Yesterday we received multiple reports that the Aerosoft X-Plane 11 DVD set does not work with Linux. It turns out that there’s something strange about how the DVDs are authored that makes the file names on Linux go all lower-case, which causes both the simulator and the installer to not be able to use the DVDs.

We have fixes for these problems that will be rolled into a new installer and the next update of X-Plane; in the meantime you can get them here for Linux now:

To install from the DVD, download this installer, run it, and insert your DVD, this installer from the net will install the contents of the DVDs normally.

Once you have installed X-Plane, replace your normal X-Plane-x86_64 app with the one attached here (placing the new app in your “X-Plane” folder) to run using the DVD to get out of demo mode.

You can use these two apps until we issue replacements; 11.01 should go beta early next week and contain “official” versions of these fixes, at which point you can just use the official version.

(Thanks to Daniel for his patience and helpfulness in trouble-shooting this remotely!)

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

12 comments on “Linux and Aerosoft DVDs (and Fixed Apps)

      1. Will you release a perfectly working, Linux friendly DVD set in the near future then?

  1. Thank you for the info.
    This solution only works with DVD1 because when installing the DVD2 the installer does not start, so I installed the other DVDs manually by copy / paste to have the entire Global Scenery.
    Thanks for troubleshooting

    1. Please contact support about this. The expected behavior is that the installer (from the net) would prompt you to change DVDs. If this is not working, please contact us directly.

    2. The solution above is working on Linux Mint 18.1 and Ubuntu 16.04. For Linux Mint I did provide the necessary information to Ben during the troubleshooting.

      After this blog post was published I tried it on a clean Ubuntu 16.04 installation and it was working as expected.

  2. It doesn’t connect to the topic, but I tried to enable Game mode in Win10 Creators Update, but the Game bar doesn’t come up if I press the WinKey+G combo. Do you have any idea?

    1. No. We have not looked at integration with Win10 game mode at all, and I make no promises as to what happens when you bring up the game bar.

      X-Plane is _not_ a game! It is a highly advanced numeric physics simulator!

    2. when you use WinKey+G it will show the game mode window, but you have to be in window mode of X-Plane – in full screen you just see the screen flashing once

  3. Hi, I read in the dev blog about a new particle system, when it is complete, can we expect some improvement on the rain effect? Sometimes is difficult to notice when is raining.

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