X-Plane 11.20b5 came out this week – notes here. Beta 5 fixed the rest of our open rendering engine/material bugs, including artifacts on orthophotos. If you are a scenery or aircraft developer, please check your aircraft or scenery against 11.20 beta 5 and make sure there are no rendering changes compared to 11.10. If it looks different than 11.10 in a bad way, we don’t know about it and it’s not going to be fixed if you don’t say something.

Over the last year we’ve been working quite a bit internally to automate testing. We still do a lot of hand-testing (that is, Jennifer flies the sim and then tells us we’re bozos) but we also have extensive infrastructure to script the sim. So we’re looking to automate the process of checking third party scenery for rendering artifacts, so we can catch more rendering bugs more often.

I’ll post once 11.20 is final about how to get your custom scenery into our test. My hope is that with automation, we can catch bugs faster and you (the third party author) can have your add-on tested without having to do the work yourself.

I’m OOTO next week but if things go well, we’ll have a release candidate when I get back.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

9 comments on “X-Plane 11.20b5 Is Out

  1. Enjoy your break Ben your deserve it, you have done a lot of coding since Christmas.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. Ye Enjoy the break, seems you all need time off, the fresh air an taking your mind off all the problems will probably help you think more clearly.

    Now teh rum thats a different problem

  3. When using the Oculus Rift with ASW on, unless I’m either hitting 45fps OR 22.5 (which are both smooth), I get horrible terrain stuttering outside of the cockpit, this occurs at exactly 30fps. This means whenever my system starts running at 30fps I have to enable my mouse to get back to 22.5 and then everything is smooth again.

    This is greatly affecting VR at the moment. Any ideas or planned fixes at all?

    1. try reloading aircraft (developer menu option),
      or toggling ASW off/on using hotkeys:

      CTRL+KP1 – Disable ASW and USE ATW
      CTRL+KP2 – Force apps to 45hz, DISABLE ASW
      CTRL+KP3 – Force apps to 45hz, ENABLE ASW
      CTRL+KP4 – Enable ASW to operate automatically

      I disable EtendedDSF in order to maintain +45FPS

  4. Hello,
    first of all thank you for bringing vr to X-plane, it is really amazing.

    Secondly : I’ m trying to play X-plane in VR and on a 2 dof simulator seat, and I have to say that it doesn’t work very well : a quick example is when you want to simulate G-load on the pitch axis : the seat make you pitch back and so is your HMD, it makes you fell you’re looking up, so you spend your time moving your head and feel nauseous very very quickly!
    Is there a way to compensate the pitch, roll and yaw of the seat in the view?
    The HMD is locked to the plane, is it possible to access his position via UDP or via a plugin?

  5. Hi Ben,
    I just have to say the X-plane signage looks great in Sydney. I sat in a chopper, and watched it go through its lighting patterns. Are you going to apply this feature across the platform?

  6. Hi guys. I have a question:
    It is possible to add the parameters of the ASW (on / off) and supersampling in the VR settings. That would not use third-party applications.
    Thank you and good luck in your business.

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