…is available to test.  May the good lord have mercy on our souls.

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  1. Again – incredible work!

    I filed a bug about the fact that my multi-monitor sim-pit setup using separate EXACT-SPEC computers for each separate monitor has an issue with the MASTER being smooth as silk but the SLAVES having stuttering. Getting awesome FPS on all – but unplayable stuttering occurring ONLY on slave visuals.

    I’m checking in here because it might have been an issue back a few betas that I missed and I’m hoping it is something I’ve done wrong in the settings. Otherwise, I’ll wait to see what the bug filing yields. Any thoughts, Ben? thank you – Asif

  2. Hi Ben

    Can you comment on the long standing bug with regards to ground shake ? I understand this is a bug since xp9 times and requires a complete rewrite if the core code base.
    Are you planning to address this in the xp11 run or later?


  3. Ben, I was testing out the c172, is it me or has the flight model changed a bit? Seems like I can fly fast tight circles over and over without loosing much speed/altitude.

  4. Hi,

    I have been on the beta from the start and it had its ups and downs. With the RC1 it seem to be very stable and that is with running ortho4xp, xenviro and a few other add-ons.

    I found out that it was a good idea deleting the preferences from time to time. It was clear that doing this made it a lot more stable.

    Now after having tried to fly in XP11 RC1 I decided to delete XP10 (to get some more space for XP11).

    On the down side I still have some fun getting ground vehicle to go where I want them to go. But at the moment I do not care, I want to fly.

    My conclusion to day is that you have done a ultra great job with XP11. I’m stunned by the realism and looking forward to fly a lot in the future.


  5. My IXEG 737 is not working properly now… I try to taxi and it’s stuck in the ground. Was working fine before that update.
    Anyone else with that issue or able to try it to see if it’s just me or another bug?
    Thank you.

    1. I have same issue. I need to push throttle to near 100% to get in and out of gates. However this is not true of the Flight Factor planes or the JAR Design A-330. I’m putting this one on IXEG since they have not updated the plane since I bought it in June of 2016 (v1.07). This plane has many other bugs unrelated to xp-11.

      1. Thanks Dave for the feedback. I guess we need to wait for the IXEG people to produce a fix.

  6. Ben,

    The performance seems to have improved even for my old laptop, clouds look real good , but there is an issue, even in the default aircraft / heli i have these green squares on gauges and switches. Same is with the payware ones.

    One another thing that i have noticed is that switching off HDR does not give more fps.


          1. Ben,

            Nah never in the Betas, it could be i must have just clicked it to test and could be i may have forgotten about it.

  7. Oh…times like these, references to mercy of the lord…make me a tad… uncomfortable!

    May the lord forgive your sins!


  8. Awesome :D!

    Thanks so much for the effort!
    I really hope that PMDG will use X-Plane 11 also for a major release of one of their planes 🙂

  9. Any word on making the water look realistic? Also what about different colored water i.e. tropical, mediterranean etc. All in all loving what I’m seeing, just hoping a few wrinkles get ironed out.

  10. Hey Ben,

    Is it possible that the release will continue on the 30th of March on Steam? Any update on whether thats happening?


  11. Ben, to see such a post from a techo like you made me laugh so much! Had to share it with my wife! You made our day! Cheers, and BTW, rc1 good for me on my latest top of the rang iMac. Goodonyou!

  12. Since the last update my XP11 will not close! I clikc “quit” and the screen freezes.

  13. I find that the sim is still a little too hazy for my personal liking (though it might be realistic in our overly polluted world). When I fly high 3K Feet or above, the distance is always hazy and has a transparent layer even though I set it to cavok or clear skies or set the visibility slider all the way to the right. Is there any other way to turn down the haze level?

    1. I think it looks pretty realistic. When the air is clear in other sims or the colors really pop, it gives it almost a cartoon-ish quality. To each their own, I guess

      1. There are some scenarios where the sim is too foggy, but if you live on a coastal city on a normal day, haze and scattering are the norm. Our goal is accuracy, so we are only considering “clearer” air for scenarios where it’s like that in real life, e.g. western deserts.

        1. I normally test flying out of WMSA or WMKK (Malaysia). A test just about 10 mins ago (after rain), the outside sim view was just totally gray. Could it be due to the “somewhat inaccurate” weather data the local weather stations are putting out that is causing this? I stay very close to WMSA and looking outside is definitely not as foggy as in the sim. Visibility was automatically set at 0.6sm

          1. After doing some uninstalling and reinstalling… I think the problem could be due to plugins like XEnviro 1.06. Perhaps too much has changed since 11b1 that now affects how XEnviro plays with XP. SMP seems to play well with XPr1. Anyway Thanks for the superb job Ben & XP Team.

  14. Great sim. Fantastic lighting. The look and feel is very realistic and immersive! Love the european autogen.
    Thank you for all the new development towards improving the overall experience.

  15. Great job, my congratulations to all team.
    I have a question, what changes have been made in Global Scenery for change from 65.2Gb to only 49.6Gb ?


    1. We fixed a bug that a third party developer found – when I converted our DSF encoder to 64-bit, I screwed up an internal function that “compresses” the DSFs data by merging mesh points that are used in more than one triangle.

      Having the compression on (by fixing my code) got us down from 65 to 49 GB. So there’s no loss of data – the data _quality_ (e.g. how much we simplified the source data) is the same. The lossless compression is better and the region is bigger.

      (So we spent some of the savings from fixing this bug on getting up from 60 to 72N and some of the savings on getting the sim back under 60 GB for shipping on DVD and having faster downloads.)

  16. why does x plane not use gpu efficiently? barely any change in performance at 1080p when I shifted from gtx 970 to gtx 1080. I am really surprised.

      1. With an I7 6700K running at 4.5ghz? I have looked at everything including nvidia profile and stuff that could be wrong. Not sure whats going wrong…The performance should be plummeting with 6700k and a 1080

  17. I have a question: Is it planned to have deadzones/nullzones configurable from within the sim? I know how to do that using the Josticks-Perf-File or DataRefEditor, but for many people this is too heavy stuff to do. I am currently trying to help some guys setting up their equipment and some of them are still blaming X-Plane for being hard to configure.

    I can file a bug, if needed, just tell me, if this is a bug or not.


    1. We are going to look at adding more functionality to the joystick configuration system. We have null zones but they can only be accessed by letting X-Plane ‘guess’ the settings with the wizard.

      If this is not working for you and x-Plane 10’s config DOES work, please file a bug and include a complete v11 log with the stick in question plugged in, and details about how you configured v10 to work aroudn whatever problem v11 has.

    1. I found in the changes in the release notes. Thanks.

      XPD-7528 ATTR_shiny_rat and GLOBAL_specular with intermediate ratios (E.g. 0.5) now work correctly.We still recommend use use a ratio of 1 and control gloss with a texture.

  18. Excellent work! Please get the DVD version out as soon as possible. In my part of the world, it will take forever to download the digital version…

  19. Ben,
    many thanks to the entire Laminar Research team for the great and wonderful work done and for inviting everyone to participate in the beta program. The great effort and work you have done and the possibility of allowing users to deliver their feedback has resulted in a great product which, I hope, is still alive and growing.

    XPlane 11 is a wonderful simulation tool that has allowed me in my 60s to approach to that desire to be able to fly. Otherwise it would have been impossible.

    Thank you very much.

  20. Hi,
    I like the sim!! Thank you all for this great piece of work!.

    I’m curious about a thing. Since I don’t know all the functions of the FMC, this might be a misconception from my side. Logically I would think that this are not always the same.
    Is it a normal behavior that the VNAV Descend Transition Altitude is always same as the Climb one?

    Thank you very much!

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