I just cut a quick new beta build of X-Plane 10.11 – Jörg fixed the Linux crash. The crash was a problem with the plugin .so’s and we don’t even know how the bug happened, but it’s fixed now.

Linux users: since the crash is at startup, you won’t be prompted to auto update (because X-Plane crashes before the auto-update check can run).  So to fix your beta installation, re-run our installer and pick “update x-plane” with the beta box checked.  You’ll get beta 3 and be back in business.

We’ll fix more bugs next week, and the rate of betas may slow down, but we’ll try to patch crashes as quick as we can.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

50 comments on “X-Plane 11.10 Beta 3 – Linux Fixed

  1. Is there something in this for windows users? I ask because I tried to run the updater, but I got Permission denied from the CDN.

    Another issue… I have tried to make some videos of some issues in the sim that do not generate log entries. I’m using Bandicam (latest version), but XP crashes a lot when I try to record video with Bandicam. I have not seen XP cdt when not using Bandicam.

    Two issues I’m trying to record is:

    1. When the Sikorsky S-76 is used as AI it acts wired. When it come up to a “hold short” line it drops the engine power and drops to the ground where it tilt over and acts as a lawnmower for a few minutes where it covers a lot of ground. It is still communicating with ATC about cleared to takeoff.

    2. In one night flying (a lot of low clouds) I suddenly only had a black view outside with a totally white screen blink every 1 second. It seem to be the strobe that acts funny.

    1. I’ve had a good few chuckles looking at the AI doing its own thing for a while … they’re mental! That includes the Sikorsky “lawnmowering” at hold short lines, Phantoms not taking off but scooting alone the runway and then following the ground, planes not fully touching down but immediately shooting back up again, Phantom basically crashing and bouncing after takeoff, several other planes making various crazy turns (just look at the lines on the map) and even an airliner spinning quickly as it tumbles straight down to to the ground.

      I think the AI needs a bit more work still 😀

    2. Welcome to the worst bug in X-Plane at the moment.

      The problem is that, at night, from above, lights completely pass through the clouds, so clouds are, in effect, invisible.

      What happened was you entered the cloud, and started seeing the reflection of the strobe lights in the cloud. This happens as well in real life and pilots are “invited” to turn the strobes off. Just remember the turn them back on again when you leave the cloud (I forget it all the time).

      I’ve already reported this bug, but please do the same. I’m still in disbelief how this bug is so “unknown” by LR. A lot of people are complaining.


    3. About the “Permission denied” – My Bad! It seem that X-Plane was still in memory after shutdown. So the permission denied was X-Plane blocking overwriting some file!

      But the 2 other issues is still there.

      1. Michael Jensen-Maar, as Bruno said in his response, your issue with the outside view going black, and then a white screen flashing once per second, is not a bug. This is in fact a realistic representation of how the strobe lights appear in the real world when flying inside a cloud at night. It is very annoying to fly with and this is the reason why we normally turn off the strobe lights in such circumstances. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Ben,

    I’ve noticed that the current implementation of ground effect is flawed. It’s hard to maintain a flare or even pitch up once you’re in one. Some planes are completely broken and won’t even flare ( such as the IXEG or the FlyTeAir Arrow 3 )

    The problem is that once you bleed off some speed you naturally pitch up to keep the plane steady and later on gently lead the nose toward the runway. What happens now is that you’re unable to pitch up once you’re flaring as if you’re blocked by an invisible wall and that’s with my joystick pushed all the way back and only 5 knots of speed less.
    With some 3rd party planes such as the IXEG the plane will simply refuse to pitch up. This is with the default Cessna 172.

    I already filled a bug report, but I’m curious if you guys are aware of this?

  3. Thanks for the linux correction, but i still have a problem, with the 11.10b1 and b3 i can not calibrate my Satek rudder pedals. Recognized when I connect it but does not work. Ok with version 11.05.

  4. As an instrument student transitioning to the G1000 in real-world flying I really cannot wait until I can test out 11.10 on Steam! I check the dev blog every day for updates!

  5. The default 747 is crazy, maybe other planes too. It’s getting sudden jolts of something that knocks it out of the sky, happens to AI planes too, it’s funny to see all AI planes spinning around like they’re posessed.

  6. About the message “0.9x time-speed, which is as fast as your pc can run with these rendering options”, it’s clear that the aim is to get people using the rendering options that their systems can afford for a smooth and stutter-free experience. But even with a supercomputer, when big textures such as orthophotos are being loaded, there are moments in which the message appears no matter what and no matter the rendering options you set. Are you aware of this? How do you plan to manage the loading of big chunks of textures in the updates to follow ? Thanks.

    1. There has been radio silence on this one, I wish they would address this asap, I am having no other issues with new beta besides this. I am getting well over 20fps. With 36fps on average I still get this message and would love for it to just, POOF!, go away so I can really get into testing the beta. Hard to test when you have to read a message in your field of view.

        1. I’m tired of getting attacked over this. I have 36fps and getting this message. How about you and all the other minions chill out and read our posts as well. xp11.05 was perfectly fine and ran just as I wanted it to. Why do I have to tune down now with better frame rate than before? Get over yourself bud. Radio silence has been “Email Austin If you don’t like it”.

          1. If you are running at 36 fps and the message about running at 0.5x, _please_ file a bug and include a pic of that. There’s two different issues here:
            – Should the sim squawk visually when it’s running in slo-mo due to poor fps (slo-mo has been in for YEARS – it’s the on-screen message that’s new)
            – Is the message showing up at dumb times.
            If the message is _wrong_, please file a bug for that. It was never intended to show up at 36 fps.

          2. Yeah I also got the message for an instant the other day, was probably loading orthophotos as you said, or loading new weather.

            But if the message is only on for a few seconds, am I safe to assume everything is back to normal when the message is gone?

            Is there an option to turn it off, if we know we are running at high FPS?

  7. Question, Is there anything can be done for colors when they are in sunlight they look dull and washed out ?, this has always been an X-Plane problem, no matter the version.

  8. Before I file a bug report, I’d like to make sure if the others also experience the same. I tried the default C172SP and vFlyteAir Arrow III on a small mountainous aerodrome (RKPD). The sky was broken or stormy. I didn’t check the wind speed. The wind was blowing from the front left when I was aligned the planes.

    The first thing I noticed was the planes felt like sliding on a very slippery surface when I pushed the throttle towards middle even I pushed the brakes hard.

    The second was that the planes showed very strong tendency to turning right. I could not keep the planes on the centre line due to it. When I toggled Ctrl + M to visualize the propwash, it seemed to act almost only on the left wing. How do the other pilots feel about this?

    1. I checked it again in a no wind dry runway condition. And I find it shows a slight left turning tendency. So never mind my previous comment.

  9. just updated to 11.10, I skipped 11.05, just wanted to say nice work on the London city visuals, looking forward to more cities

  10. A very good update, thank you!
    I will not underline the “0.9x or 0.8x speed is not for your spec blablabla”, who is not necessary. The load of anything like WT3 or X-Enviro generates this message.

    Moreover, I just wonder how ‘Infinite Flight’, a tablet application, with their new update can create a beautiful atmosfer that I can not find with X-Plane..

    But thank you again LR for your regular update!

    1. Some users on the X-Plane.org forum report that when they delete their preferences and re-establish the beta as though freshly installed, frame rate issues go away.

      If installing a beta meant that the prefs folder would automatically and always be renamed out of the way (with a date-time stamp) during the installation process, and a fresh preferences folder downloaded in it’s place, many of these frame rate complaints might be avoided.

  11. Ben ,

    Thanks for the nice updates.

    My question is about animated stuff in XP which does not seem to be good e.g. a moving flag, i don’t know nothing about graphics but there are some who have tried but it has not turned out good.

    BTW is Vulkan a part of the 1st three Beta’s ?


    I tried the helis like the AS350 / R22 and the default S-76c but they don’t seem to get into VRS.


      1. Hi Ben,

        thanks for the reply, i can ask the person who is trying to do the animation as what the issue is.


  12. Default 747 causing a lot of crashes and autopilot on 747 and md80 almost unusable.
    but new stuff very good. Will wait for the former to catch up .

    1. Mike,

      I have same issue & submitted a bug, but Laminar cannot reproduce it. Are you and AI 747 getting strong forces, that cause it to spin out of control and crash ? For me this happens as soon as I start, you will see AI 747’s all spinning. Are you on a Mac ?


  13. Is there a reason I am being censored? I would like to know so I can avoid it for the future please.

    1. I don’t know what you mean here. I delete posts that include profane language or spam, but it looks to me like all of your posts have been allowed through.

      1. I guess this is a sign that I am getting older or need glasses or maybe just need a vacation…Thank you and sorry!…tip toes away in embarrassment.

  14. Hi Ben,
    are you aware of the following error: (linux, part of log.txt)
    log.txt for X-Plane 11.10b3 (build 111006 64-bit)
    compiled on Oct 14 2017 08:56:55
    X-Plane started on Mon Oct 16 19:07:27 2017
    #define APL 0
    #define IBM 0
    #define LIN 1
    #define MOBILE 0
    #define HAS_SRGB 1
    #define HAS_SHADER_LOD 1
    #define HAS_UBO 0
    #define HAS_ARRAY_TEX 1
    #define HAS_TEX_RG 1
    #define HAS_TESS 0
    #define HAS_GSHADER 0
    #define GEOM_MODE 0
    #define TEXTURE_MODE 12
    #define PROJ_BASE 0
    #define DECAL1 0
    #define DECAL2 0
    #define ALPHA_MODE 0
    #define RENDERING_MODE 1
    #define NUM_LITES 0
    #define HAS_SPEC 0
    #define NORMAL_MODE 0
    #define USE_SHAD 0
    #define USE_LITE 0
    #define TONE_MODE 0
    #define CSM_COUNT 0
    #define BORDER_MODE 0
    #define NITE_MODE 0
    #define BLEND_MODE 0
    #define FOG_MODE 0
    #define USE_CRAZY_ALPHA 1
    #define IS_SCREENSHOT 0
    #define USE_FAST_FFT_WATER 1
    end prefix)
    error: linking with uncompiled shade
    0:00:27.078 E/SYS: +——————————————————————————-
    0:00:27.078 E/SYS: | There was a problem processing a GLSL pixel shader.
    0:00:27.078 E/SYS: | You may need to rerun the installer or update your graphics drivers.
    0:00:27.078 E/SYS: | Resources/shaders/terrain_vert.glsl
    0:00:27.078 E/SYS: | Resources/shaders/terrain_frag.glsl
    0:00:27.078 E/SYS: | (OGL_shader.cpp:1016)
    0:00:27.078 E/SYS: +——————————————————————————-

  15. Hello there
    First of all thanks for your work as always.
    I wanna just share a couple of issues found in these last days. It could help, hopefully
    1) Gizmo64 plugin is showing some kind of problems on the Ixeg 737. While im setting my fixes on the fmc gizmo pop up appears and then the sim starts to lamp
    2) In the 737-800 zibo mod, default FMC doesn’t recognise any icao
    3) During the night time the sea is still flashing at the distance
    Any knowledge about these issues?
    Will be them fix?
    Thanks in advance

  16. Anyone having cursor issues with OSX high sierra. Multiple & inverted cursors. Only since “high” sierra. Not sure if xplane or apple issue. Apple have already closed my bug report.

    1. We’re aware of the issue. It appears the latest “supplemental” update to High Sierra fixed it for some users, but not all. I’ve gotten reports from Apple beta testers that the next upcoming patch (10.13.1) fixes it for others. In any case, it appears to be squarely in Apple’s court.

      1. Ok thanks. I’m sure it is Apple related after doing more research. I’m already on 10.13.1 beta, and for me at least still issues with X-plane & others (adobe).

  17. On both beta1 and b3 the plugins menu is not working. It should at least one of the Plugin Admin items, but it doesn’t. Is it a bug or something wrong with my config?

  18. I did file a bug report but:

    the Cirrus (stock) has been negatively affected. The cockpit display has been totally redone is is very hard to read now.

    My iMac now leaves mouse trails (week actually just singe mouse images) every time I access a menu. Maxed our 2011 iMac.

    The settings I used before now only give me .5 speed? Yikes?

  19. Regarding the “0.8X TIME SPEED WHICH IS FAST AS YOUR PC CAN RUN” message on-screen, can we just have a way of disabling the message appearing at all? I don’t care if my framerate is 5FPS, sometimes I just want to take pics, but with that message it becomes impossible.

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