X-Plane 10 Mobile is among the first games to be released for NVidia’s Shield set top box.

Part of the work of doing this release was putting game controller support into X-Plane mobile – you’ll be able to use a game controller on your Android or iOS phone or tablet too.

And part of the work was making the entire user interface accessible from a game controller, e.g. only button presses, no touch screen input. That code is going back to X-Plane 10 Global for keyboard navigation in our next generation user interface.

The 747 is out for X-Plane 10 Mobile too (iOS and Android):

The 747 started on X-Plane 10 Global and has been moved over to X-Plane 10 Mobile. We’ve tried to keep the two versions synchronized, so we can move some of the improvements from mobile back to the desktop version of X-Plane.

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  1. Hi Ben, we Windows 10 Mobile users would also like to play X-Plane Mobile. Do we have any chances?

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