Roll Over Beethoven (and Pilot’s Head)

Long overdue, coming in 11.02 beta 2:


That's a new dataref that (finally) lets plugin authors tilt the pilot's head.

Previously this had to be done by manipulating the multi-monitor view offsets. That method worked (barely) but doesn't work with multi-monitor in v11.  The new dataref is multi-monitor friendly.

(The new dataref is also FMOD-sound-friendly -- that is, when you roll your head over you'll hear sounds above you out your left ear, as expected.  Monitor offsets do not do that - only the pilot's true virtual head position affects sound.)

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About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.
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17 Responses to Roll Over Beethoven (and Pilot’s Head)

  1. Hi Ben,
    Does this also mean that TrackIR users now can tilt heir head?


  2. vobhinx says:

    That’s good, I can stop rolling the world with sim/graphics/view/field_of_view_roll_deg on bank. Change the dataref and I’d never know because the roll should still be the same from my viewpoint, right? Wait. . . is the roll stopped by assuming some physical limit to one’s neck’s ability to roll?

  3. Richard says:

    When relased xp 11.02 beta 2 ?

  4. Alexander John says:

    This effectively means we can create full on panoramic views now, so thanks very much!

  5. Meister says:

    Why is it so difficult to add betas to steam beta channel? Is there any restrictions at steam?

    • Marcel Alesi says:

      its not difficult. it is just extra unnecessary work. It`s one additional day of work just to release to steam and then the beta is obsolete anyways. So with 10-12 betas for a big update, you are looking at 10-12 days of work just to get more beta users that they do not need anyway.

      Plus people on steam might not be in the loop regarding the beta procedures and don´t report bugs.

      Beta is not for playing its for testing.

      • Meister says:

        You have to subscribe to beta on steam. As I did. And I have done bug reports.
        So I if it takes one to a developer to start the upload to the Steam, I can accept to skip it. But if it takes only a few click in the used deploy enviroment, I think it worth it. At least, a lot of steam users would be happier, because in this case we think, we have the same software, just bought via different channel.

  6. Mark Ellis says:

    Excellent, I'll be adding this to X-Camera.


  7. Marius says:

    From a user perspective, it would be nice if there was an option to disable it globally 🙂

  8. Ulrich says:

    Now make the head be tilted by the forces from acceleration and deacceleration for more realism 😉

  9. RD says:

    Ben, when using joystick hat switch or numpad to pan in cockpit while using plugins that simulate inertia (like HeadShake or XP Realistic), it always tends to SNAP back to the plugin action after the pan transition is finished. It's a big jump in the screen.
    This doesn't happen when using mouse, though, because the plugin doesn't need to wait for the transition to be over.

    Is this some XP limitation? Both Headshake and XP Realistic suffer from the same problem: snappy on keyboard/joystick, smooth on mouse (and tracking devices)

    Is there a specific way to handle cam shakes during pan transitioning, either mixing or just overcoming it?

    • Ben Supnik says:

      I don't know if it's a plugin limitation; I think plugins can do everything the built-in sim can do but if there's a bug or limitation stopping this, I'd have to hear about it from the authors of the plugins themselves.

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