We’ve seen a few critical bug reports over the weekend, so:

  • We’re going to hold off on the Steam release of VR2.
  • VR3 should be out really soon – basically as soon as we can get these critical bugs fixed. We’ll put that on Steam.

Some notes:

  • VR2 won’t launch on some versions of Linux due to a plugin DLL problem. We don’t have a fix for that; we have to fix the sim.
  • The HOTAS Warthog causes the sim to crash if it’s plugged in. We’re fixing it.
  • If you have any other hardware that either won’t calibrate or crashes the sim, please do file a bug! Commenting on the blog does not count!  If you’ve commented on the blog, even if LR staff has replied, file a bug. Only bugs go somewhere that get tracked.
  • We’ve seen reports of plugins crashing that did not crash in VR1. If a plugin is now crashing in VR2 that didn’t crash in VR1, please report it! It’s useful to know whether the plugin crashes in VR2 even if VR is not being used.

Anyway, we’ll try to stabilize this stuff in VR3, then move on to more investigations WRT Oculus performance, and fixing other VR bugs like xPads floating in the air.


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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

46 comments on “Some Bugs in VR2

  1. Thank you for the info Ben!.
    One question: What happens if I submit a bug and then I realize it was my mistake? I think current bug report system lack a feature that let the reporter update the original bug report.
    Back to VR, I get great amount of FPS in VR2 Prev! That’s super nice.

    1)-I found out that if I activate the 3d Cursor mouse and the 2d mouse in the screen reach the back lateral lines I can’t click 2d or in VR.
    2)-Also I noticed (only once) that after disabling the VR the cursor was offset to the right.
    I’ll try to replicate it before filing the bug report on this 1) and 2) things I found in my system

    Ps.: Short question, How do I know the frame rate in SteamVR?. X-Plane’s fps says 50 FPS (monitors screen) but I’d like to know in SteamVR.
    Thank you again!

  2. Did nose wheel steering behavior change with this update? It no longer seems to be coupled with left/right yoke/aileron input.

      1. Thanks, Chris. So I had experimented with “toe brake” for landing braking action; however it looks like toe brake cancels auto-rudder like Yaw does. I got rid of the toe brake assignments and was able to regain nose wheel steering.

  3. Thanks for updating us on this. The plugins issue can be tough to cope with and knowing that you are working on it quickly feels good. Love the transparency. Appreciate all the work.

  4. Is there a place for feature requests or enhancement requests? I think it would be really nice to have haptic feedback on the yoke. No feedback while at neutral but as you move the yoke further away from center in either direction the controller should increasingly vibrate. This would feel really nice and also make trimming the aircraft easier as you would “feel” the correctly trimmed position.

  5. Great job. Thank you very much for such enormous work. I have found out shadows are always on (but not on in menu)and decrease amount of objects( taken hight looks like low). Not able to change it. Virtual mouse not always working, I mean not able to switch even in default aircraft. Thumb up 😉

  6. Little disappointed by your decision to hold off on the Steam release – as a Steam customer I was limited to testing VR2 using the installer and demo (as no CD key provided with Steam version, unfortunately). I didn’t experience a lot of the issues reported, but I would have liked to be able to perform more thorough testing of VR2 without the demo time limit.

    Wouldn’t it be better to open up this version to your entire user base? You’ve limited your free QA which means you may miss issues affecting those users in VR2 that could be fixed for VR3.

    My own experiences of customer testing of pre-release builds have always left me wishing the customer had more time or resources to cover the use cases fully, allowing us to fail as early as possible.

    By limiting that free testing, you’re not allowing yourself to fail.

    This isn’t a complaint – I’m just surprised at this decision and wondering the reasons behind it.

    Even so, I am excited by the progress being made here and eagerly awaiting VR3!

    1. Our intention was to release VR2 on Steam. It got uploaded and staged but we never pulled the trigger on the release because VR2 has enough major issues with it that there will be a VR3 available ASAP to patch these issues. VR3 will be on Steam. There’s no reason to add even more testers to tell us about the same critical bugs. It just wastes everyone’s time sifting through redundant bug reports.

    2. We held off due to crash bugs that don’t have work-arounds. We can only post one public beta at a time, so the thing we have to ask is: will it do more harm or good to replace VR1 with VR2. If VR2 crashes in ways users can’t easily fix, the answer is “more harm”.

      This also reflects our _not needing more feedback_. VR2 has 2 or 3 bugs that are -so- broken (in that they crash) that more testing isn’t going to help.

      1. Would it be possible to add a function to the installer? I’d love it to create a backup folder with the latest modified files. So if someone the likes one beta updates it to the latest would have the possibility of going back with no issues.

        Sorry for the off-topic post.

  7. Did you guys receive reports of ground object shadows being always active, no matter what you do with the appropriate checkbox?

  8. Bit of a strange one this, but is anyone else using FSEconomy with VR2 ? I noticed an unholy amount of trees after the update with no way of reducing them using the objects slider, my frame rate also tanked to 25fps ! I finally tracked it down to the two Python folders used for FSEconomy in the plugins folder, when I remove them all goes back to normal ! Not sure if it is even a bug, I’ll put in a bug report just incase, I also posted in the FSEconomy forums but no news yet.

      1. Do we have an eta yet? 🙂 Are we talking next week? Sorry, I’m just too addicted to your sim in VR

      2. Just installed vr3…from the install screen’s
        “FlyNow”….black screen…restarted…
        ….HolyyyyyyCrap!!….I think I am in…love?…nahhhhh…heavy like definitely!!!

        Just flew In MIXED REALITY…the default 172….Annnnd…the TwinJet v3…WoweeeWowWow! Smoooth with Ortho4xp ZL16/19…dunno the FPS, all I know I am seeing smooth 500feet off the deck in a highly sophisticated early 737-200…

        Thank you, thank you Guys n gals on the VR Dev team for listening, hearing and making WMR a part of the XPlane family!!!

        Loads of questions, but it’s here WMR-folks…fuzzy…but I am Certain, tweakable to much higher clarity….

        This…and maybe Pimax is what I’ve been waiting for….run to create a fresh install of XplaneVR3…and laugh like a kid again…don’t wake up the wife!

        Sorry for the gushing girlie reaction to XplaneVR 3, but dammit…I M soooooooo….ahem …reservedly…um optomistic…..thenks LRvr team….


        Ahem….. evvva sooooo much….

  9. Both in VR1 & VR2 plugins like XPRealistic Pro (payware) and HeadShake or G-Force Simulation (freeware), dealing with g-forces and head/cockpit movements are not working.
    Have you locked the datarefs used by these plugins in VR mode due to some conflicts with HMD tracking and head movements?
    Is this something that will be fixed in next VR updates or should the developers use other datarefs to simulate movements coming from g-forces?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Idea for VR4. When manipulating avionics/instruments how about the option to have text from that instrument appear above the VR controllers when you touch a cockpit control item. Like a GUI tooltip, only it would be dynamic and provide feedback as values/setting are being changed. Visually it could be similar to the Advanced Menu that appears as a vertical plane above the VR controller, only more prominent (maybe always facing you, unlike the menu).

    The idea being that you wouldn’t have to zoom or move your head closer to hard to read instrument displays. The relevant values would temporarily appear on the controller.

    1. I’m afraid we’re unlikely to do this because it would require hand annotation of basically every single manipulator to work. We just don’t have the meta-data to do it automatically.

      1. That’s too bad, but I understand. Thank you for the response and extra thanks for making VR in X-Plane possible. Really enjoying it!

  11. I have updated to VR 2 and noticed a lot of blur bugs , aircraft text inside the cockpit , taxi lines and runway marks are blurred and sometimes disappear. Scenery is very blurred

  12. I found that if I run the Thrustmaster Target application and start the driver, XP11 does not crash with my Warthog connected. It seems to be only if it detects the throttle by itself (which is hidden when the Target is running a profile).
    Thanks for letting us try the VR stuff before it’s really ready for mass consumption. I know it’s more work for you devs but I hope the upside is real help from the community. I’m really enjoying the VR Beta, I haven’t touched anything else on my PC since I got it 🙂

  13. The iPad map update that shows WT3 Airplanes in the sky is super.
    Is it possible to put a city layer on the iPad map ?; now i have to use EFASS or arc2pilot to know where i am .

    Thanks for everything.

  14. How is it possible to have a drop of 30 fps in no vr mode?
    By the way… suggest for vr4: enable cockpit ipad for importing external windows

  15. Just tried VR3, superb work guys, thanks alot !
    Also, the thing where you can move things off to the left of the screen and they show up on the X-Pad ? Can that be left in please? It makes it super easy to use the GTX 750 with the 3D mouse.

    Thanks once again, impressive.

    1. I get that when the texture compression slider is set too low, not that that’s any help, any graphics problems I had in VR2 are gone in VR3, maybe your sliders are “stuck” ? I know in VR2 my sliders didn’t seem to do anything.

          1. Increase Anisotropic Filtering to 8x or 16x in the control panel of your graphic card (nVidia Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center)

  16. I’m probably having a hardware issue, but I wanted to check in with you guys. My cyclic (C-tek) controller isn’t always detected and I have difficult time calibrating it. This problem first occurred during the setup of VR2. Oddly, the cyclic is now detected-undetected during flights in VR1 (I kept my VR2 install separate from the new VR2 install), a problem I never had before downloading VR2. Is it possible, that it could be a software issue when the problem spans applications? Or, should I start looking for a short?

    I only ask, because, in your blog, problems associated with the HOTAS hardware seemed somewhat similar. I did file a bug, before I realized the problem was occurring in VR1 now, also.

    Thanks! You guys do good work.

    1. If the hardware is showing up and disappearing during flight that’s probably a hardware problem, but if the hardware misconfigures or something, please report a bug.

      Here’s a better test…try it in 11.11. If it works in 11.11 and not 11.20, file it!

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