X-Plane 10.40 beta 4 is out now – if you are running X-Plane 10.40 beta 3 you can auto-update.  The release notes are updated, but a few highlights:

  • The QPAC FMC is fixed and will have procedures for airports again.
  • A bunch of improvements to METAR parsing.
  • Fixed crashes in Plane-Maker.
  • Plane-Maker’s classification screen has the tail number fixed.

There are still a bunch of things we’re working on, but I wanted to get this beta out to get the QPAC users going again.

Please report bugs on the bug reporternot in the blog comments. If you are not sure if something is a bug, report it.  (Do not post to the blog with “I saw X, and Y, and Z, should I report a bug?” Just report it!)

If you see reproducible FPS loss between 10.36 and 10.40, please set yourself up with identical setups and if you can still see the loss, report a bug. Since beta 3 we had several performance-loss bugs, but most of them were unreproducible.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

17 comments on “X-Plane 10.40 Beta 4 Is Out

  1. Just updated to Beta4, take off from KSEA Rwy 16L (using XP real Wx), have you changed something in view in Chase & Circle mode? as it is now absolutely stunning! 🙂
    The relative movement of camera and aircraft has a very smooth and fluid movement when compared with older version of XP10.

    1. sure, but the used to be assigned mouse wheel to zoom in and out in those view modes is no longer working 🙁

  2. Great performance, in last version I had stutering and now it´s ok. Great work.
    Only I have a problem with my B407 dreamfoil, when the weather changes with any injector as xprealwx, efass or NOAA, the engine and pump turn off. In other versions my friend tell me that this problem it´s know, but I have reported it

    Thanks again for your great work.

  3. I never had problems updating X-Plane. However, updating to 10.40.b4 the updater went into a loop looking up available download servers.

    I found that I recently upgraded Norton Internet Security to version I found that I had to Disable Smart Firewall to succeed updating X-Plane to 10.40.b4.

    In Smart Firewall all Uncommon Protocols are enabled. All Traffic Blocking Exceptions are DISabled. Is the X-Plane updater using any of those; like Network Discovery, Windows Web Services, Remote Procedure Call, etc.?

    1. Absolutely no weird protocols. The installer uses HTTP, and that’s it.

      Please file a bug so I can have you try a newer installer.

  4. Can’t wait to test this. Had some issues with not loading parts of airport scenery.

    Rudy, zoom wasn’t working in the last beta as well.

  5. Here, same situation. Mouse wheel “zoom” is working only in 3-D Cockpit Command-Look.

      1. Здравствуйте Бэн, можете добавать ещё отражение окружающей среды и солнечных бликов на фезюляже самолётов и реалистичную траву на газонах аэропортов.

        1. Perhaps some day.

          Please type carefully; I think you mean фюзеляже, not фезюляже? (This is hard for me to figure out!!)

          1. My russian is a bit rusty, but I think he had a question about scenery at extreme latitudes 😉

  6. I get this often

    SASL: Path to panel: E:\X-Plane 10\Aircraft\General Aviation\DA42 Twin Star 3.0\avionics.lua
    SASL: Loading avionics…
    –=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: SASL}==–

    I know it is a plugin- but it is in almost every plane. should i file a bug report with you or them? (10.40B4 and B5) mostly when reloading a plane.

      1. Will do.

        Lots of plane have glitch with sasl.

        Look like they will need to update the binary.

        Fps is back to normal on 10.36 “like” setting. As long as the model does not have heavy avionic.lua “again lua”

        Anyone know the web site “link” of the developer responcable of sasl please post

        Good job

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