X-Plane 10.45 release candidate 1 is out (and will be available on Steam for users who have selected to get betas within a few days). If you aren’t running betas and would like to try it, run your X-Plane Installer, pick update and check “Get  Betas”.

If you are the developer of an add-on aircraft and you haven’t tried 10.45 yet, please try it as soon as possible!  We caught a few surprising systems-related bugs and fixed them for RC1, but overall beta bug reporting has been quite low; we can’t fix what we don’t know about, and some bugs might only be reproducible using your add-on.

X-Plane 10.45 is a “small” patch for us in that it doesn’t contain major changes to the code, but it contains a number of features you might like:

  • An update to the global airports.
  • The global airports won’t conflict with custom scenery – new exclusion  technology prevents overlapping buildings.
  • Nav data has been significantly updated – lots of bug fixes are in 10.45.
  • The GPS data for the G430 now contains IAFs, so you can fly GPS approaches with proper transitions.
  • Proper prop torque for aircraft that opt in.

I keep meaning to post about other stuff we’re working on; I’ll post an update soon. But for now, try 10.45 before it goes out the door!

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

12 comments on “X-Plane 10.45 RC1 Is Out – Go Test Your Airplanes!

  1. Hi Ben,

    I did the update yesterday and also tried it with Control Pad version 1.04 but Control Pad kept on saying it couldn’t detect a running version of xplane on the network. How could this be? Is there a bug with Control Pad 1.04 or Xplane 10.45 RC1 ? Or are my installations corrupted? Just wondering.

      1. Hi Ben,

        False alarm and sorry to be posting here.

        Apologies, it appears my problem was due to improper IP settings at the NET CONNECTIONS section. Didn’t realise the IP Address of my ipad changed. All seems to be working fine now.

  2. The new exclusion technology works perfectly! Even though this is called a “small” patch it is a “big” deal to me with this enhance feature. Thanks!!

  3. FYI – The installer is changing users’ rendering settings, causing frame rates to plummet for some users. Cloud settings changing to 50%.

  4. I guess in Steam this should appear under
    Settings -> Account -> Beta participation -> Steam Beta Update,
    but at this moment there is no X-Plane option available.
    I assume this will be coming in the next few days, or am I missing something?
    I could not locate the mentioned ‘installer’.

    1. The steam version of rc1 may not be up yet; when I posted this, only the LR version of RC1 was out; the Steam one was in the works.

      It sometimes takes a day or two for the Steam version to get cut, especially if it’s over a weekend.

      1. The Beta opt-in tab seems to longer be available for X-Plane on Steam. Has that ability been removed and we will only see final released versions?

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