “baked” into the mesh. So if you want something between the normal and HD mesh, someone has to make it.

        1. Hi Ben, is there any setting to extend night lighting distance? I read the comment on the other blog regarding art controls but it suggests it does not work. It’s amazing that you’ve extended high altitude detail, and to extend the night lighting distance would be very fitting to go with the new DSF.

          X-Plane’s night lighting is praised but similarly is disappointing having only 10 miles of lights, with batches of lights popping in. Higher than 6000ft or so it becomes disappointing.

          I can’t stress enough how amazing the new DSFs are, it’s only using 5.9GB for me!! Unbelievable. Running 60fps until clouds are drawn, which are bad enough without extended DSFs.

          1. No – and no art control – I need to look at this in the sim.

            I agree the current 20 km light limit on roads is short. I fear that getting more is going to cause a perf hit though.

          2. Hi Ben – thanks. I understand the performance hit issue, however reducing the number of roads from tons to default shows ONLY the main roads – so this is a good strategy to overcome performance issues, whereas setting the roads to tons shows all the street lights on top of main roads.

            Unless you get the opportunity to display tons of roads and tick box for only main road nightlighting or main + streets.

            Hope this helps you.
            Are there any art controls that would help increase cloud performance? I have found that cloud performance is independant of what plane you fly! For example, flying default F22 or Ramzess/Flyjsim planes both yield the same minimum of 38FPS. My GPU has only 60% utilisation with clouds so it leads me to believe the CPU might be the bottleneck, although not fully utilised.


          3. The problem with only using main roads is that the scenery just looks absolutely horrible when close to it. In fact, the road map Alex and I have for autogen is to -always- draw all of the roads, and simply make them -simpler- (less polygons, less 3-d objects attached to them) at low settings.

            The current results with non-extreme roads are, IMO, unacceptably ugly, and I would suggest that taking roads to extreme be the FIRST setting a user max out when setting up X-Plane; it’s _not_ an expensive setting if the object density, world LOD, and traffic are kept down!!

            Re: clouds and GPU utilization: I _do not_ trust some of these GPU numbers. Here’s why:

            The GPU is a pipeline and it has -three- kinds of resources that can be consumed:
            1. “ALU” – basically actual computing and math done on the farm of shader cores living on the GPU itself.
            2. “Bus bandwidth” – the bandwidth to bring data from VRAM on the the GPU itself.
            3. “Raster ops” – the ability to blend shaded pixels back into the framebuffer. The raster ops units can get backed up if we run out of bus bandiwdth, but they’re also a resource in their own right (the math done to blend is -not- done by the shader ÅLUs).

            (There are other things like the input assembler and rasterizer, but these pretty much never back up in X-PLane.)

            So…if your GPU says it’s 60% occupied, what does it mean? It could be 100% raster op utilized, 60% ALU utilized and go “I’m bored.” But this does us no good – without more raster ops, we’re not going any faster.

            With that in mind:
            – The way to REALLY know if you are GPU bound is: _make the window or screen smaller_. If smaller = faster, your GPU _is_ the bottleneck…some part of it…regardless of what that control panel says.
            – It is exceedingly rare to be CPU bound on clouds.
            – There are no art controls available to reduce CPU overhead on clouds.

  29. It is a nice update. I did noto noticed any change in performances at same settings. But a faster loading time.
    I was expecting something more for the weather engine, but again no great innovations…the winds aloft could have been achieved with an external plugin…
    When will be possible to have a decent weather panel like, the one in flightgear (for example…)? When will be possible to fly in thermals and sudden turbulence both gliders and GA airplanes? When will benpossible to “paint” not only clods, but also thermals and turbulence on a map? When will be possible to “save and reproduce” the same weather situations?
    But thanks anyway…

    1. Please contact tech support or take this to forums; this isn’t an appropriate venue for “my system is not working well, here’s my config files, help!”

      1. For the record only:

        Fixed in Beta 3: Fixed performance loss with spinning props on NVidia Windows.

        This bug dropped my framrate by 7

  30. Hi Ben,

    one thing about the RPOS-UDP transmit: I did put together a simple iOS moving map using the new feature (and using Xcode 7’s new feature of testing on the device without a developer account, which is even better!).
    It could be me as a beginner in XCode & networking, but it looks like X-Plane sends the RPOS data at every frame regardless of the desired frequency as mentioned in the document (which I did sent with a string, e.g. “RPOS\1”, I tried “RPOS\1” ans “RPOS\1”, no change). It also seems to not stop transmitting with “RPOS‘‘ or the other variants.
    So, is it just my lack of programming skills, or time to file a bug? And if my lack of skills, would it be possible to supply a small example in XCode?

    Thanks, Patrick

    1. Well, looks like “backslash zero” is lost in the comments. The strings were “RPOS”+backslash zero+backslash 1 or “RPOS” + variouss backslash zeros + backslash 1…

    2. Please file a bug.

      To everyone! In general!

      If you are going to post here and say “here is the bug, should I file it”, PLEASE JUST FILE IT!

  31. *correction, default roads tender only render the main roads/highways with their respective lighting.

    Whereas tons shows main roads plus all streets and their respective lighting.

  32. Hi Ben I’ve done some testing;
    -Turn off/on hyperthreading, and downclock CPU to 3.9ghz from 4.4ghz
    -Asus GTX780, downclock vs overcloxk
    -Then the same with the newGTX 980 Ti 6GB from MSI

    I have taken into account what you’ve said regarding clouds, but with the testing of frame rate, I saw NO change switching the 780 to 980 Ti with clouds, as well as overclock/underclocking them both – average fps are withing margin of error and negligible;

    Instead I saw INSTANT and consistent loss of frame rate as I progressively downclocked from 4.4 to 3.9ghz, 100mhz at a time, with hyperthreading not making much difference (4 cores, 8 threads)

    Changing resolution from 1920×1080 to 1200x 720, as well as resizing the windowed mode made a difference of 2fps.

    All trating was done in overcast clouds at 9000ft, while parked at KBFI on runway on default 747.

    I urge you to try this and I’m very sure that this can be replicated. I’ve downclocked the GPUs with no loss of frame rate, and it made no difference to fps!!!

    I really hope this helps you and would I feel privileged to be part of the beta testing, we’re just tired of cloud performance. What good is the new weather data, winds aloft etc in 10.40 if the performance ruins the experience?

    Warmest Regards

  33. Hi Ben,
    I just tested the Epic 1000 on 10,40b2 you have made a good job. there are still some glitch like when you switch plane on Carenado. the fps goes down. but it does not happen all the time.

    on my mac with win 8.1 extend DSF load at 2.245 and without 1.587 gig ram. I was expecting very high? fps will vary a lot it will goes to 15 up to 35. Skymaxx does not seem to like it more test need to be done. but i used to have better with skymaxx.

    so fare for a beta it look strong the final will be very nice. Beta work great!

    if i can pin point the glitch I get some time, (on and OFF) i will file a bug report.

  34. Hello Ben
    10.40 is sweet. It looks so amazing.

    In fact X-plane with a lot of the scenery add-ons such as HD meshv3 and the like is so great a lot of video guys are doing their best to show it off on Youtube.

    Would you be able to add a function that removes the playback panel at the top of the screen when in replay mode?
    This would be huge for us video guys.

  35. Oh dear, I wasn^t patient, because driver nvidia 352.86 don^t work with beta 2.

    system: gtx 750Ti

    bye bye

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