X-Plane 11.20 is, of course, final! Like all good Klingon software, it was not so much released – rather it escaped captivity, leaving a trail of blood in the path of all whom opposed it.

I am aware of two plugin-related issues we are tracking:

  1. Some legacy plugins with widget UIs are missing buttons when the UI is at 150% or 200% scaling. We have a fix for this, but for now you can work around the problem by turning off UI scaling in the graphics settings tab.
  2. Some Mac plugins compiled against libstdc++ crash with the Steam version (but not the non-Steam version).

Philipp and I are still discussing what to do about this second thing, but if your plugin is in this category (so far we’ve seen it with HeadShake and X-Ivap), my suggestion is: compile and link against clang’s libc++ on OS X – it’s the native Mac C++ runtime and the one that’s going to work well in the long term.

We’ll release an 11.21 release candidate either late this week or early next week, once we collect the bug fixes that got away.

EDIT: HeadShake has been fixed by SimCoders!

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

26 comments on “X-Plane 11.20 Escaped Captivity

  1. Hi Ben. Xplane 11 is amazing and how stronger becames since its release. What is the next step in development? Atc? Water? Better smoke particles? Night lights at distance fixed? Thanks and great job.

  2. After the latest Windows 10 update 1803, 11.20 crashes and exits to desk top on strat up.
    My copy of 11.11 works great.


    1. This is Rich A again. It turned out that a plugin 124thATC was causing the problem.
      Removed it now all is well.

    2. I updated to 1803 as well, no problems. The only thing you might need to do is check and update your graphics driver. You might need to re-install a 1803 compatible version. Currently, that is 18.4.1 for AMD, 397.31WHQL for nVidia, and for Intel.

  3. I’m literally feeling like an elementary child at a cafeteria banging on the table screaming weather weather weather! Please devote time to upgrading the weather engine

  4. The VR Support section on the Steam page only lists ‘Seated’ and ‘Standing’ for the Play Area. Why didn’t you list ‘Room-Scale’ as well, since we can do walk-arounds of aircraft in VR?

    1. I suppose we could. My concern is that people might read this as “room-scale required”, and not all people have the space for this. It’s not necessary for the X-Plane flying experience to walk around the aircraft. So it’s a question if those “badges” are read as “requirements” or “possibilities” by most people.

      1. Hi Philipp, it seems that X-Plane is not listed on the new releases for VR on Steam:
        Usually, pre-existing games that enable VR appear on this list. I guess that many people check this page regularly (I do), and probably news sites as well.
        Another thing, the french translation of the Steam page is totally messed up and not up to date. Where should I report this ?

  5. Could you please give us an option for teleporting on the Rift that requires a button push? It is really annoying to accidentally bump the stick and find yourself suddenly not in the pilots seat – biggest immersion killer for me. The stick button push was kind of a pain in the earlier release – but was better then now. How about mapping to the grip button? It currently is unused. Then we could push the stick to move the teleport circle to where we want to go and then grip button to “go”. Thanks for the awesome work so far!

  6. Then I have to say this, . You must be wondering what I am referring to. I have an ultralight that I made for Xplane a while back as a favor for the legal Eagle homebuilders group. I’m not bragging, but I will say the quality is as good as the one that you have included in Xplane. I would be lying if I did not say I am jealous as heck that my plane is not in the Sim 🙁 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1557431854384730&set=pcb.1557432394384676&type=3&theater

    Plus a lot of other aircraft. I’ve made. Take a look sometime. I’ve only been trying to get you guys to look at my stuff for years. In the meantime. Great work as usual. We tried flying formation , but it still buggy. And unable to connect through wide area network. But I know you guys working on it so I’m not concerned. 🙂

  7. I ‘m haing a frame rate problem with Intel HD graphics: The frame rate is low (3 to 15 fps), but the CPU is not very busy. Trying to adjust those graphics settings that should affect CPU (tune them up a bit), and those who should put load on the GPU (down a bit) did not improve the situation. So the obvious question is: Are the descriptions correct?
    Another idea: We have multiple joystick configurations; what about graphics? Having such, one could suggest a “ready to use” configuration for built-in graphics, and users could save different configurations (like “the fast” and “the pretty” ;-)).

    1. The Intel HD graphics is generally too slow for real use. I think the only reason why these systems are supported is for scenery designers. They are too slow by themselves and without fast VRAM the situation is simply hopeless.

  8. Hi
    The cursor is still big.
    Is it possible to create a window when you click on a GPS, “loss in FPS” .
    The tablet is really mandatory, a “yes or no” order would not be bad.
    with difficult oculus to have a clear image in the cockpit especially when one has glasses.
    Thanks for everything I do fly when VR

  9. as this is a milestone release, 11.20
    as a road map – , what are the major improvement area planned for 11.30 ?

    1. If I understand correctly (I’m reading a Google Translate version of the page), the complaint is that we start the “X-Plane Basics” tutorial at Honolulu, not Seattle. I’m a little baffled at calling this “cheating,” but:

      • It is absolutely the case that X-Plane performs better in areas with less scenery.
      • It is absolutely the case that X-Plane loads faster in areas with less scenery.
      • It is absolutely the case that we took those factors into account when choosing to run the intro tutorial in Honolulu.
      • It is absolutely not the case that this has changed at any point in the X-Plane 11 run… since 11.00, the intro tutorial has always been at Honolulu.

      Load time was the biggest factor in choosing Honolulu—we wanted your first run of the sim to load as quickly as possible so that you could finish the tutorial and “get on with your life” (and get to flying where you wanted) as fast as possible.

      Regarding the claim of “cheating”… if we really were trying trick people who hadn’t purchased the full version, don’t you think we could do a better job of it by not giving demo users KSEA scenery at all? 😉

      (Betteridge’s Law strikes again!)

      1. Once again, reading the Developer Blog has enriched my cultural experience of the web. I will never read a headline ending in a question mark the same way again. Thanks, Tyler! 😉 My world is now just slightly larger.

        And if anyone wants to see X-Plane load blazing fast, with awe-inspiring frame rates, a visit to Henderson Field on Midway will provide same. (PMDY) 🙂 My personal favorite place to develop new things for my present and future customers.

      2. Thanks for the answer, I’m responsible for passing it on to the cheater.
        I hope they think!!

  10. For 11.20 I noticed two things (bug reports sent already):
    1) I’m unable to follow the FMS manual with success, guessing it’s not my fault 😉
    2) It seems the FMS saves less data than the user had entered (e.g. speed limits)

    P.S.: On the Intel HD graphics issue: That’s why I still run X-Plane 9…

  11. Glider
    Impossible to carry out a winch or an aircraft towing in immersion…
    Blocking xplane20VR4, is it possible to fix it so that students can fly like in the real

  12. Thanks for the answer.
    But I’m sick of people constantly attacking X-Plane on my forum.
    I opened a post on this same forum to show that immersion works very well.
    I am currently trying the glider which is the last step and I just posted a message because there is a problem on the towing.
    Thanks for everything for my part I enjoy myself, not being able to fly I find a little my past.

  13. Are there any changes planed for exporting string datarefs via UDP ( e.g. laminar/B738/fmc1/Line00_L ) ?
    Currently I can only obtain 1 char at a time as a float.

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