The first beta for World Editor 1.5 is now available to download.

This version features numerous bug fixes, along with major improvements to make editing airports easier and faster by providing more visual clues. It’s also the first 64-bit version of WED!

Some highlights of this version include:

You can see the full list of bug fixes, improvements and new features in the README.WorldEditor file found in your downloaded WED folder.

Please try the latest version as soon as you can and let us know if you find any bugs by filing a report on the Scenery Tools tab of the Gateway (not the desktop bug reporter for once!).

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

31 comments on “WED 1.5b1 is out now!

  1. I assume this needs a bug report but not sure if its an x-Plane bug or WED bug.
    WED 1.5 looks nice but after I modified and exported an airport, the next time I launched X-Plane it said a new beta was available ( I was already running 10.50b6). I clicked the install update button and it apparently installed 10.50b6 again.

    Launched X-Plane and the sim gets locked in a loop saying “Done with pre loading” that went on for over 5 minutes so I force quit the sim. Apparently all scenery files loaded normally, but the log file shows THIS block of text repeated continuously:

    0:01:40.191 I/FLT: Init dat_p0 type:loc_tak apt:PAWD rwy:13
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Aircraft/General Aviation/Cirrus TheJet/c4.acf———-
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: ICAO width=A
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: SRS cat=3
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Takeoff Distance (ft): 1711
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Landing Distance (ft): 1711
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Climb Gradient (ft/nm): 400
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Descent Gradient (ft/nm): 400
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Range (nm): 294
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Turn Radius (m): 5
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Service Ceiling (ft): 36000
    0:01:40.191 I/ATC: p0: Departure Speed (kias): 72

    When I ran the updater again, it said that my X-Plane file had been modified and should be replaced. I clicked ok to overwrite the old file. Now it’s installing everything again.

    Where should the bug report be filed? WED or X-Plane? or Both?

    1. Just an update. I still have over 4 hours to go on the download of X-Plane so I copied my WED 1.5 modified scenery package to another hard drive with X-Plane 10.50b6 installed and the sim launches fine. Only thing I notice that doesn’t seem to be working is the sim generated static aircraft. Seward is a small airport so I restricted all start points to Class A aircraft GA and Tie-Down.

      Since I didn’t see any new docs on these new features, it’s quite possible that the problem lies somewhere between my ears rather than the sim. But I did what seems logical to me.

  2. Thanks to all involved.

    Would it look bad to say that I was looking forward to this more than the latest X-Plane beta? Have just launched it, looked at how great the WYSIWYG sign editor is, and also discovered the new look ramp icons.

    Very happy!

  3. Has anyone found out how the ‘flatten this airport’ works. I cannot find any command, box to check or any instructions in the readme file.

  4. thank god it was a bug on your end

    i was becoming crazy trying to get that atc frequency to match!

    thank you I had no idea it was a wed bug

  5. Ben,

    Can you fix the scrolling in the map window of the mac version of the beta. It, the map window, appears to jump two times for every one click of the scroll bar.


  6. When should we start submitting airports with the new tags/WED 1.5 to the gateway ?

    1. I`d like to know that to. I just created my 1st airport i67 Cincinnati west look great did it with the ortho. good frames can I convert it over to the other wed?
      then submit it?

  7. I was waiting for this WED update because on 10.45 I was using a trick to change the “mesh” of an airport without losing the some elements (runway, lines and pavments on apt.dat). On 10.45 if I set don´t set “runway follow the terrain” and create one fake airport with a lower height near a real airport with higher height, the taxi lines and the runway graphics appear floating on the height of the real airport, the x-plane terrain stays on the height of fake airport, then using certain parameters on .obj file (ATTR_layer_group beyond of the runway elements) and palcing a transparent plate with (ATTR_hard) I could modelate the terrain (mesh) on an .obj (with the msl height set) , blending with the area outside the terrain flatten area, and the runway bitmap and line elements apper on the modeled .obj mesh. Now with the 10.50 this “bug” of floating bitmaps don´t work anymore. but overall, this option to choose the flatten airports is a great feature! I will find another way to draw a runway and the lines on my scenery.

  8. For how long will I be able to create valid scenery with wed prior 1.50? I am still on 32Bit. So would it still be possible to be build for 32Bit?

    1. You can create valid scenery for your own use on WED 1.4.1 indefinitely.

      You will not be able to upload scenery to the gateway with WED 1.4.1 once WED 1.5 goes final.

      Theoretically WED can be built in 32-bits; we haven’t done anything to intentionally break that. But at this point we have no plans to make a official WED 1.5 32-bit binaries.

      1. OK, I will try to set a build environment up and do it myself. Lets see if I am able to do it before I finally upgrade to 64 Bit 🙂

  9. Is there any information on how these new taxi route size -parameters map to some real world values? Are they only about the width, or is there any kind of strength component also hidden into these values?

    For example; I have two runways, and I know they are both 30m wide, but one has strength “PCN78 F/C/X/T” and another “PCN87 R/B/W/T” … so – what “size” value should I use for each of them?

    With ramps it looks a lot more easy to pick correct values just by looking at the rendered plane size, but with taxiways … please provide more info 🙂

    1. I don’t know what you mean by strength “PCN78 F/C/X/T”.

      The taxiway widths are defined for wingtips and wheel width based on standard ICAO values, but you can also go to the ATC tab and the two hilights should (1) be contained inside the taxi lines (for the inner one) and (2) not hit any other wingtip markings (for the outer one).

      We’ll have docs up in a few days I hope.

  10. WYSIWYG looks good and works great! Is there any possible way to make it a little bit larger for us old farts who have trouble seeing?

  11. Great work – just a word to say XP b5 fixed my crash bug – phew!

    So I’m away and can’t try WED yet – how does the flattening algorithm work?
    Is it literally flat (perpendicular to the earths core!) or is there some other algorithm at play? And what area is flattened, the airport boundary?

    I was thinking of runways that just need some ‘softening’, and that you might ‘blur’ the underlying height bitmap to provide the softening, the airport author just needs to provide a blur-radius. …a good idea?

    In the FScon 2016 video, there was a list of airports LR are commissioning – London Heathrow was mentioned, and I think I also saw Southmpton (UK) on it.
    Is this list published anywhere? It would be good not to duplicate effort.
    Are they listed in the release notes? I’ve seen the new EGLL, but I didn’t see it in the release notes?
    Are all airports going to be gateway scenery? I’m thinking of long term maintenance and updates.

    PS – PBR? How without ray tracing? Need to google…

  12. Hi

    I wanted to know how to use the Airline field within Ramp Starts…Has this alredy got any effect…Do you use the ICAO codes or IATA…how can you enter several airline codes (with “;” “,” etc.)…what happens if the airline entered has no Airline model…?
    I am very new to the topic of scenery creation and maybe I missed a documentation.

    Greetings Ben

    1. IATA codes, space separated. But: the X-Plane library does not contain airline-specific models, so without an airline-specific library, you won’t see any difference.

      1. Is this something that will come or do I have to add? If so…how do I do add this libraries (Is there a manual I’m missing?)

  13. can I convert my scenery I just created in wed 1.5 to the older wed and re-submit it.

    1. No, and you should not do that.

      First, use 1.5 to experiment with the beta, not to do production work.
      Second, if you’ve taken advantage of new stuff in 1.5, just wait a week or two for things to stabilize, then submit them.

      1. ok .. I`m really new to this ,but its something I`ll be good at doing
        thanks for the advice

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