It’s like beta 1, but without the missing art asset. 🙂

We’re working on beta 3 now, which will have some fixes for rendering bugs. A few notes:

  • This is not going to be a typical eight-week beta. Please go check your add-ons this week.
  • The biggest area of code change for VR that affected other parts of X-Plane was the rendering engine. I’ve fixed 3 rendering bugs where I broke something while restructuring the renderer for VR, and none were surprising. Please check your aircraft or scenery pack for visual defects and let us know!

Steam users: we should have beta 2 up shortly.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

17 comments on “X-Plane 11.20 Beta 2 Is Out

  1. Thanks for your intens work. It looks amazing. Night texture, zibo737 all this make me feel like a commercial pilot. 110% relax. You make my day.
    Request: mouse in night flights (white) can be fastidious. Iluminated my face, i have to move my face to take mouse cursor in angle.
    The green of the yoke is minimal Fastidious. Thanks for vr experience.

  2. Hello
    VR flight with oculus rift.
    There is a problem of blurring between the pilot’s station and the outside. “with your planes”
    In outdoor mode the scene is clear and without blur.
    I think windshields are the problem of this effect.
    I do not use any add since I have xplane, yours are enough for me.

    1. Yes the windshield reflections are a bit intense, especially in VR. I have made the following modifications to make things clearer:

      You can reduce the dynamic reflection intensity by safely editing the 3D model properties in a text editor.

      Open and edit the glass_inn.obj located in …\X-Plane\Aircraft\Laminar Research\Cessna 172SP\objects
      As always, create a backup of the original file first.
      Change the GLOBAL_specular value. Something as low as 0.5 should get rid of most of the reflections (including the bright spot of the sun reflection).

  3. Ben, I’ve got a problem. I can’t update to this version because installer hangs at the file check – it stops at 2135 files and gives an error of permission of access to file system and asks to contact the support. What can I do to cure this?

    1. You’ve installed XPlane in a directory like C:\X-Plane or D:\X-Plane, and not C:\Program Files\X-Plane or similar system directories which are more protected (and therefore troublesome) in later versions of windows?
      If you have the disk space, I would do a test and re-run the installer with the option “Install a second copy” in a different location, see if it installs fine, and then you can narrow down your problem. At the worst case you can always copy any 3rd party aircraft, scenery, plugins whatever over to the new copy and delete the last copy later.

      1. My X-Plane installation is not in a Windows-protected folder. I worked around this error by running X-Plane, choosing to quit and update, download a new installer and move the installer out of the x-plane folder. This never happened before. I wonder if Re-Shade has anything to do with this. It interferes with launch of the installer from the X-plane root folder.

  4. Hi Ben,
    I have already sent some bug reports about how the VR window is currently working.

    I just want to make sure I have the correct understanding how it should work.

    Using X-Plane 11 Window API and creating in 2d after changing the PositioningMode from xplm_WindowPositionFree to xplm_WindowVR should the window in VR look and act the same? If not then that would be a bug?

    Thanks Bill

  5. experiencing some very glitchy stutters on last two betas on Mac ( been great on all previous VR versions) sounds like you’re on it as usual.
    Particularly noticeable when I sym link to V10 Global scenery on non SSD disk -like its having hard time catching up .Has worked well so far.

  6. Since the last update today (03/21/2018) I have micro studders with my Oculus ! And the texture sharpness seems to be a little less than with the 11.20b1 !

  7. Hi Ben, not tested this version yet but I have noticed micro stutters creeping into the last few updates, including in non VR whereas it used to be very smooth.
    Also my 3D mouse does not appear yet if I check the 3D mouse box in VR it reduces performance by 50%! say from 50fps to 25fps.
    Also, are you aware of any bug affecting water reflections?
    In X plane 10 the reflections of buildings were recognisable but in X plane 11 reflections just look like dark smudges even at max, more like a shadow than reflection. I did submit a bug report and ask in the forum but got no feedback.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  8. Thanks for your great job. I play in VR and i am very happy to see Xplane becoming better. Wait now for Vulcan.

    For those who instal Skymax pro / X enviro, after removing because there are not working in VR. You will have some bug. You must reinstall Xplane completly.

    Best regards.

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