X-Plane 11.11 is now final – you’ll be notified to auto-update.  11.11 is a small bug fix release that fixes a few key issues that we didn’t find out about in time to get into 11.10. Here’s the release notes.

Our VR private beta program is underway – we’ve been cutting VR private betas in parallel to 11.11 testing; I’ll post more on VR over the next few days.

A New Look for developer.x-plane.com

As you may have noticed, Tyler just enabled the new modern X-Plane theme for the developer part of our website. This is part of a long-term initiative to move the X-Plane SDK docs from an old (and broken) wiki on my old XSquawkBox site to developer.x-plane.com.  We still have some work to do on the landing pages and some bug fixing, but even with this work still in progress, I think the new developer.x-plane.com site is a lot more useful than the wiki.

As of this writing, complete 3.0 API documentation and sample code (including 3.0 SDK samples) are live on this site – you can reference them here for now. (As of this writing, the sample code’s background color is borked – that should be fixed soon, and download works.)

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

35 comments on “X-Plane 11.11 Is Final

  1. New site update looks great!

    Question: I received no update request for my 11.11r2 install, looking at the release notes, I assume that is the final? 11.11r2 (build 111101 64bit).

    1. Correct. Like always, if the last release candidate is the one we keep, we do NOT re-cut the binaries. Each release candidate (labeled with an “r1” or “r2” full build number) is built as if it could be the one that goes live.

      For internet-connected computers, you’ll note that whether X-plane identifiers the build as 11.11r2 or 11.11 on the front page actually depends on whether we’ve declared it final – that screen formats based on the beta/non-beta version info from our servers.

      1. Ben,
        My son just got XPlane 11 for Christmas. I’ve downloaded all 8 discs and calibrated the yoke system, pedals and throttles but when we try to do any test flights the cockpit doesn’t display and the program stops responding. Not sure where to go from here. I’ve deleted and re-installed and still the same thing.
        What do I need to de?

    2. I’m having regrets about installing this version. I continously get an out of memory message when loading scenery. I have installed ortho4xp and it appears to have stopped functioning with this update. Bleh.

      1. Please file a bug including the logs where X-Plane has run out of memory (this error message is probably an incorrect message from another problem), then go back to 11.11.

  2. While it is nice that the new blog is integrated into the main website I noticed two things that liked better about the old version.

    – In the old version you could see who wrote the blog entry. Maybe I missed it but I can’t find that info in the new version.
    – In the old version you could see the number of comments in the overview list (which is handy if you want to check if new comments are available).

    Other than that – can’t wait for VR (probably just to find out that its unusable on my system and I have to upgrade big time).

    1. We do still have latest comments on the side of the blog feed. Tyler would have to comment on authorship info – I think we have it for the main site. I was told I have to sort out my avatar, but I’m having a really bad hair week.™

  3. Hello, everything very beautiful here, new page layout very good.
    X-Plane 11.11 running very well here, then Merry Christmas to all !!!

    1. Same here from me. Greatly appreciate all your efforts. Happy and safe hols to all at LR. Cheers.

    1. Hi.
      Is it possible to have at least an explanation of why has it been removed and what is your plan with it?
      Thank you.

  4. I like the new look. Everything is groovy and we get to see your glorious face :3 However my two cents as a designer says the text is too large, and makes it slower to try and consume large amounts of information (which may come back to bite when people glance over the comments.) I also think changelogs could be done a bit better (with particular attention to general x-plane version changelogs and file format specifications) where everything is piled on top of each other. Having this in a more tabular format may save some time and precious scotch!

    A question about extending light distance. Could you elaborate if you’re planning to extend drawn lights. A cheap hack I was thinking of was simply to add a _LIT texture to the earth model and use light pollution imagery instead? There is alot which the earth model could do, but currently isn’t? (for example, right now it’s a brownish red when recolouring it to blue could potentially give a better perception of scattering)

      1. Would a texture based solution work for ortho4xp users ? Also curious if you’re stats collection can count ortho4xp users ?

        Merry Xmas.

  5. Very small request: In the profiles, I think it would be better to rename User Profile to something else, as anything assigned in this category, to my knowledge, works across all profile.

  6. Do we have any sense of hardware recommendations for the VR version (short of “buy the best of everything po$$ible?)

    Would a new i5 6-core + a 1070 be enough for VR?

    1. Not yet – I mean – if you get a 1070 and a new i5, you’ll be able to run VR – we have developers with that config or less. So you won’t be in the “your system is so low it’s hopeless” bucket. But we don’t have enough data yet to give anyone good guidance about what you get for your money.

      In particular:
      – VR is definitely FPS sensitive – some users think 20 fps flight sucks, and somse think it’s fine. But in VR, it’s just not okay, because the motion extrapolation from head movements becomes unreliable.

      – Certain visual settings (objects, shadows, reflections) cost CPU time.

      So I can’t say what hardware you need to get a certain reasonable amount of autogen, for example. You can always turn the settings down to get 90 fps, but at some point it might not be worth it.

        1. Uh, no. It sounds like we don’t know yet. We don’t know if the i7 is worth it compared to the i5. We don’t know if the 1080 is worth it compared to the 1070. We can’t give you any reasonable buying advice. We can only say that both of those systems will provide some kind of VR experience.

          1. Ben, Might you give us more graphics settings options so we can better tune for VR? For example, in other VR flight sims I turn shadows completely off, and usually reflections as well.

          2. I don’t think we need more settings than we have for VR for perf – you may need to choose differently. We _might_ add some settings _specific_ to VR, e.g. the level of over-sampling of the VR surface you want.

  7. I know everyone has been asking and you’re gonna say “soon”, but is there any way to open beta VR? Or can I possibly join the closed beta? I have the next week off for Xmas and New Years and would LOVE to take the time to play it. Thx!

  8. Just a quick Happy Christmas to your guys, and thanks for sorting out in 11.11 the problems some of us had been experiencing with AMD GPU and driver combinations. I can report that everything is running great now, more fluid and faster than 11.05; a real Christmas bonus!

  9. You need to have a look at this page with an iphone (or other phone); the thread about VR HW looks terrible (and unreadable) im afraid from a format perspective.

    Is there a ”mobile” page?

      1. I think It has to do with the text wrapping….the new site looks fantastic on iOS but the text wraps strangely, the last time I tried it on an iPhone….but it was a couple of weeks ago….That being said, it only occurs if there are many posts. As each post gets posted, it shifts the text box to the right, making each subsequent post have less horizontal space, causing the text to wrap, sometimes, into a post that is very long vertically, but only a few charters width. I’m sure it’s an easy fix. One can see it on a thread that has many replies.

        New site looks amazing! Can’t wait to try 11.11! Thanks for all your team’s hard work!

  10. Hi,
    now it is time to say this V11.11 release has all the improvements for small corporate jets that I’ve been waiting for, for what feels like four years: turbine engine improvements, fuel, autopilot/GPSS, weather/clouds, you just nailed it.


    And have a happy Christmas break, you deserved it well because now the old jet is better than ever.
    I also found a Christmas present: the brand new G1000 that I someday try to fit into that old LJ35 “cockpit” 😉

  11. Did anything change regarding pushback trucks? I had added a few at ESSA but they no longer respond when called. “Sorry, no push-carts at this ramp” even though the truck i parked right in front of me.

    1. No pushback changes were added to this version. Sometimes they take a while to get to you or they can possibly get stuck somewhere. They’re overworked and under paid. 😉

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