Update: some answers about performance, hardware and settings.

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  1. Nice cloud structure. Is it a result of changes in the weather engine, or is it just a nice random cloud? 🙂

  2. What hardware do you test on? CPU/GPU & RAM. I ask because I see the screen cap above appears to hit the CPU a touch harder than GPU, which is not terribly surprising as it’s extremely heavy on objects, drawing what appears to be a very object-dense Manhattan Island.

  3. that looks so much better, well done. any chance of doing something about the roads on the side of hills etc as they look aweful and at wrong angle. this is all looking so good i just need my rift headset to link in with xp to make it almost real. thanks.

  4. Now that’s a teaser! I know a picture is worth a thousand words but let’s have some description please! 🙂 I must be flying on the wrong side of the world but those tall high rises are something I’ve never really seen before. Nice frame rates with all those buildings!

  5. I’m pretty sure you are trying to hint at something…
    Hmm.. I think you are pointing at the trees right ?


  6. “Welcome to Taxi Simulator” – Just kidding 🙂

    Seems like a new and more performant autogen system? Looking forward for future blogs about this new version

    1. No – those buildings are all new buildings designed for desktop autogen. The AG systems in desktop and mobile are totally different; the mobile ones were custom built using the v9 AG art assets as a start point.

  7. *Looks at image*

    *looks at FPS*

    *looks at image*

    Did you figure out how to draw geometry on multiple cores asynchronously? Or is this an i7 overclocked to 5ghz and an overclocked Titan? (or were you running at the resolution of the screenshot?)

    Either way, that seems unpossible. (though, looks like you have water reflections turned down a few notches)

  8. Ben,

    I am anxiously awaiting this. Did you upgrade your equipment? I had understood that your computer was not a screaming monster, but the framerates – considering what is displayed – are phenomenal!

    Thanks for your tireless efforts!


    1. This is the new iMac, _not_ the old 2008 Mac Pro I used to use as my main Mac dev machine. I’m guessing my PC would do better, but I haven’t tried that yet.

  9. long time coming, it will really be good to have updated art assets and filled in cities, * a little hard to tell in the image based on time of day, but if the buildings real need to have lit textures. nice work

  10. Looks great and I see the frame rate is very good too. Is it possible to get some info about the computer that you’re using? Is its high end machine or just middle of the row? Thanks for the preview 🙂

  11. Nice autogen upgrade. Or is it OSM building data based ?
    Fewer, but much bigger buildings might even bump the framerate …

  12. Hi Ben
    Awesome screenshot!!!
    Is there any improvements for the weather in xplane 10.5 ? the weather in xplane is quite good only i would like to see the wind aloft for the rest of the world not only US/Canada.
    Keep up the great work, Xplane is the best flight simultor in the market.

  13. Ben, please make the night more light, such as Let the light from the moon and from the major cities, and that the cloud would move with the wind !!!

  14. Nice photo…

    Are you also able to increase the LOD for viewing these buildings (especially the really tall ones) from a great distance?

    In the sim, I think the building looks great until the view is cut off once you are 3 miles out and seeing ‘fading’ buildings. I think the’ really tall skyscrapers’ should have an infinite LOD to increase the immersion and maintain a skyline from a distance. The same thing for night lights.

    I would like to have sliders for these settings to tailor the view vs performance hit.

    1. Increasing the LOD is on or todo list – we’re not sure what the perf hit is going to be, but whatever the LOD is now, it’s too close.

      The world LOD affects LOD, so if we adjust the building LOD you would cut it back down by not running on max world LOD.

      1. Thanks for your reply…

        Currently, I use a special notepad editor to do a find and replace for the tall buildings and adjust their LOD (given that they had a higher LOD to begin with) to something like 1,000,000. It makes a huge difference when taking off from KFLL, heading south and seeing the tall building on the coastline in Miami.

        The performance hit for me is very little (I run extreme objects). However, my crude LOD method does not adjust the LOD for every tall building as I see some still fade in, but that’s a small percentage compared to what I am able to see from my LOD adjustment.

        I mainly fly Helicopters and GA aircraft, I am rarely over 8 thousand feet, so the ground “eye candy” is important to me. With XP’s 3D ground environment, the immersion is unbelievable.

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