X-Plane 11.00 Public Beta 6 Is Out

A few big bug fixes in this beta:

Framerate should be back to where it was in beta 3.  Betas 4/5 were not deleting smoke particles, so over time the total number of particles in the world would grow indefinitely, until the particle system was using most of the CPU.

Flashing in the cockpit should be fixed. The environment maps for the new lighting use alpha in the interior render to indicate areas where exterior light comes through, e.g. the windows of the plane. Due to using the wrong variable, on every other recomputation of the environment map, the alpha channel would be left opaque, effectively covering the windows in black paper and darkening the cockpit.

Finally, perhaps most importantly, this beta features a rebuild of the XPLM, the DLL that loads plugins. Besides modernizing the XPLM to use the newest compilers, this rebuild fixes the interface with X-Plane for popup menus (needed to get menu check boxes and disabling to work) and for keyboard focus (e.g. so you don't get two blinking insertion points at the same time when editing text in a plugin).

Plugin authors: the expected behavior for the keyboard in X-Plane 11 is:

  1. You cannot get any access to the keyboard when X-Plane has a modal dialog box over the screen (E.g. free flight configuration).  This matches X-Plane 10's no-plugins-when-the-airplane-is-not-showing policy.
  2. Plugin pre-window keyboard sniffers have highest precedence - with great power comes great responsibility - use them with caution.
  3. At any given time only one of  X-Plane or a plugin can have keyboard focus. So if you take keyboard focus for an XPLM display window or XPWidget, X-Plane's floating UI (e.g. the flight planner window) will defocus.  If the user re-focuses a flight plan window, you will have your focus removed!
  4. Plugin post-window keyboard sniffers get keys when (1) a plugin window does not have focus and (2) X-Plane doesn't use the keyboard for UI.  X-Plane command bindings run last.

If you find a bug with keyboard focus and your add-on, please compare behavior in v10 and v11, and please be specific about what you are doing! Plugin keyboard handling can be very complicated and hard to tease apart.

Finally, based on data from Austin and Marty, I have slightly recalibrated the fog settings. The sim is now foggier in ultra-low visibility (think: RVR1000) and notably less foggy in intermediate (e.g. 10-15 sm) visibility. I am still looking at fog in ultra-clear days (e.g. 50 sm vis).

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About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.
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109 Responses to X-Plane 11.00 Public Beta 6 Is Out

  1. Richard Elliott says:

    Great news about the fog. Thank you Ben

  2. Zulfikar says:


    Mouse look is OFF ?

    The 172 starts moving forward on throttle idle when the parking brakes are released.


    • Ben Supnik says:

      Pleaes file bugs!

    • Jeff says:


      I will let you file the bug for the mouse look but till Ben fixes it, you can hold down a view look key on the number pad and hold down right click and move around the cockpit like you used to. A little cumbersome but it works.

  3. Mario Donick says:

    Thanks for the update!

    Is the problem with propeller aircraft having 40% more power than they should already known and being worked on?

  4. Zulfikar says:


    Not sure why, but when i have 17 fps on the ground and later fps just plummets to 8. Even just looking at the sky has no effect.

    I doubt it's due to the GT525m. everything is to low-medium especially reflections are low. I think B3 had fps stability. I just need 20 fps 🙁


    • Mihai says:

      Have you tried touching the Nvidia Control Panel? After turning off the "Threaded Optimization" option, the framerate increased from 10 to 45.

  5. Thomas Kirk says:

    Junk is now being written in the "X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf" file. _joy_BUTN_use_desc334 Gizmoe GPS Junk off

    I know, I know, file a bug..........

  6. XPlanePort says:

    Thank you for your work!
    Are you still waiting for when you are done with all the flight / prop / etc. models, to fix default X-Plane airplanes bugs?
    The bug I reported was when beta 3 was out. Cessna 172 has incorrect OAT below zero in Celsius (from 0C it changes to -9C and then goes up when climbing -8, -7, -6, etc.). Not a big problem compare to everything else you are working on, but since we don’t have access to the bug database, I would like to know if we need to keep reporting the same bug if it is not fixed in the latest beta.

    • Ben Supnik says:

      There's a pipeline to bug fixes, e.g. people (or our internal tester or art team file them), they go in the bug base, the programmers or artists fix them, the code goes to master. We do not fix 100% of bugs before each new beta. So your bug is probably in the pipeline.

  7. Balu0 says:

    Mouse look in 3D coockpit dose not work until I press a camera movement key or turn on cinema vin.

  8. Mikael Eriksson says:

    Just a quick one (I will file a bug): something is screwed up with tires/rain effects or something in b6. Just tried a sloped strip in Papua, in rain, and it was like ice. Even without any wind, on grass, slope a few degrees, it was impossible to stand still, sliding away. Tried the same conditions just before in b5, nothing like it. Tried with defail C172 and Husky, the same. No such problems, it seems, without rain.

  9. neucoas says:

    FPS improved a lot. I'm able to get 30Fps with the 737. The skyhawk keeps being an fps hog for me. Also is still hard to see the radio numbers on the baron at certaing angles.

    Great update 🙂

  10. George V says:

    Ben, thanks for the update! Right-clicking and panning around is broken when inside the 3D cockpit. Will raise it as bug, but I assume this is one will escalate pretty badly.

  11. Ben,
    Again you saved my week-end: All FPS trouble has gone! Thanks a lot for this!

    But I still have the problem with the map: Once I've opened that window I cannot close it anymore. Also it seems like that my TrackIR 5 is not working any longer after opening the map. I am still testing if there really is a link between TrackIR 5 and the map.

    I filed a bug report about this for beta 5.


    • Ben Supnik says:

      Hi Marc,

      When reporting a bug, please mention that you are using TrackIR and be clear about whether it is supported by x-plane's native support or a plugin. One of the problems we hit is that we don't have anyone with current internal TrackIR hardware, so TrackIR bugs are important to get verified!

  12. Kris says:

    Excellent work on the beta patches, Ben.

    Quick question, the light coming into the cockpit during sunset hours/sunrise hours seems to ignore any physical cockpit (if the light source is behind the plane, the cockpit lights up as if there is no plane); is this a side effect of how you're handling the orange light at these times of day?

    • Ben Supnik says:

      I'd have to see the model and pics to know for sure, but X-Plane's lighting model isn't sophisticated with regards to GI, so light can bounce onto other stuff that casts tinted ambience onto shadowed surfaces. The only other possibility is that, for some reason, the shadowing system has massively failed.

      • Marco O. says:

        Hi Ben,

        the culprit seems to be the poor tuning of the two datarefs "skyc/max_shadow_angle" and "skyc/min_shadow_angle".

        Here's default at twilight (with values respectively 15 and 5):


        You can see that the sun shadows have been already "killed", producing an unrealistic uniform tinting and no shadows from the physical cockpit.

        If we change them to an extreme value of -89 and -90 (in order to keep the sun shadows being drawn even during twilight and after) the result is much more realistic. The physical cockpit now produces shadows:


        I might add that this issue is often mentioned in forums.

        • Ben Supnik says:

          Right...when the shadows get really long we fade them out - the shadowing engine produces particularly dreadful results when casting long shadows on the mostly horizontal surface. But in this case, we're losing occlusion of the interior cockpit, which is "not so good".

        • Kris says:

          Is this an OK way of getting around this issue for the time being? I'm wondering if the long shadows on the horizontal surfaces will bother me more than the cockpit glowing..

          • Ben Supnik says:

            I would say: this is -not- a great way to work around this problem - there are real costs to having the shadowing run like this, and any time you put the rendering engine outside its design parameters, things can go funny that are hard to see from the outside, e.g. without diagnostics.

  13. Mark Ellis says:


    After upgrading to BP6 it seems that the dataref:


    is always stuck at side monitor offsets when reading it from a camera callback.

    This only happens when you have multiple monitors defined.

    Prior to PB6 this value would change for each of the monitors in the Multi-Monitor set. I believe the camera callback would be called for each monitor with the offsets values changing.

    It is hard to tell what changed. Possibly the camera call back is only being called now for one of the monitors or this value is not being properly updated.

    I'm happy to write up a bug but I wanted to make sure that you guys didn't change the way you want this to work.

    I can see by the release notes that you fixed some Multi-Monitor bugs but there is no detail indicating what you did.

    My assumption prior to Beta 6 is that the camera callback would get called sequential for each configured monitor with the offset datarefs indicating which monitor was currently being rendered.

    As best I can tell that seems to have changed in Beta 6.

    • Ben Supnik says:

      Oh boy. Please DO file a bug.

      Here's the problem. There are really TWO kinds of "camera" in X-Plane:
      1. The virtual pilot's head position - that is, the one true location that YOU are in when flying. This might be in the plane and really be modeled after a pilot (e.g. 3-d cockpit) or it might be orbiting the plane, but the key is there is only ONE of these for the entire sim. This is what determines things like _sound_.

      2. The per-monitor camera position, which is always a moderately hacked up version of the virtual pilot's head position. It can differ in view angle (via monitor offsets), and for the VR case (we have VR cases in the code, even though this isn't shipping yet) it can move SLIGHTLY to the left or right to get stereo vision. But it is never THAT far away.

      In public betas 1-5, we were actually running the virtual pilot head position -per monitor-. This gave plugins and their callback hook a great way to create per-monitor callbacks, but it also meant that the results were totally nonsensical, because were resolving the pilot's head position multiple times per frame.

      In the new system (beta 6+) plugins resolve the location once and X-Plane applies the monitor offsets AFTER the fact. So a plugin can simply IGNORE monitor offsets, resolve the camera once, and in theory you should get a sane multi-monitor setup; you are responsible as a plugin author for deciding where the virtual pilot goes, and we honor the user's multimonitor configuration.

      In particular, if you ignore monitor offsets and simply put the pilot's head where you want it and don't get consistent monitor offsets, that's sort of a huge bug.

      I think there is also a behavior difference from X-Plane 10 in that in xp10 plugins were responsible for including monitor offsets and now they are after the fact. We could in theory work around this by presenting the monitor offsets as 0 in (and only in) your camera callback.

      • Mark Ellis says:


        I sent you an email on this too. After some more testing and thoroughly removing the code I had in my call back for PB 1-5 to apply the offsets, I have seen that X-Plane is indeed applying the offsets for the other monitors after the camera call back in BP6. By the way, they look perfect too. I thought they were a bit messed up but that was my mistake as I had not full removed my rotation code.

        Personally I like the way it is in PB6. Applying those offsets was a real pain in the neck and I wasn't 100% sure I was doing it right. Now I don't have to worry about it.


  14. Rui says:

    pb6 freezes the main sim view (main monitor) if you use FMC, GPS, Map in popup window, placing it in my second monitor or not. Closing the popup window unfreezes the sim. A bug report was submitted about this.

  15. GPB says:

    Question about the auto-populating static airliners at ramp starts...if as a developer i put airline code swa...does that really mean Air Italia? Or maybe (probably) i'm doing something wrong? I like the feature, but it's really not plausible to just throw anything in there. Thanks Ben!

    PS - 11 is looking great!

  16. sdflyer says:

    Excellent fps in beta 6! With HDR on max still have sky flickering during sunset/sunrise on GTX1080.

  17. Mark Fosseth says:

    How many betas are estimated after b6 ? No hurry, just to look at the horizon and to plan an ETA to buy XP and addons, thx

  18. James Jacques says:

    The aviation flash light was not working. also the cockpit lighting didnt seem to work. dome light. Also I turned on the logo light and the light on the stabilizers were on but the light wasn't shining on the tail. Great work though. I'm really excited for the final release.

  19. Daniel Venter says:

    I would be nice to fix the sky!! Is it proving to be difficult? 🙂

  20. paoloF says:

    Good job on the FPS part, i gained ~10fps and number is stable from takeoff to landing, i got a little bug concerning undocking of gps/fmc/map where the 3d cockpit disappear and sim pauses, like if you open another sim instance the main one loses focus and gets paused...

    OFC i filed a bug report 😛


  21. Alpicat says:

    I've noticed there's no tire smoke during landings when in replay mode in this beta, unsure if this is normal or not (never tried the replay mode previously) but have filed a bug report anyway.

  22. Julius says:

    Are there plans to implement sky scrapers in Europe based on OSM data for v11 like you do in the US?

    • Ben Supnik says:

      Yes, but I don't know if this will be in the final 11.0 global scenery or in some kind of recut.

      • Julius says:

        Good to hear that. I really like the new v11 auto gen but if there are only small buildings in a huge city, it is kinda dissapointing.
        Keep up the good work though!

  23. Hi Ben,

    After landing (doing a long haul now) I will double check the TrackIR 5 issue. BTW: I use XP's default support - not a plug-in.

    But I have another question: Since beta 5 I cannot broadcast my flights to twitch using Open Broadcaster (OBS). Since beta 5 all sound goes to stream but the picture remains black. Well, this is not a bug item for you and I am not asking for a fix. But I wonder if you changed something with the rendering engine that OBS is unable to read. Did you already implement first commands/code of Vulkan? I hope I do not start a rumor here... *g*


    • Ben Supnik says:

      I have no idea why the picture wouldn't work - we've made no changes that would affect that.

      We have -not- started implementing Vulcan code yet. Once 11.0 is done, we'll start the 3-d modernization effort for real. Before we write Vulcan and metal code, we need to restructure parts of X-Plane to not rely on techniques that are supported in OpenGL but not supported in the new APIs.

      • Hi Ben,

        I was not able to reproduce the map issue after not reloading a flight status but starting a new flight. Until then (starting new flight instead of loading my former status) the problem was persistent.

        Also the TrackIR 5 was working fine since then (always using default X-Plane support without any TrackIR plug-in).

        I will monitor both items and report if I can reproduce the problems.

        Also streaming X-Plane 11 to twitch with OBS is working fine again. I found the bug - right between my ears... oh boy!


  24. Jonathan Knight says:

    Is there a plan to reduce the amount of smoke that turbine engines produce? It's completely unrealistic to have a modern turbine trailing smoke like a 1960s B-52. Real-world modern turbines produce no visible smoke at all.

  25. neucoas says:

    For me, I'm still experiencing glitching/flickering on the altimeter indicator of the c172.

    Also I have a huge fps drop when the GPS are on - about 20 fps. Is this normal behaviour?

    • Ben Supnik says:

      20 fps loss isn't a real metric, because the value of a single frame per second varies depending on...your FPS. In other words, 20 fps loss at 120 fps is a slow-down of 1.7 ms. A loss of 20 fps at 30 fps is a slow-down of 66 ms. So we need to know what you went from and to.

      With that in mind, at almost any fps that's surprising. File a bug, include fps before and after, and most importantly, include info about where you are, what the GPS is showing, your FP, etc. so we can reproduce it.

      • neucoas says:

        Ok. I filed the bug. It also happens when you start to interact with the FMC. Drop from 27 fps to 18 on the default 737 and MD82.

      • neucoas says:

        I want to add that the FPS drop in independent of my graphics settings. No matter if they are LOW or MID HIGH, the FPS stays at 17-18.

        • Collin says:

          I seem to have the same issue. I take about a 50% performance hit whenever "avionics" is turned on in any aircraft, including really simple ones like the glider.

          Have you tried the avionics switch in the glider? Do you also see a hit there? Since that's such a simple plane, it might narrow down the possible issues.

  26. Steve.Wilson says:

    Ben, is it still too soon for 3rd party developers to update their products?

  27. GPB says:

    Ben, just wondering if the bug in 10.50 where AI aircraft won't land or spawn at airports with custom runway textures (i.e., transparent runways) has been corrected. Doesn't seem to be working here. Thanks. -- Greg

  28. Günther Wittwar says:

    Ben, beta6 crashes trying to initialize FlywithLua.

    The reason are lines like this one:
    _joy_BUTN_use_desc160 load standard view 3

    in file ""Output/preferences/X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf"

    The part "_desc" seems to be new.
    I guess it is not a bug 🙂 ?

    • Ben Supnik says:

      You are sure that the presence of this line is what crashes FWL?

      Is this due to a particular script, or FWL itself?

      Add-ons really shouldn't be reading our prefs and blowing up...

      • Günther Wittwar says:

        From Lua expected Line:
        _joy_BUTN_use160 load standard view 3

        The script reads 13 chars, then a number, then a blank and finaly the command

        _joy_BUTN_use_desc160 load standard view 3

        after reading 13 chars the script reads a number into the var number,
        it will read _desc160 as NIL, because it is not a number.
        Later the script call math.floor(..number..), as a result math.floor will be called with a NIL value.

        Tha name of the script:

        My workaround: don't use this script, it is not very important.

        But in Joystick Settings.prf I found same strange entries:

        _joy_BUTN_use176 GKWI/electrical/starter_1_ON
        _joy_BUTN_use_desc176 engage starter 1

        _joy_BUTN_use177 GKWI/electrical/starter_1_OFF
        _joy_BUTN_use_desc177 disengage starter 1

        _joy_BUTN_use178 GKWI/electrical/starter_2_ON
        _joy_BUTN_use_desc178 engage starter 2

        _joy_BUTN_use179 GKWI/electrical/starter_2_OFF
        _joy_BUTN_use_desc179 disengage starter 2

        _joy_BUTN_use180 sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold
        _joy_BUTN_use181 sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold

        GKWI are my own functions

        • Ben Supnik says:

          Oh gawd.

          What this script is doing is totally, totally, totally not okay. I lack words to describe how not okay it is, so I'm going to make one up.

          This is a craptractual bug! (Craptractual is of coarse the combination of a crappy parse and a violation of the implicit contract between plugins and X-Plane.)

          We have never posted guidelines for how to parse our prefs, mostly because we DO NOT WANT THIRD PARTIES TO DO THIS. They're not YOUR prefs, they're OURS and they are internal, subject to change pretty much at any time. Don't make us encrypt them. 😉

          But in this case the problem is that the parser is woefully non-robust. If you are going to parse an X-Plane file format, pretty much the only way to sanely do it is:

          1. Tokenize by white space.
          2. Examine the first token.
          3. Skip the line if the first token is unrecognized.
          4. Do not assume that the first token follows ANY pattern you might expect.

          Even this may not always be adequate, but anything less is pretty much guaranteed to break.

          IF you have an add-on and THINK you need to parse prefs, better would be to talk to us...often what you need is a real dataref that lets you understand the FINAL result in the engine of the pref.

          • Günther Wittwar says:

            OK, I should ask my real question in other words:

            _joy_BUTN_use176 GKWI/electrical/starter_1_ON
            _joy_BUTN_use_desc176 engage starter 1

            Wich of the two functions is linked to button 176?

          • Ben Supnik says:

            GKWI/electrical/starter_1_ON is the command name, for the purpose of XPLM APIs. engage starter 1 is the human readable description.

      • George V says:

        FlyWithLua has an internal script which upon initialization parses the prefs file, and constructs a file with all the user's assignments in lua format. This is to help users further modify their assignments.

        Now FWT fails indeed due to these lines because the parsing is not as robust, and any new line (syntactically) in the pref file would not be read correctly by FWL. Basically, it tries to parse the integer at the end of the line, but fails to do so when it sees a string "desc". In any case this can be quickly fixed in FWL, and in fact it has already been fixed. I posted online the codesnip for the fix.

        The question though is what are those description, and why do you persist in writing them in the file?

  29. Günther Wittwar says:

    Correction: with beta6 FlywithLua crashes, X-Plane is running fine

    • Hans says:

      FlywithLua is working fine for me with beta6. Latest version 2.5. Check your log if it crashes, it should tell you which script caused the crash. Try without any scripts if you believe that the engine crashes.

  30. viper says:

    Just make it more smooths, please...

  31. DAL370 says:

    Its looking great.

    Is there still something wrong with autopilot? when it comes to altitude it seems very problematic in the 747. When clicking altitude switch it takes out imputed number and replaces it with current altitude. also, when using vert climb rate, if it goes past target it will not correct itself to imputed number. Im new to this whole forum thing so i apologize if this is already a known problem.

    it would be nice to get the cabin lights working at night in the 747. i know they used to work but not anymore.

  32. Bruno says:

    "I am still looking at fog in ultra-clear days (e.g. 50 sm vis)."

    Awesome! As others have mentioned (in the forums), maybe this could be inferred somewhat by looking at the spread/humidity? This would immediately put the fog engine on X-Plane ahead of other weather engines 😀

    And of course... Reading multiple METARs around you and getting seamless transitions... would be great and I wouldn't need to spend 70+ bucks on a weather addon...


  33. Michel Karam says:


    Iam wondering if anyone noticed if Beta 6 especially with clouds is darker and gloomier than previous version?

    Also since early betas, with real time metar activated for weather, and here in Montreal Canada, I always get rain but never snow.


    • Michel Karam says:

      I also tried Manual Metar lat evening and with a below 0 cel. temp, and set precipitation, but I see thin lines falling from the sky, not snow. Any idea?

  34. Gareth Melton says:


    Having flown a bit more with the standard fleet supplied with XP11, I am beginning to appreciate just how much work has gone into this.

    Love the bobble head easter egg in the Skyhawk.

    Just wondered if it was possible to have XP11 ignore an input device? I have a 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro which is listed as an uncalibrated device when I run XP11.

    Kind regards


  35. yoann says:

    hello guys, i have a question, my mouse doens't work after the last update, do you have a solution? thank

  36. Anthony M says:

    Are you going to link the windspeed with the wave height for water? They seam independent and I used to wonder why I could not control a float plane on the water without crashing it. It seems the wave physics is there but the visual is yet to come, so any progress on 3d water modeling? thx

  37. Juergen Kopelent says:

    Found the Problem with 3D Cockpit mouse pan funktion. Simcoders Headshake plugin is blocking the mouse movement.

  38. Jonathan Nicholas says:

    Hey Ben, just wondering if the there is a timeframe to make the GPS popup windows persistent per aircraft? Also talking to RealityXP about there GPS windows they are waiting for the popup window SDK to be available, will that be done in the 11.0 release?

    Thanks for all your work!

    • Ben Supnik says:

      What do you mean by "persistent per aircraft."

      Pop-out third party windows will NOT be part of the SDK in 11.0 - it needs to come later when we have time for significant SDK hanges.

      • Jonathan Nicholas says:

        Persistent in that the pop-up GPS window position can be saved for all aircraft. A lot of us are using secondary displays for the GPS and would like to have the ability for the GPS to stay in place no matter what aircraft is loaded. I assume this was the reason for having the ability to drag the window to a second display in the first place.

  39. Marius Hoppmann says:

    Hey Ben,

    I am working on textures for a new airliner.
    Anyhow i have the problem that during daytime the cockpit is really dark and gets brighter at dusk/dawn and then again darker when the night begins.

    You wrote something about alpha on environment maps.
    Can you specify more precisely on what texture to touch the alpha channel to get my panel brighter during daytime?

    If possible contact me via e-mail so we could possibly have a quick chat in skype because the behaviour I am facing is really weird.

    (I reported this as bug twice but no answer)

  40. rdrehmer says:

    Hey, Ben! Is there some kind of roadmap you can share? Something that shows what is currently being worked on, developers expectations (regarding versions), targets, milestones... well, you got it 🙂


    • Marius says:

      Austin has elaborated on that in various presentations and interviews.

      My understanding (and this may not be 100% accurate) is that they meet regularly, about twice a year, to discuss the upcoming months of development.

      I am sure they will do that again once XP11 is released. I'm not sure if elaborating on that publicly is a good idea though, as it may set expectations and frustrate people when previously mentioned features need to be pushed back. For everything else, we have the dev blog 😉

    • Tyler Young says:

      I don't want to put words in Ben's mouth, but in general:

      - yes, we have a roadmap internally
      - no, with the exception of very specific things that we "know" we are going to ship, or that we think third party developer need to know ASAP, we don't talk about that roadmap publicly.

      There are two main reasons we don't talk about "what's coming next" until it's really ready.

      1) Until the day a feature or bug fix *actually* ships, it's hard to know when it will be done. (For non-trivial projects, it's incredibly hard to predict how much more work remains... we might start with one spec, then realize halfway through that it requires a lot more infrastructure to work well. Or, we might get a feature "done," and discover during testing that it needs a lot more work.)

      2) As Marius (above) mentions, it's easy to set up expectations that we never intended. For instance, we've talked publicly about the fact that Oculus Rift support is a priority. In some of the published literature on VR, you find that the recommended frame rate is 90 FPS. So, to take an extreme example, it's easy to imagine a user "putting two and two together" and assuming that if we're working on VR support, they can also expect to be able to run the sim at 90 FPS in the near future. (We've never said that, but that fact alone doesn't prevent confusion.) So, at that point, no matter how good our initial VR support is, that user is going to be disappointed.

      In contrast, if we had waited until the feature was actually available, the user could have tried it for themselves immediately and there would have been no room for misunderstanding.

      (Obviously that's a pretty contrived example, but you can imagine how it might apply to anything from "we're improving aircraft x" to

    • rdrehmer says:

      Thank you, guys!

      Keep on rocking

  41. You guys should post whatever stuff more often, so i have something xplanish to read before end of the day..every other day! Make Austin write some short modeling stuff he is currently working on in his blog more often please 🙂

    Also nice to see that so many people are helping out filing bug reports.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks for the update!

  42. Vistek says:

    Ben is it possible for XP11 to load just 6 degrees of scenery like in the default XP10 settings? I'm asking because when using hires ortho scenery and flying over the continent with no ocean/sea nearby I get big fps loss (30fps vs 17fps). Also for helicopters there is no need for >6 deg of scenery.

  43. Jim Elder says:

    As a recent convert from another sim, I am loving X-Plane and specifically PB6. However in multiplayer, when each player joins, it changes the livery of all the other players. Example, I am flying the default C172 in the waves livery, someone joins with the scratches livery, my plane will switch to scratches livery as well. This happens in both the default C172 and we also tried Carrenado planes.

    • Ben Supnik says:

      This is a known design limitation - you can't have two of the same plane with different liveries. This will someday be fixed but not soon.

      • Will Prescott says:

        If we could also put out buddies who have planes we don't, in something close "manually". Could do it in v10. e.g. some one is in a payware plane you don't have, but you have a free one that is close or similar, you could select it.

  44. Andrew Morsillo says:

    Hey Ben,

    Is there documentation on the mission file format? I think it would be fun to produce scripted missions like the tutorials. A large user created library of these would really alleviate the "I don't know where to go or what to do" feeling I think many users have when coming to a sim like X-Plane.

  45. Thomas says:

    I hope someone can answer my question altough it's no 100% related to this article.
    As XP11 is using OSM I'm wondering which exact tags are used in the simulator in addition to the ones used in XP10.

    Best Regards and thumbs up for this great sim!

  46. ILIAS TSELIOS says:

    Should we expect (some day in the future) a guide for X-Lua (API?).

  47. Sebastian says:

    Hey Ben, I was wondering why the tutorial with the Boeing was removed? And can we expect more tutorials in the final Version? I sure hope so, really liking them so far. One tip from me would be to incorporate more Information on Navigation, for instance let the user himself tune in the required Radio frequencies for Vor and other Navigation. I also hope there will be more tutorials on landing with the Autopilot and more complex missions even. Really missing that aspect of gameplay in X-Plane (yes looking at FSX 😀 😉

    • Ben Supnik says:

      I don't know what specifically happened with the Boeing tutorial - my guess was that it wasn't ready. There won't be new tutorials for the final version of 11.0 but we probably will add more tutorials during the version run. We built the mission system first for X-Plane 10 mobile, but in the long term we think it could be third party accessible on desktop.

      We have a long way to go before it can be "open" though. The nice thing about developing for mobile first is that it's like a test lab...we can try an experiment and if we have a problem, we can change the fundamental system and simply update all of our content (at some expense to ourselves) without worrying about compatibility. Then when the system is flushed out, we can ship it on desktop and know that the ideas are battle tested.

      The tutorial system is currently held up on two major issues:
      1. The tools for authoring tutorials are pretty unusable - it's a bastardized version of WED that would need some real clean-up and TLC before shipping.
      2. The "wizard" script format is a proprietary scripting language; we need to evaluate moving wizard scripting to Lua.

  48. Samsung says:

    Sorry to bug you again. You said last week that WED might be released last week. Any news.

  49. Danny says:

    Hi where do I file bugs where they are seen by the dev?

  50. I just filed a bug report because of way too strong wind effects on parking aircraft:

    At only 20 knots surface wind, the Flight Factor Boeing 767-300ER is performing a true low rider dance. Even less than 10 knots make this heavy bird visibly moving. The wind effect looks way too strong on such a big bird.

    Well, listening to rap music and enjoying the show is quite some fun - but pretty unrealistic.

    Did anyone else observe this behavior?


  51. Tom Knudsen says:

    Disregard previous post, updated from PB5 to PB7 and frames dropped by 15 frames

  52. Christopher Hallam says:

    I submitted a bug

    lingering smoke still appears in beta 8, even randomly after no issues for days of using b8

  53. vonhinx says:

    Any idea why sim/graphics/animation/lights/airplane_panel_spill shows in Dataref Editor an array of [n/4096] ? My panel spill lights aren’t working.

  54. Kevin Ashton says:

    Hi Ben,

    XP11pb8 is excellent. You and the whole LR team are doing great work. Is there anywhere we can provide possible feature requests? (Not bugs - small things that I think would help usability).


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