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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

40 comments on “KATL At Night – X-Plane 10.50

  1. Oh!!. This is another point memorable for X-Plane.
    Theses statics aircrats parked are very prety!
    Congratulation for a great work you are done and enjoy at FlightSimCon! We looking foward for new betas!

  2. Very nice Ben…

    Any chance we get to see Metars in X-Plane and if one dare to hope, metars that the weather system actually uses. Anyway, looking forward to 10.50 and the closest fix for airport flattening.

  3. I gotta say, you guys are making great improvements & progress with X-Plane development. I’m sure it’s a lot of long hours and late night but we as fans of the sim really appreciate it.

    I hope in the future (for us scenery development guys) that there’s going to be a few more little features that you can throw in there for us as well 🙂

    Thanks guys.

    – Andy S. | XPWorld Developer.

    1. Hi Ben.

      Some more lego pieces better suited to smaller airports would be much appreciated!!

      It would be nice if we could make suggestions for some generic pieces that would be very useful eg. covered walks with doorways.

      Thanks guys.

  4. Even in the darkness, the future is bright for X-Plane. Go Ben, go! (And Austin and Tom and Chris and Tyler and everyone else. Is it tomorrow yet?

  5. Thank you Ben – Loving how you guys are improving X-Plane more and more constantly.

    I’ve asked this before and you may not be able to answer but I’ll ask again 🙂 Is VR coming to X-Plane? I understand though that OpenGL is an issue with it?

    Thanks again guys!

    1. VR is coming at some point. Our previous work on the Rift isn’t compatible with the new SDK, so I don’t know when it will ship.

      1. I would like to comment on that, based on my experience at Flight SimCon. I’ve used both the Rift and the Vive and I agree entirely with Austin’s comment that the resolution is not great. However, yesterday I tried out the demo of FSX running on the Rift… and…

        …it was EPIC.

        I can’t describe it other than to say that it was the closest thing to real life that I’ve seen. Every switch and dial in the cockpit was 3d and could be observed as I moved my head around. I could look out the windows and see the wings in perspective, and the runways and buildings beyond. Flying was natural and I easily made a shallow turn to line up with the runway. I had perspective to judge the flare.

        Austin was complaining that the user can’t read their airspeed gauge, but I didn’t find it to be a problem. The other point is that you can simply lean your head forward and get closer to the gauges, then they are easily readable. I leaned in on the engine gauges just like I would do in a real plane and there was no issue.

        What I am trying to say is that we shouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good here. The immersive experience of the VR was so incredible that I forgot any complaints I had about pixel density. I’m really hoping you guys can ship something sooner rather than later.

        P.S. I do hope you can support the Vive as it is the slightly better of the systems at present.

        1. DCS World is also great in VR – actually the best VR experience in flight sim at the moment but I would love to see it in X-Plane as I love the flight model in X-Plane.

          DCS World in only military aircraft whereas I would love to fly GA aircraft etc in VR X-Plane 🙂

          You very quickly forget about the resolution because the feeling of being in the aircraft and the feeling of actually flying is overwhelming.

  6. Hey Ben
    I saw your presentation at FlightSimCon2016 and I gotta say that everything you showed is amazing!

    A little request though , can you please post the pictures that you showed there , so we can watch them in our computers in full quality? (mainly those PBR and occlusion)

        1. never mind, found it on Youtube. wow, so many awesome things coming for desktop!

      1. I was just being sarcastic, sort-of ! lol…

        Amazing presentation at FSConn2016 !!! You guys are brilliant ! I think I am going to write you in as a candidate for president !

        One question, Is there going to be a 10.60 or are we moving on to 11 after 10.50 ?


    1. It won’t be released toady. I might be able to -cut- the beta today, but even if I do, it will need to be uploaded, which has to run overnight.

  7. Very nice! But the electricity failed in the US? The light on the platform is too dark.

  8. Hello.

    Some people are saying the Beta won’t be released for Steam customers for several months. Is that correct?

    1. No. What is correct is that the beta for Steam customers will happen at the release candidate of this version. In other words, the bug finding period of the beta will -not- happen on Steam. This is how all betas have gone since we released the Steam version.

  9. Screen shot looks awesome. I hope the night lighting draw distance can get addressed at some point also!

    P.S. Great presentation at FlightSimCon Ben. Looking forward to PBR, Ambient Occlusion, and pretty much everything else you’ve got up your sleeve over there.

  10. In my opinion Ambien Oclusion will melt out PC, but if not, this will be amazing.
    Another poit where X-Plane can win a lot, is in the sky! Please work more to cloud, this are very important, we spent a lot of time in cloud, and we need more variety, more shapes, more texture, acording with real world clouds. In my personal opinion X-Plane 9 had more realistic clouds than X-Plane 10.45, and was more acesible

  11. Ben: I was unable to attend FlightSimCon, can you and/or Autin make your presentation available?

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