To get it, make sure you have an X-Plane install you can scrap, have a stiff drink, and check “get betas” in the installer.

Release notes are here. I’ll try to post more over the weekend about some of the new stuff, but there’s a lot, and we’ve probably left things off the initial notes. For now, since it’s beta 1, our main concern is “does it work at all?”

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

75 comments on “X-Plane 11.10 Beta 1 Is Here

  1. Please do not use the comment box to report bugs.

    We are approximately 5,000× more likely to lose track of your bug if it’s in a blog comment compared to in our bug tracker. (On the other hand, if you don’t care whether your bug gets fixed, comment away! 😉 )

  2. Unfortunately I am receiving an error when I launch:


    Tried re-running the installer and updating to latest nvidia drivers with no success.

  3. Did some more testing and I apologize, the issue seems to be with Flyinside as I only receive this error when launching XP through their launcher. I will post on their forum. Just for you information, after a reboot, the error changed to Resources/shaders/font.glsl

    1. Please file a bug with your system information, your Log.txt, and anything else we need to know to reproduce it. Give it a try launching with no third-party plugins before reporting—if we get a bug report from a user running plugins, that’s generally the first thing we ask them to try.

  4. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the new stuff coming with 11.10.

    Regards from Las Vegas, Nevada (on vacation),

    PS: I hope Jennifer went off to Vegas for fun and not in relation to personally being affected by the horrible and insane shooting a few days ago… I donated to the victims and their relatives and hope it helps a little.

  5. As it seems, as if the new landmarks and european autogen buildings will be implemented in a later beta stage?

  6. Good morning, I installed x-plane 11.10 beta 1, I did not notice any changes since 11.05, the usual graphic bug of the shadows that stutter on the ground and the simulator crashes when the plane is parked on the square in part on a plane, I see strange lines. microscates present.


    X-Plane 11.10b1 breaks X-Pilot Activation System and third party scenery packages such as Simheavan VFR – Forests etc.

    1. Please report bugs for broken add-ons, or contact the add-on vendor so they can file a bug. We have _no_ mechanism to track and fix defects based on blog comments.

      1. issue is some libraries calling other libraries

        “The path ../opensceneryx/facades/fences/chainlink/1/open/facade.fac in the library file Custom Scenery/x_Prefab_Library/library.txt is illegal because it uses other scenery packs directly.”

        is this not supported anymore?

      2. Done Ben, sorry about that but wanted to notify quick. Reverted back to 11.05 on the main installation. Will use a dedicated test installation for bug testing, so should everybody else.

  8. Working well so far on Mid 17 iMac, 50+fps with C172 G1000.
    Any recommendations on G1000 Instructions?

    1. If you are serious about learning how to operate the G1000, ‘Max Trescott’s G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook’ is a good resource in my opinion.

  9. XPlane 11.10 on quit block X-Plane window and do not exit. Also, Frame Rate is very very low (15-20). I do not see the diference between menu and other things beetween 11.05 and 11.10

  10. MD-80 default fatal error while loading

    So far only one error found, I sent a bug report with attached log.txt,

    Summary= MD-80 default stops after 5 seconds
    Description= When trying to fly with MD-80 default, after 5 seconds of loading MD-80 comes fatal error, then opens screen to send crash report (I did not know this screen).
    I made fast flight with other aircraft and everything okay, I have the impression that the image quality improved and the performance too.
    I use only flywithLua plugin to clear sky.
    Thank you.

    João Alfredo

    1. Just yesterday, before 11.10b2, I made new copy of 11.05 and applied update 11.10b1, so MD-80 did not show fatal error.
      I did the new copy procedure because other errors not presented before appeared.

  11. Already filed a bug – Multimonitor seems to be broken, I get shader failure when enabling it 🙁

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for 11.10

    Downloading the new update at a speedy 73 kilobytes/sec. It’s been going for nearly 3 hours.

    Is this normal?


  13. Would be really nice to have the X-plane Topo map in Garmin Colours or something more similar so the G1000 MFD doesn’t look so strange. I also find the waypoint names and non active leg plots incredibly difficult to see.

  14. Flight model downwash under ground effect changes, as Austin mentioned in the 11.10 presentation , is it a part of this release? couldn’t find it in the release notes. Thanks!

      1. Is there more tweaks coming for the spiraling slip stream/prop wash ? The 172 is exhibiting a roll to the right witch is not realistic. It should be a left turning tendency.

        I think Austin needs some one on one time in a real C172 with the German instructor !!!

  15. After updating one of my XP11 installations to 11.10b1 (and had to enter digital key), I experienced immediate CTDs and filed bug report(s). The strange thing is that my other XP11.05 installation now asks me for a digital key every time I launch it. Why? Should I report that as a bug?

  16. Really pleased to see you adding per-aircraft control assignments – and from the video it looks like you’ve really thought about how it should work. This is really important as add-ons get more and more complex – it’s all too easy to forget about something when switching between aircraft.

  17. Beta 1 (Demo, didn’t bother buying XP11, see blow) now runs at around 9FPS and produces a warning that it runs at <0.5x time-speed when starting a new flight at Seattle. At the same settings, the release version at least managed 17 FPS without the warning, not that it would be "good" or "usable" at either.

    This is on a Ryzen 1700 with an RX 480, and I've reported miserable performance in the last few versions of XP10 and the first couple betas of 11 at all quality levels, supplying all the logs the bug reporter asked for. Is it really supposed to run that badly on AMD hardware? Is there anything to change or do to make it at least run semi-acceptably?

    1. AMD hardware currently runs with quite a few modern optimizations disabled since they lead to hangs on our machines. We have a patch for that in the works, and you can try running the sim with –no_workaround which should make things faster again (although at the cost of stability. If your computer hangs or driver crashes because of the option, please don’t file a bug report). The hang is a bit sad since we actually followed the best practices set out by AMD, and they work just fine on Nvidia hardware.

      1. Sidney, I’d like to test that –no_workaround option just to see what’s possible.

        is the command like this?

        “C:\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe–no_workaround

        I’m running an rx480 and i’ve really no complaints, I’ve noticed an improvement in 10.10 with frames and general smoothness, I’m using an rx480 8gb with a core i5 4590. 16gb/ram ddr3.

        I get 30FPS with the following settings at KSEA at the default runway location.
        In the default cessna, 3dcockpit view at KSEA
        visual affects – max
        texture quality -max
        antialiasing – 2xssaa+fxaa
        world objects -medium
        reflection detail – min
        shadows on scenery – off

        hope that is some help.

        1. You’ll need to put a space between the command line argument. So something like: “C:\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe” –no_workaround

          (Note that you’ll need the quotes around the path if it contains a space). Alternatively you can also create a shortcut to the .exe and then right click on it “Properties” and then add “–no_workaround” (again with a space before the argument) to the “Target” line.

    2. sdancer, I’m using an AMD RX455 with Intel i7 2.7 GHz and getting 35-45 fps in clear weather. Maybe your settings are too high?

      1. I’ve found the issue to be quite independent of settings, changing between a 1990s aesthetic and maxing everything hardly changes the numbers, last I tried with a pre-11.10 version of XP11 it was a difference between maybe 13 and 17 FPS sitting in a Cessna at at KSEA.

  18. First of all, a big thank you to Philipp for making the G1000. I primarily use X-Plane to maintain my IFR proficiency in-between real-world flights, and a G1000 that is true to the real thing is just what I needed.

    After my initial experience with the X-Plane G1000, I have a few suggestions/wishes:

    When I have the PFD or MFD open as a pop-up window, I would like to be able to quickly toggle the same pop-up window between showing the PFD and the MFD by clicking somewhere on the bezel of the pop-up window. (My preference for such a toggle button would be the bottom right corner of the bezel).

    Again, with the PFD or MFD open in a pop-up window, when I resize the window I wish the window would automatically maintain the correct aspect ratio. I discovered that when I click on the X-Plane 1000 logo on top of the bezel the pop-up window resets to its default size and aspect ratio, but I wish it would maintain the correct aspect ratio when I resize it as well.

    Finally, the PFD and MFD screens in the cockpit come included with quite a few smudges and fingerprints on them, which are driving me a wee bit nuts – I have to fight a constant urge to start cleaning them – so, my final request is for Philipp to find a clean cloth and give the screens a good cleaning. 😉

    Finally, thanks again for a great product that keeps getting better! 🙂

    1. The second paragraph of my previous comment should of course be, “After my initial experience with the X-Plane G1000, I have a few suggestions/requests:”. Please bear with me as English is not my first language. 😉

    2. As for your fingerprint issue, this is the artist’s choice. I quite like it (and would end up flying it with the fingerprint-free pop-up anyway).

      You should be able to adjust it easily to your liking by altering the \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Laminar Research\Cessna 172SP\objects\instruments\garmin1000\ file, which contains the fingerprint texture.

  19. I wonder how the key assignments for “20 Quick-look views” are!
    BTW: Did LR ever bother to set up default quick views? What I usually do is:
    * A default “look forward”
    (depending on the cockpit)
    * A default “look at lower instuments” (maybe more than one view)
    * Possibly a separate look for “standard six”, communication, navigation…
    * A default “look at upper instruments”
    * Look 45°/90°/135°/180° left/right (as appropriate), simulating a real pilot’s head (as well as “psychological zoom” that ignores cockpit details when looking out of the right window)
    * Where you cannot look back, look from the outside from nose to tail

  20. The program (without add on) was crashed and shows the following message:
    rel_assert Error Possibly an out of range vector! Attach the debugger and see who called OGL_ubo_is_valid(s_environment_ubo)
    Please check it, thank you!

      1. It is stable now. But my internal visual’s computer will crash immediately while the master computer start to send the data to it.

  21. Ben et al,

    I am running on a 2010 Mac Pro with an nvidia 1060 (6GB) and I am seeing something weird in the beta (thats always sort of been there but is more pronounced), but I don’t think its a bug. I think it might be a terminology thing.

    TL;DR – I think the framerate monitor is either nonsense or means something else.

    Long version:

    I feel like there are 3, not 2 frame rates (the 2 being, graphics frame rate and sim frame rate).

    1. The actual GPU framerate
    2. The rate at which “things” are moved around (cars, planes). Lets call this “cadence”
    3. the physics model.

    What I am seeing:

    Ok, so pick an airport (say KBWI), put settings somewhere in the middle so its playable and not in slide show mode. Let AI fly, and go to external views.

    Frame rate will be between 12-20 frames per second. At any particular moment though, the cars will either be waaay more fluid than 12 fps, or you can literally count 3 frames a second…

    The sim will stay at 19.90 unless the frames as displayed increase above 20fps.

    Ok so here is the weird part. In external view, pan around the plane, and it appears to run like butter…

    Is the following happening:

    1. You are trying to draw as often as possible no matter what.
    2. If you move all the geometry in time for the next draw, awesome, if not just draw anyway, from current viewpoint.
    3. Physics/time slows down so that distance between timesteps is not too far so planes don’t start behaving in a weird quantum fashion?

    Sorry if I am not articulating this well… there is just this weird (but… improved) herky-jerkiness mixed with really smooth performance despite the fps monitor says “super slow, bro”

    1. Oh, I left off the part where I think the FPS monitor is showing the cadence, but I think the GPU is shoving pixels to the screen faster than that… its just that most of the motion is locked to your plane’s movement, except when you spin around the plane… so… there is a perception of slow frame rate which is really “slow stuff changing on the screen” but the GPU is actually performing better than that.

      The thing thats different is it looks like you might have made the geometry stuff multicore so i am seeing some stuff getting updated at a different rate than other things… like fast cars, but slideshow AI aircraft, and when i spin around the view, the geometry of the scenery is refreshed at yet another, faster, rate.

      That, or I’ve been up waaaay too long and need some sleep. I’ll ask other people about that second one.

    2. YES! To item 3. If your FPS is below 20 fps, time in the sim is slowed down so that the simulation can remain fluid and not blow up.

      If you load us up with rendering or have a slow computer we only have a few bad choices:
      1. Turn down graphics for you until things get fast. Old timers will remember Austin rolling in the fog and cutting vis to hit 20 fps.
      2. Leave fps low and let the flight model disintegrate into a puddle of goo. Not great…and the bug will manifest in a million other bug reports. “The plane rolls too much.” “The plane rolls too little.” “The brakes don’t work.”
      3. Run the sim slower than real-time.

      This still confuses people – Austin has that nasty message on screen when you get below 20 fps in an attempt to explain to users that they should cut options to run faster – otherwise they email him and say “flying from KBOS to KJFK took 2 hours at 8 fps.”

  22. Ben,

    Once again — you are overlooking technology that I think Laminar must use immediately.

    You really need to be using SEGMENT ROUTING to forward your packets across your network, and not MPLS/RSVP-TE. I keep posting in this blog constantly about how you’re ignoring and not putting in advanced technology in X-Plane, such as Segment Routing.

    Every other X-Plane simulator made by other vendors includes both GPU Tessellation and Segment Routing for their traffic management!

    You will hear be moan about it constantly for the next 6 months until Segment Routing is implemented in X-Plane, because it’s my current pet technology; and makes me sound smart when I say it.

  23. Is there a way to remove the message “< x time speed, which is as fast as your machine can run with these rendering options" that pops up when my frame rate dips below 20 fps? Yes, I have a slower machine and yes, I know the frame rate should be above 20 for best flying performance and accurate time.
    However it is very annoying and is placed inline with the runway on approach. If it cannot be turned off or removed. Can it only come on start up and then disappear?
    Thank You.

      1. Thank You Ben,
        I did just that, I know its not the biggest problem in x-plane but annoying. Later I will file a bug if no results. Great feedback as always.

  24. X-Plane 11.10b2 crashes at start on Linux ubuntu
    Description= Since last update X-Plane 11.10b2 crashes at loading while Plugin initialisation.
    Worked yesterday with only démo scenery. Today I installed other genuine sceneries and since it stays a while at Will initialize plugins and quits.

    Ubuntu 16.04

  25. When I used 11.05, one of my XP computer alwaysl crash immediately while it receives the data from another computer for multiplayer, which are all linked together under the same wireless network and all the comupters are linked via wireless. However, after I changed to the ethernet Lan amd link it by cable (I give up the wireless), the problem was sovled.

    This time the 11.10 beta 2 has the similar situation. The computer for external visual will crash immediately after it start to receive the data from master computer. XP11 may have the bugs of network which were transferred from previous version.

  26. I have not seen the beta 1, I installed b2 directly, may that be the problem?
    and how go Iback to X-Plane 11.10b1?

  27. I have the same message about “x time speed… rendering options”. I like to remove it
    please tell me how to do this. I know that it should be more then 20, but I Think it must be possible to remove this kind of messages.

      1. yeah, everybody should tell Austin to keep up with the great work he does behind the scenes, with flight model, engine performance, etc and let someone else at Laminar think of the front-end stuff …
        this message in the middle of the screen is like a punch in the eye

        at least it should be removable once the user acknowledges its implications (a check box or something would do …)

  28. X-Plane 11.10b3 seems to work for me, only two issues:
    -He says that my joystick is not calibrated at each start
    -He says that (installed) sceneries are not present, I click “continue with water” and have the scenery.

  29. To Mr Ben Supnik
    My last post may be wrong. Maybe you can delete it.
    My first issue: Maybe it’s because I haven’t calibrated the default joystick profile.
    My second issue: I can not install sceneries because I have the 5:20000 error, but let’s wait.

  30. The installer provided with the update doesn’t work (error 5:20000)
    I have an older installer that works (don’t know where I downloaded it), but I can only select the upper left half of the world sceneries.
    Parts of the second half of the world disable the “Continue” option.

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