Today X-plane 11 went public beta! Here’s what that means:

  • Anyone can get a beta copy of X-Plane 11. You don’t have to be in our private beta program, you don’t have to have a special beta key, you don’t have to sign an NDA. If you want to try the public beta, go ahead.
  • Users who pre-purchased X-Plane 11 can use the full simulator; users who did not can use the demo.
  • X-Plane 11 is still quite full of bugs. That’s why it is labeled as a public beta and why the release notes list a number of known open bugs.

So at this point we are in a situation that is not that different from a regular public beta. If you want to try the new stuff, you can do so, but if you want to get flying, you may need to wait for a later beta. Bug reports can be filed in the bug report form,

I’ll post more in the next few days, but for now if you email and don’t hear much back, please bear with us – a major release is like a flood, and everyone’s in-box is buried right now.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

108 comments on “X-Plane 11.0 Public Beta One Has Arrived!

  1. Hi! Thanks for the beta! Don’t have much time, but found something that may be problem for some users.

    Linux installer sailently fails on Ubuntu 16.10, problem are missiong libraries. You can fix it by:
    sudo apt install libc++abi-dev libc++1

    I think that in final version this should be fixed in some way, this may be quite big problem for novice users. I found no mention in manual or installation help. Old installer from XP10 works like a charm without thise libs, so think this should be quite easly fixed.

    1. Right, because if we solve this one thing, Linux will be totally easy to use for novice users. 😉

      Seriously though, if you know of a way to statically link libc++, I’m all ears – otherwise it’s going to have to be an update to the docs.

      1. It is possible to statically link libc++ although I’m not sure I would recommend it over just documenting the requirement.

        One nice thing about GCC and libstdc++ is there’s actually a flag for this -static-libstdc++ which is mostly useful for if you want to use a new compiler while still supporting older distributions of Linux (I personally do this to distribute ZDoom for PowerPC Macs now that we use C++11/14, but the same goes for Linux). From what I can tell Clang supports this flag as well but it doesn’t work for libc++.

        What you do is add -nostdlib to your compile and link flags then manually link to crt1.o, crti.o, crtbegin.o, libc++.a, and crtend.o (use -v on the linker to see how this is done normally. The order might matter to a small degree, but I’m not positive on that). Then also specify -lc -lpthread etc manually. If done correctly you should get the result you want. Again on Mac this is fairly commonly done for using Clang/libc++ with OS X 10.6, but I have verified the same general idea works for Linux.

          1. And its things like this, that make this community so nice. People willing, and wanting to spread knowledge.

          2. In general, you can replace a “convenience link library” with a static version of given library.

      2. We should have a ubuntu package, similar to the adobe flash installer: the pkg really only includes the library dependencies and a simple script that download and executes the x-plane installer.

        1. How much stuff would be in it? I’m looking at making the libc++ stuff static per the notes in the comments, and the GL driver is kind of an open-ended ball of wax. Are there other things that we depend on that are actually dpkgs that aren’t standard these days?

          (I’d be curious to see a list; I had to dump stuff on my machine to compile that masks the release-time requirements.)

          1. I recall libopenal was needed when I installed XP10, so thats already on my system. I’ll run a test with XP11 and a fresh 16.04 install tomorrow or so.

          2. Here is how I found *ALL* dependencies caused by shared libraries. As XP doesn’t really use much other services, this should result in a list of all dependencies needed:

            Step 1 Find all shared libaries used
            ldd -r ./X-Plane-x86_64

            Step 2: reduce that to the names of the libaries only
            sed -e ‘s/^.*=>//’ -e ‘s/(0.*)//’

            Step 3: Ask dpkg what packages those are in:
            dpkg -S

            Step 4: reduce that list to uniqe package names only:
            sed -e ‘s/:.*//’|sort -u

            Or all in one command line:
            dpkg -S $(ldd -r ./X-Plane-x86_64|sed -e ‘s/^.*=>//’ -e ‘s/(0.*)//’)|sed -e ‘s/:.*//’|sort -u

            For my 14.04 system this results for XP11b6 in


            Then let the package manager decide whats missing.
            Only thing I’m not sure about is how to deal with the different graphics drivers (nvidia, amd, intel-mesa) that would to be acceptable.

  2. Fabulous!

    I don’t suppose you know if this will be released on Steam before Christmas, do you?

  3. Thank you guys, cred to all the team on a wonderful job well (ongoing)? yea lets go with that.

    I know performance is something that you continuesly work on, so I will not mention that per say. However I do hope there will be more adjusted settings in the graphics section for us that still rock the GTX770 with the 3970K CPU.. Yea its say really..

    So I want to spend this oppertunity to say cudos on some stuff I notices.

    1. 737 of course – What a bird
    2. Inline map feature, very nice and an excellent addition, even the possibility of undocking it seems good.
    3. Fog, great but why is is so foggy all the time?
    4. Night light, when it could not get any better, damn guys it just did.
    5. gui – what a master piece, thogh I miss the weather option from the menu line
    6. reflection and ambeint occlusion – well all well and most wanted, but with current setup it needs to be off
    7. PBR – Well this lay the brick road ahead

    So once again, congrats and good speed ahead.

  4. Sometimes I envy you folks and sometimes I don’t. I can only imagine that these are some of the periods that I don’t…

  5. Congratulations on the demo — works nicely with great visuals.

    Is there any way to tell it to use the 2nd monitor as the Main monitor? Seems you can select windowed mode in the Main via the pull-down menu but not in the second monitor. Quitting and relaunching when in 2nd monitor windowed mode will open it in the main monitor, apparently resized by ratio because dragging the window back to the 2nd monitor requires resizing.

      1. Hey Ben, maybe a similar question but is the GPS pop-up window persistent on a secondary display? I have an Emuteq 530 hardware GPS and would like to be able to drag the GPS window there and have it stay there every time the aircraft is loaded.

    1. The 50% CPU power is because of mutli-core. If you have a 4 core machine and we max out two of ’em the system reports 50%. 9 women can’t have a baby in a month and X-plane can’t render your main screen at 4x fps by using 4 cores.

      The 50% GPU power is probably because they are measuring the total MATH capacity (shader core utilization, which is basically whether you are ALU bound for the nerds) of your GPU, but your GPU can be limited by other stuff, like fetching textures from VRAM or internal bus bandwidth from the framebuffer.

      We are always working to make x-plane faster, but let’s be very clear: our goal is to improve your framerate, not to make sure the little graphs on your monitor tools indicate ‘maxed out’.

      1. thx for fast reply!

        Yeah, i mean 30fps is still fine for me! Everything work smooth and nice. im so glad!

  6. Hi,

    I am currently installing the demo and, as a Frenchman, I noticed as soon as the second installation screen that translation was very partial — and sometimes just wrong, like “directoire d’installation”, which means nothing in French. Would you like some help with the French version ?
    I work as an English-French translator, I am also a private pilot and a plane simulator enthusiast, so I think my help could be useful to your product.

    Feel free to contact me, and keep up this amazing work!

  7. The download speed for the installer is horrendous. I’m only getting 75 KB/s on an 8 Mbps connection. Kindly ask your CDN to crank up the bandwidth.

    1. You may be in a part of the world where our CDN doesn’t have good coverage – there’s not much we can do about that in the short term. The -average- download rate for all users is currently 11 mbits/second, and the total download rate for all users peaked out at 30 gbps last night.

      Please file a bug and note your location and service provider.

  8. the default planes are amazing Ben. Wow…X-plane 11 is running well with my graphic cards 960 gtx 4gb. You guys did a great job. Keep testing..LOL…By the way, I do not see the ground service, I ll do a research how to find it.

    1. There are commands you can bind to the joystick or keyboard to request service but you must be at an airport with trucks – there are only a few now, but we’ll get more via the gateway.

  9. I’ve just got to say how impressed I am with your work on X-Plane 11, the whole team seems to have consistently produced top level work. The code for the new aircraft in particular is well organized and easy to understand, and the functionality that has been added is superb. Thanks so much Ben, and pass my thanks as a customer to the rest of the team!

  10. I have really bad performance at the beta version and the default airport at high settings. Only 14 FPS.

    My PC:
    i7 7490k
    16 GB Ram
    AMD RX 480 8GB
    Samsung SSD 850
    Windows 10 Pro

    I think with this pc there must be much more frames possible at high settings.

    1. We’re seeing some reports of poor performance and it really seems to be certain machines, e.g. users with the same and less hardware are doing better.

      It’s too soon to look at this, but in probably 1-2 weeks we’ll put out the word that we’re ready to look at -specific- performance problems, and at that point if you file a bug, we can look at what’s wrong with your configuration.

      Please hold on for now; we’re getting so many emails we can’t look at individual perf problems yet.

  11. i feel like there a lot of things missing in the setting we had in 10

    things like setting the dead zone on joysticks etc also why not use pull from direct input on the windows it does FAR better of managing input on our end any way

    also missing options for shadows like in 10 id like to have 3d on aircraft only back please

    and on that topic why are the shadow masks so low res?

    as others have said the fog is WAY over done and lighting is way to yellow at dawn and dusk

    i just dont get what you all where thinking here some times

    1. You can have shadows on airplanes only – turn OFF “shadows on scenery” and you get what was “3-d shadows on airplanes” in v10. The two LOWER settings (which were based on drawing a shadow quad and not running shadows in the lighting engine) are gone because they looked like hell.

      1. While they looked like hell, some of us used them, knowing what they looked like and realizing by having that “hell” we had better performance elsewhere. Also thats a loss of options from the UI. Something Austin told us NUMEROUS times wasn’t going to happen. I’d ask you to reconsider that line of thinking because what you considered looking like hell was, a way for some of us to eek out more performance in other areas.

        1. Add me to the list.
          The shadows at the cockpit looks like hell without antialiasing and the contrast is much to high.

          So I would be happy to have the lower options too.

          1. The artifacts in the shadow are -not- caused by the higher option – it’s a bug.

            New rendering options are not a good substitution for fixing bugs.

  12. Hi Ben. Do you reccomand to keep XP11 with the multi-threading off in the nVidia inspector or it is ok to let XP use all 4 cores?
    I also see that the extend DFS option is gone within many others of the settings.

    1. Extended DSFs are -always on- in v11.

      Re: nvidia, I don’t know, try it both ways. The conventional recommendation with xp10 was to turn the multi-threaded driver on, but we have had reports of better results with it off in v11. I haven’t had time to investigate yet.

      1. I’m impressed! I’m running HDv3 mesh, and I didn’t dare turn on extended DSFs in XP10, on account of running out of memory. I’ve been keeping an eye on the memory usage in XP11, and I haven’t seen it bust 16 GB yet. Nice!

  13. Hi Ben, congrats to you and the team for the beta release !
    Works fine here on Ubuntu 16.04LTS. Performance is good. Stability is impressive for a new .0 beta version. The new interface is very cleverly designed, down to the small details, we just need to change some old habits. We might miss a few former graphic options granularity, but the simplification has been very well thought. And I suppose it’s easier to target a limited number of options for optimization – everybody might win in the long term.
    Cheers !

  14. Something that solved stuttering in a hi-end machine:

    A friend with an i7/4770K and GTX 1080, had stuttering problems. Solve it by switching off “Thread Optimization” in the Nvidia control panel. After that, XP11 runs smooth at 50+ fps with almost max settings.

  15. It’s all loking great there are two bugs I4ve met but I’ve filed already. Well one was through the bug report tool some gauges hjaving some strange white “lines” all over them. The other with mouse cursor that differed from actual cursor position, managed to reproduced it and sent an email to the info email, as requested on FB by Tyler 🙂

    But it is really looking already amazing 😀

  16. WOW, very impressed…
    Congrats to ALL!

    Would like to change the HAT switch to “Up-Fast, Down-Fast, Pan- Fast” but not listed!
    Looking forward to this latest version run!

    1. Yes very importent thing, we have only HAT switch normal speed listet, missing also (Up-Fast, Down-Fast, Pan- Fast) on the joystick coolie hat.
      Ben i hope you give us this options also at X11

  17. A way to pause the downloads or to download scenery from another computer would be good for people with low bandwidth.

  18. Hi All,

    First, thank you for this great Beta 1 build (after all it is beta not final), it works pretty well in short legs (I’m mainly GA simmer).
    I think that there is a huge potential in this incarnation of XP, especially the UI interface which in the older builds was too small to read, for some folks I had the opportunity to meet in the x-plane world.

    I would like to use this “forum” to point to one of the issues I do not like in UI design, and I mainly focusing on the Joystick assign screen. I don’t like that developers/designers try so hard to dumb down and limit the user ability to assign commands to certain switches. The assign screen is almost perfect, even though it seems simple, except that someone somewhere in LR decided that Hat switches will be limited to only certain amount of commands and user should not customize it to what he/she really wants or needs.
    In my case, it is the Pan View. I can only pick Normal speed pan view. This is ridicules, when I fly and I want to quickly look at the right or left gauges or outside view, it is like in a slow motion – pathetic. I find myself relying more and more on my mouse, which does not make me a happy simmer.

    If I can summarize that, I would say that: “Simmers are smart enough to setup their own commands on their own f%$#^ switches, no need to dumb it down for them” (I think that was Austin motto in his UI presentation).

    Other then that, great job, and lots of bugs to fix (I already sent 3 or 4 but you probably already knew about them).

    Love this sim and community.

    1. I think the intention is that “standard view behavior’ would be the default but “ad-hoc” would be an option. I’ll check with Tyler on the status of the feature.

  19. Quick comment on the settings UI.

    Please change the sliders which are not sliders (texture quality, etc). Asking the user to drag the mouse and guess which notch the setting is actually on is very tedious and not intuitive at all.

      1. I would prefer tick marks for the detents, or radio buttons, but since I seldom change it, I can live with it. However…
        For new users, the long slider with only a few positions can be confusing.

  20. Good looking, well-optimised, feature-rich, next-gen simulator. Really happy about it 😉

    The only issue I found so far is that it doesn’t recognize my Saitek X52 joystick. I’m running on Arch Linux. But other than that, I see a bright future for XP11 🙂

    1. If you can’t use your X-52 -at all- file a bug; if you can use it but there’s no preset, that’s because we have not made Linux presets yet; the presets are (sadly) not cross-platform.

      Also note that if you don’t have user mode access to the /dev/inputN device for your joystick, it won’t work, and that’s for you to take up with your distro.

  21. Lots of great improvements, the UI, reflections, the new fleet. I also like the new fog, BUT even with visibility set to the max the scenery looks washed out, the colors are not as bright and vivid as they were in XP-10. This is especially noticable at dusk and dawn, although flying in foggy conditions looks very nice. But the fog effect seems too strong when visibility is set higher.
    Hopefully this will be improved in the official release. Anyway, great performance and seems very stable even at this stage. Congratulations

  22. If I use my xplane 10/11 bundle key for the xplane 11 beta, my key won’t become invalid or anything once the full release of xplane 11 becomes available, downloaded the demo version of xplane 11 beta but was afraid to use my key on the beta.

  23. One thing would like to mention…. night light draw distance! The sim looks the best at night but as soon as you go > 10,000 ft on a clear night and the night lights cut off seem so close.

    1. The light cutoff is the same as in v10 and will -not- be fixed for 11.0 final.

      That is not because we don’t think it’s important…I hear from Austin about it on a regular basis! But the changes to fix this are beyond the scope of what we can cram into the 11.0 beta, so it will have to wait for a patch.

      1. That is especially good news. X-Plane loves the night, and with the new atmospherics…maybe a glow over distant cities? I well remember a night flight back in my AF days, and getting to spend time up front, watching the glow of cities pass by like islands in the night.

  24. I was doing good until my xplane 11 crash 🙁 I cannot play anymore. I was trying to run the installer to correct the problem but I doesn’t go past the verify servers. I guess hopefully I do not have to install the whole thing. Any ideas how I fix the problem.
    I get a caught an unhandled C++ exception regarding hl_thread.cpp:279 most likely related to global scenery. 🙁

      1. Hi Ben,

        Does this mean that road traffic will be a permanent feature with no option to disable it?

        The reason I ask is that in the past road traffic has always been quite a significant CPU hit, so for users with less powerful systems, it seems strange not to have this option.

        The same goes for cockpit shadows. Are these options going to be enabled at a later date or are the rendering options pretty much set in stone?



        1. There is no way we are going to have a shadow option less than “shadows on aircraft.”
          – The cost of this option compared to overlay shadows that move in real time is very low.
          – The static, not-moving contact shadow a la 1995 is unacceptably terrible.
          So shadows are one where providing the older options doesn’t make much sense – we gain no fps by the next option down and we end up in 1995 at the option after that.

          For road traffic – yes, road traffic is a CPU pig and this is on my short list of things to optimize – hopefully for 11.10. This is why at the HEAVIEST setting car traffic is still quite low.

          The settings are not set in stone but it’d take a pretty strong case to convince me to bring stuff back. I’ll have a much more detailed write up on this in a few days. A lot of stuff were removed for good reasons.

          1. In the real world our eyes adapts very fine at the different brightness in sunny/shadowed surfaces.
            With pictures it is different. And that is why I’d like to see the possibility to configure the contrast of the shadows, at least for the cockpit.
            For me the shadow is a bit looking like shadows on the moon, there is no gradient.

            But maybe that’s stuff for later versions, it is on my wishlist …

          2. We (LR) need to tune the shadow softness and brightness quite a bit.

            I am not against authors of planes having control of this, but it seems like a very strange thing to have in the rendering settings.

          3. Apart from the road traffic being a CPU pig, there are quite a few users who turn it off because they just don’t like it. I can accept that many of the rendering settings were removed for good reasons, but is there any functional reason why the road traffic should be permanently enabled?

      2. With all the complaints and comments about the lack of settings, it may be worth putting up a blog post about it/the reasoning behind it 🙂

  25. Ben do you think is it worth to upgrade 64bit OS from Win7 to Win10 for any reasons (XP11 performance it’s the most important for me)?

    1. If you are already in 64-bit win-7, no benefit to upgrade, unless you like win10. If you are in a 32-bit OS, you can’t run xp11, you have to upgrade.

  26. I have iMac 21.5″ late 2012 with 2.9 GHz Intel core i5, 8Gb 1600MHz DDR3 memory and NVIDIA GT650M 512 MB. Oldish, yes but on first running the V.11 demo at the renderings downloaded, I only got 0.03fps – never been there before! Was quicker to Force Quit than wait for the “Quit’ on the Menu to appear. With all the renderings basically at minimum I reached only 17 fps with the Cessna 172.
    I may be doing something terribly wrong (I hope I am) but there is no comparison with the 30-35 fps I get with medium settings in V.10 with several different aircraft.
    I realize it is very early in the life of V.11 so I’ll watch the Developers blog with interest until I think there may be some point in trying it out again on the ‘ole machine’.
    Since Brexit, my pension has lost over 20% (live in the USA) so a new machine is out of the question.
    Been with X-Plane since v.8 and will keep flying and enjoying myself immensely with V.10 for now.
    Oh, by the way I did take the plunge and download Sierra – perhaps that might be part of the problem.

    1. There is a problem with X-Plane 11: the default settings for X-Plane 11 are too high for your machine. I have a todo to fix the “bucketing” so we recognize your machine and put it in the lowest category.

      Also, please note that technically your machine, with 512 MB of VRAM, is below system requirements.

      With that in mind, perhaps try this setting:
      Visual FX: second to lowest
      3-d objects: medium setting
      Reflections: lowest
      scenery shadows: off
      Texture res: “medium”
      Resolution: full screen at 1280 x 720
      Set clear weather, 10 miles vis.

      What kind of fps do you get?

      1. Using Cessna 172 for go-around at Seattle on 16L at 13.15 local time with your recommendations for the rendering options:
        Full screen res. fps runway fps 2k level flight
        1280×960 26 30-35
        1344×1008 27(18) 30-32
        1600×960 27 27
        1920×1080 23(15) 24

        Figures in brackets for 747-400.
        Don’t want to fly using fractions of the screen as can’t read labels.
        Need more steps in texture resolution scale as changing by one step seemed to increase loaded textures figure way over my VRAM limit from a low figure. In V.10 I usually get this figure to around 200.

  27. Hi All,

    Here is a simple hack to get “pan right/left fast” (until it will be resolved from LR team):

    * First Navigate to “X-Plane_11″\Resources\joystick configs
    * Locate your Joystick + OS file, example: “CH ECLIPSE YOKE –”
    * Back it up.
    * Open with simple editor.
    * Scroll down to the HAT settings.
    Change the right/left/up/down as follow:

    Hat Switch 0 Direction 1: sim/general/rot_up
    Hat Switch 0 Direction 2: sim/general/hat_switch_up_right
    Hat Switch 0 Direction 3: sim/general/rot_right_fast
    Hat Switch 0 Direction 4: sim/general/hat_switch_down_right
    Hat Switch 0 Direction 5: sim/general/rot_down_fast
    Hat Switch 0 Direction 6: sim/general/hat_switch_down_left
    Hat Switch 0 Direction 7: sim/general/rot_left_fast

    Pay attention that I did not use fast up tilt.

    * Save the file
    * In X-Plane, click the “RESET to DEFAULT” in the joystick setting.
    * Press DONE after calibration.

    * Do not try to change settings of Hat Switch from UI.

    Should work now.


    1. It’s not done yet. It will ship when it is ready – that may or amy not be in 11.00 or a patch. The “proxy” g1000 in the Cirrus is there as a place-holder until we have the real deal.

  28. The Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panels (LCD Displays) currently do not work with XP11 Beta, possibly an issue with the drivers supplied by Saitek.

  29. Hi, and congratulations about your “new baby”.

    I was surprised (positively), being a beta. I have great fps in a medium machine (in Ubuntu). I’ve made a little comparation between XP10 and XP11 (with screenshots) if you like (in spanish): //

    Like said in other comments, atmospheric effects are great BUT I think it’s too exagerated. If I let 100 nm of visibility, it seems to be around 15 or 20nm at most.


    1. I seem to remember at some point it was said that the visibility was tied to the dew point spread. I tried adjusting the outside air temperature upward in the weather settings and this results in greater visibility.

      1. I thought the only case of this was us using the vis/dewpoint spread in a METAR to extrapolate long-range vis in real weather. If you tell us the vis in numbers, we do what you say.

  30. Hi Ben, one question related the AI…. will, in future releases of the XP11, the AI traffic follow a route (departure airport, arrival, altitude, etc. like in the other sim) and not turn around you like now? thanks

  31. Are the number pad keys customizable. They seem to be rewritten on every launch to Quick Look views.

  32. 1) Congratulations, I didn’t see that coming for some reason (probably “Real Life (TM)” as I am normally good in such estimations).

    2) I read something about “install on desktop”? This is actually an almost stupid proposal for Windows at least. First of all desktop (and profile) in Windows, has it’s share of issues and you can lose things. Second imagine if all programs suggested installation on… desktop. I mean yikes! Hope I misread something.

    3) I guess XP11 can coexist with XP10. But XP11 can share install folder with XP10? I guess not? So if someone is to download global data, you need twice the space? At least (if so), is there any benefit to this, like, are XP11 terrain data any “richer” (or whatever) than XP10?

    4) I see in the pricing that there is not upgrade path (or loyalty discount or anything) for XP10 users???

    1. DO NOT ever share an install between x-plane 10 and 11. One or both sims won’t start, and the other will probably be broken.

      I’ll comment about installing on the desktop vs program files in some other post.

  33. First, thanks for a great release! I’ve been flying X-Plane since 10.20, and 11 is an awesome upgrade. The clouds/fog finally look real!

    A quick question – maybe I’m just missing something? In v10, it was easy to tweak control settings (key and button assignments, etc) from the flight window. Now, it appears there’s no way to do so? I want to remap the view controls, for example, but I can’t access “Settings” from the flight panel. In fact, I have to close X-Plane and restart it to get to the main menu, as I can’t revisit the main menu at all once I’ve started a flight. I do get all the other main menu options, just not “Settings.”

    Again, I hope I’m just missing something here, as you guys have really put together a quality product here!

    Thanks again!

  34. Have you done performance tests between MacOS, Windows and Linux? Is there an OS where X-Plane runs best?

  35. I just run it.
    This is more like an alpha to me and my setup (i7 6700, z170 chipset, nV GTX1070 on Win 10 x64).
    It crashed 2 seconds after it put me into cockpit (after I customized the settings).

    It pushed me into a plane (the render was rather choppy which is bad for default settings and so powerful machine) and then it demanded that I should calibrate my X55 stick. I did since it smacked it to my face (didn’t say anything about the throttle though). Then it wanted me to roll left (IIRC) where it didn’t do anything (although stick axis were supposedly ok), so I canceled and went to main menu. There I also calibrated the throttle. Interestingly enough it had a default setup for my X55 stick and even a picture of it, but NOT for my throttle (erm… what?). I did some more customization (upped few of the graphic settings but not too much) and then I went on to fly at the demo area. Where as I said it crashed within two seconds.
    Seems X11 has way to go.

  36. Hi!

    I’m a X-plane 10 user from almost 5 years now, I’m not a professional, just a enthusiastic, my question is IF X-Plane 11 will be released on Steam too?

    I would like to suggest when (and that is a BIG when) you guys have time, put on the list to enable achievements on X-Plane 11.

    Thanks! X-Plane 11 looks amazing, I can’t imagine how beautiful it can be when migrate from OpenGL to Vulkan API.

    Thank you guys!

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