Since El Capitan came out, SASL has been crashing on quit when used in aircraft with customized sound. While I work on neither SASL nor El Capitan, both are (at least partly) open source, so I spent a few hours yesterday and located the bugs.

The good news is: this bug is fixed in SASL version 2.4. The bad news is: you’ll need to make sure the aircraft you are flying is using SASL 2.4 – and this applies to every aircraft that you have that uses SASL.

If you develop an aircraft using SASL, you can get the latest free version of SASL here. Note that this new version is apparently 64-bit only.

If you are using a freeware aircraft that is no longer supported, I think you could theoretically drop in the new SASL and see if it fixes things. If the aircraft is payware, the aircraft author might not be thrilled to have to support a “modified” aircraft and might prefer to do the upgrade in-house.

If you are a developer of SASL or you use OpenAL, you can read the gory technical details here.

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9 comments on “SASL Crash Fixed – You’ll Need a New SASL

  1. This is very good news, those crashes were getting me crazy

    Can we just replace SASL plugin files and it should work (payware acft)? or we must wait for developers to release updated versions?

    1. I have no idea. YMMV. Naively I would expect that aircraft using reasonably recent free versions of SASL can just have the plugin replaced. I don’t know how good SASL’s backward compatibility with old versions of the plugin are.

      1. I tried updating SASL plugin to the Airfoillabs C172, the aircraft gets useless, very weird behaviors, but no more crashes when changing plane or exiting xplane. We will have to wait for the developer to update it but seems good news.

  2. I have stayed on Yosemite to avoid the SASL problem (and got the nVIDIA web driver to take care of the red lines); can I test the new SASL version in older aircraft on Yosemite before upgrading to El Capitan, or do I need to upgrade the OS X first to make sure?

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