We’ve been working on bug fixes like crazy, and over the last week or two we’ve run a small internal beta of 11.10 to try to get the biggest, nastiest bugs out.  So far it looks like we’re on schedule to put out a public 11.10 this week.

Besides fixing bugs, there are still a few irons in the fire for 11.10 that might go into the beta after public beta 1:

  • Sidney and I have one more set of performance optimizations that are a “maybe” for 11.10 – we’ll try them and if they blow up the beta, they can wait for 11.20.
  • Jörg has fixed a lot of weapon-related issues – you can actually author fighter planes now – but weapon cam is still inoperative and probably will be in beta 1.
  • We are working on VR in parallel to 11.10, and we may be able to release some authoring interfaces for aircraft in 11.10 to get aircraft developers a head start.

A bunch of stuff for developers and artists is already done and ‘in the can’ for beta 1:

  • The new plugin API 3.0 will be fully available in beta 1.
  • The G1000 will be available in beta 1, and the G1000-based Cessna is included in the install.
  • New art for airport authors is in place.

In preparation for this beta, Jennifer ran off to Las Vegas. We might reasonably disagree on how to interpret that.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

26 comments on “Public Beta This Week

  1. Looking forward to using the airfoil improvements! I’m one of the apparently rare breed that generates optimized airfoils for hi and lo reynolds numbers for my aircraft, and being able to have a range of them in a single file will save me a lot of time, being able to use a single file for a wide range of applications.
    I have a big Ron Swanson grin, thanks!

  2. Love XP and LR so much that even a badly buggy 11.1 would not upset me! Thanks for the next round of excitement! Cheers.

  3. So just to clarify on the performance optimizations, does this mean that all the performance optimizations may or may not make 11.10b1 or just a subset may get held to 11.20. I am really looking forward to the G1000, but my main excitement is the performance optimizations to support VR as I am currently using the Flyinside plugin with mixed success.

  4. I like the openness of this team. That’s so refreshing in these days. Looking forward to another iteration of a great product.

  5. Hi Ben,

    I now have the perfect example for the issue with clouds.

    As you can see in this video, there are 2 layers of broken clouds below me, but they are perfectly transparent at night. Also, supposedly, visibility should about 2 miles, but my visibility is practically unlimited.

    At the moment this is by far the most annoying bug in X-Plane for me, and I’ve seen many others complaining about the same situation.


    Should I report a bug with this video? Do I need a log.txt?


    1. Hi Bruno,
      As per their recent comment in the next topic, yes, you should definitely file a bug report because this is very likely to be ignored here.

      This bug is annoying me to 🙂

      It’s always good to include the log.txt. are you sure this is on a clean install? I would strongly recommend to film a clean install and file the log.txt of the flight.

      1. Yes, file a bug. We don’t TRACK blog comments, so if you leave a blog comment and don’t file a bug, there’s a good chance we lose track of it and it never gets fixed. Bugs go in the bug base and we can find all unfixed bugs.

      2. Hi amelingu,

        Well, what is a clean install? 🙂 I can’t live without some plugins, like X-Ivap (to fly on IVAO), a few add-on aircrafts, and a few photoreal sceneries.

        But I definitely don’t have any weather related or cloud texture add-ons. I am keeping that default for now.

        I think this should be very easy for LR to replicate. Just fly in some IMC at night. This is “bugging” so many people, it must be easy to reproduce (pun semi-intended).

        But I will file the bug, and include a log.txt for lulz, why not. It’s for free.

        Cheers (and please fix this) 🙂

        1. Hi Y’all,

          The point of the beta is to find and fix bugs. So the value of a clean install is to _differentiate_ between bugs in the core sim and bugs that have an interaction with plugins. So if the bug goes away without the plugin, we can narrowly focus our search on the interaction the plugin has with X-plane. If the plugin is gone, we can rule out the plugin entirely, which helps because plugins can induce a really wide variety of code paths.

  6. Unrelated question: I’m working on an aircraft that will have canopy, but the canopy dataref won’t be useful to animate the canopy properly (too much easing, takes too long to settle into 0 or 1). Is there any way to change the easing like we do with the sliders where we put power=1 and it’s fixed? Does the canopy dref have any effect on the flight model?

    1. The canopy dataref does not affect physics because we don’t know what it is tied to, and we assume you close the door before you fly. 🙂 Try the door datarefs, they might be linear?

  7. I don’t mean to repeat to annoy. But I have asked a few times with no reply to a valid inquiry. Can you confirm if the rest of the city scenery such as Chicago etc will release in full with 11.10 as suggested it would have came this summer ?

    Also, will these city scenery objects be simpe files one can remove or re add into the custom scenery folder & not have to utilize WED etc. many custom scenery packs for cities are available but your assets look better, so it would be cool to easily blend them.
    ie I never liked the generic LEGO brick aerosoft airports forced upon users , so I just deleted the folders.

    Thanks. Stay safe in Vegas.

    1. Only one city (London) in 11.10. The rest of the cities will come out serially, one per update. I don’t think we, at any point, said that the entire set of cities to date would go in 11.10 – the plan has ALWAYS been to release them serially, hence Vegas in 11.05.

      They’re packs that come in the sim – you don’t need WED. If you don’t like them, disable the packs.

      1. Ah gotcha. Thanks Ben. Is there an update list of cities you can share or when Chicago is coming?

        I may have misunderstood from the flight sim con saying new cities( plural ) would come in 11.10 / this summer. Perhaps I missed an update citing serially.

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