11.05 Release Candidate 2 and Friends

11.05r2 is now available - if you have 11.05r1, you'll be notified to auto-update. We fixed the broken SIDs/STARs at KMCO, removed a few custom Aerosoft lego brick airports to reveal the gateway one, and we have some updates to KLAS from Julian.

This should come out on Steam in a day or two if no one finds something on fire and hopefully be final this week.

We're working full time to get 11.10 ready for beta, hopefully very shortly after 11.05r2 is final.

Update: Steam users can get 11.05r2 as well by opting into betas.

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About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.
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29 Responses to 11.05 Release Candidate 2 and Friends

  1. Steve.Wilson says:

    Artoo. πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to 11.01!

  2. IlyaPavlov says:

    Thanks for the update...and, by the way, what about friends? Or I did't get something :)?

  3. Abe Abrahamian says:

    What will be in 11.10? I am waiting on muli core and multi threaded enhancements. I plan on building a 16 core Threadripper build!

  4. Gabe says:

    Would really like to see turbulence when entering certain clouds, such as cumulus clouds. Having the feel of turbulence in clouds would greatly enhance the flying experience in the simulator.

  5. Alexander says:

    Thanks for continuing the Aerosoft airport cleanup. The gateway artist really have done outstanding contributions for X-plane and especiallily for the 11.05 update! Thanks a lot folks!

  6. JM-Prod says:

    Any news on when FMOD sounds for the Baron 58 will arrive?

  7. Alexander John says:

    Clouds cast shadows on aircraft whilst the aircraft is _above_ clouds. Is this fixed in 11.10?

  8. Guido Ostkamp says:

    ... after 11.05r1 is final ... ?

    I think you mean 11.05r2 or 11.05 in general.

    By the way: End of last year you said you had another last update X-Plane 10.5x or so ready on the shelves (yes, I mean X-Plane 10). Will this ever be shipped or has it been cancelled in favor of X-Plane 11?

    • Ben Supnik says:

      Gawd...I don't know what we're going to do with it...I had it staged ON the servers and discovered at the last minute that the fix to external visuals BROKE multiplayer. No one has had time to fix that to make it production ready.

      • Andreas says:

        I requested this unofficial fix by filing that bug in 10.5 more than half a year ago, but I didn't get a response. Could you please provide me a download of it? I never use multiplayer, but the external visuals are a essential for me, it's less fun flying when runway and landscape try to catch up with your aircraft at take-off...

      • Carlos Garcia says:

        Waiting for this update too ( X-Plane 10.5x). Gracias

  9. Pablo Bressan says:

    Hello Ben,
    Just to clarify. Will 11.10 come with Vulkan?

  10. ody81 says:

    After the r2 update all my default Aerosoft airports are still there and my scenery order is the same.

    Do we need to delete these airports manually?

    • Jan Vogel says:

      You should still have these 8 Aerosoft airports in the custom scenery folder:


      There are also some other custom airports in there, like LOWI, KLAS, etc...


  11. François says:

    Hi Ben
    Since a few versions, i observed that the fuel flow of a lot of payware-aircrafts doesn't match with the real values anymore. The fuel burning is around 15% too low now. Is there an explanation for that? Why did that change?

  12. FRedBaron says:

    Would like to confirm, 11.10 ship with the USB device limit fixed to 20?
    You guys really have the best support in the Flight Sim world...
    Much Appreciated.

  13. Richard says:

    Xp11.10 relased prox weekend ?

  14. Aaron Tollin says:

    Hi Ben, your "...really boring" back up story was anything but that for me. Much of it was of course beyond my Mac user experience but there were so many references to threads of pain and experiences that I've suffered through in the past that it was reassuring to know that even you, at your level, are not immune to this suffering. So thanks, because of your pain I feel better..

  15. Hi, I'm costarican. I would like to see more 3d airports of my country. For example MROC and MRLB our major airports

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